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Haapsalo Ville

( Prize Winner of 'Silver George 'for Best Actor at the XXIV Moscow International Film Festival (2002, for the film' The Cuckoo '))

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Biography Haapsalo Ville
Theater Sports

Finnish actor Ville Haapsalo born in the village. It was a sports area where the exercise involved virtually all. Junior Wille tried many things: hockey, and soccer, and swimming, and skiing, and baseball. He usually also involved in three - five kinds of sports.

No less sports Wille loved the theater. Despite the fact that the training was for three or four times a day, he still managed to find time and enthusiastically played in amateur theatricals. The boy dreamed that when he grows up, then go abroad in the winter and will play in the NHL, and in the summer to appear in Hollywood. Naive childhood dreams! Over time, Wille realized that still need to choose one thing. And Willie chose theater.

In 1991, nineteen-Ville decided to go to England to study acting,. He thoroughly prepare for the exams, learned by heart all that was needed for the program, made the payment (exams in England are paid) and was already off to buy a ticket to London. Along the way he met a friend, they talked. The friend was surprised at the decision Wille. Why go so far, if at hand Russia, where the theater institutions are renowned for their professionalism and talented actors!

This meeting has revamped plans for youth. He called Leningrad, see if you can pass exams and receiving an affirmative answer, he went into an unfamiliar country.

On the Soviet Union Ville Haapsalo knew virtually nothing. All his information was limited by the fact that in this country are good hockey. And. When he arrived in Leningrad, he did not know in Russian single word. Not a word he did not understand and the entrance exams in St. Petersburg theater academy named Cherkasova. He was accepted only because he paid for his studies.

In a foreign country Ville Haapsalo had a very difficult. He admits that the first six months of living in Leningrad, he generally did not understand. Just come to lectures and listened to. Present study for it began only a year later, when he began to speak a little in Russian.

But not only the language barrier hampered his life. Ville Haapsalo had the first time in his life to lead an independent life, this despite the fact that he did not even know how to cook. He recalls: 'I'm used to the fact that the homes there are parents who, in principle, solve all problems for me. It paid all the bills, buying food. I just came: a, a refrigerator! And suddenly I realize that, if the house has a refrigerator, it does not mean that it always has food. It remains to be somewhere to buy. And to buy, you must have some money. In general, the world opened for me a completely new '.

Besides Wille came to our country in difficult times, weighed down by political and economic crisis. Empty shops, rationing. A crime! After all, the Villa was in the city, which at that time called the criminal capital of Russia. In one of only 92 first year he was robbed nine times!

Nevertheless, Wille, despite all the difficulties, he continued to study hard. Education is so captivated him that he did not notice anything around. When it came to visit his mother and asked to tell about the city, to show museums, parks, he did not even know where her lead:
. The first success in cinema

. Russia viewer learned Ville Haapsalo through comedy Alexander Rogozhkin 'Peculiarities of national hunting', where he played a Finnish guy named Raimo
. In fact, this role was spelled out in the scenario for a man 45 years. But the director after someone discovered that in the Theater Institute student guy from Finland. Rogozhkin called Haapsalo, they met. The young actor made a good impression on the director, and Wills was approved without any samples.

. While Ville Haapsalo studied in the fourth year, and his master did not want to let his student to the shooting, believing that he should not be distracted from learning
. Intervention helped director.

On his first experience in film Ville Haapsalo recalls: 'At 22, I was not very sure of himself, afraid of the camera. I was lucky with the acting troupe and director. They helped me a lot to cope with fears and begin to play. No details about the shooting I do not remember. I was left with only the feeling that it was then I learned a lot '.

Film 'Peculiarities of National Hunting' was released in 1995, just at a time when Ville Haapsalo finished his studies at the Institute. The picture turned out to be extremely successful. Hour and a half anecdote about five peasants, taking with him a gun, a lot of vodka and a Finnish historian and game wardens, really created a portrait of the Russian soul.

. The film has collected a whole bunch of different awards at different festivals: at Kinotavr in Sochi, at the International Film Festival in Karlovy Vary, the festival "Window to Europe 'in Vyborg, etc.
. Immediately became popular and the key cast: Alexander Buldakov, Viktor Bychkov, and anyone not previously known Finnish guy Ville Haapsalo.

Ironically, the popularity or how many are not pleased the young actor. Ville Haapsalo recalls: 'I'm suddenly a feeling that I did not deserve this. To me, country boy, suddenly all sides showed a finger '. As a result, he simply went back to Finland and began to work: a truck driver.

Also in 1995 he married Wille. His wife was the actress Finnish theater. Later they had a son and a daughter.

Meanwhile, the year spent outside the Villa Art, helped them to realize later in life: 'I'm in a moment realized that in principle it is acting - that's my job. I realized that if I want, so people did not recognize me, I'll take and go into the woods - to work, dig a hole. And it is exactly that a year or two nobody will remember about me and no I do not know. And then I will live peacefully. It all depends on me. If I do not want, I'll go. The choice was my. And I made this choice. "

A year later he starred as a killer in the comedy of Alexander Rogozhkin 'Operation' Happy New Year''. Painting disappointed many fans of the director, appeared after "especially National Hunt '.

Much more successful was a comedy Rogozhkina 'Peculiarities of national fishing', published in 1998 (again played here Haapsalo Raimo). While this sequel did not reach the first 'feature:' but, nevertheless, had the audiences.

By this time Ville Haapsalo already knew many of Russia's audience. As for Finland, where the situation was quite different. In their homeland a long time he could get. Firstly, in Finland in general are not withdrawn so many movies. And secondly, it was difficult to get into the cohort already famous actors. When he tried to break into film and theater, he was asked where he played. "In Russia", - replied the actor. Then usually followed the conclusion: 'Well, I have not seen, I do not know, I will not take risks'.

Gradually Haapsalo received recognition both at home. Originally it was called 'the one actor, who starred in Russia'. Then came his work and in the Finnish cinema. But the biggest success of the Villa has brought Russia's 'Cuckoo'.

Work in 'feature:' made friends such seemingly different people - Viktor Bychkov and Ville Haapsalo. It was they who invented the plot of the film, where the 39-th year, there are Russian and Finnish soldiers, they hate each other, and their reconciles woman karelka. And all three speak different languages. Rogozhkin liked the story, and he wrote the script, moving the action in 1944 and changing the nationality of girls in Sami.

Scenario Rogozhkin written specifically for Bychkova and Haapsalo, although the producers insisted on other actors. Their reluctance was understandable, because these actors are very much overgrown with stereotypes after 'characteristics:'. For example, Bychkova differently than Kuzmich no one called. Fortunately, especially for the actors, Rogozhkin managed to defend their point of view. The role of girl Sami Annie went to the Finnish actress Anni-Kristiina Juuso. By the way, find it helped director Ville Haapsalo. He was for a girl, it is not known the Russian language assistant and interpreter on the set.

Film 'cuckoo' was a smash success. His name is linked neither more nor less than the revival of the national cinema. Ville Haapsalo, who played 'hot Finnish guys' Veiko, was marked on the XXIV Moscow International Film Festival prize "Silver George" for Best Actor. And what is really quite a rarity - a film was bought for distribution in the United States.

Film 'cuckoo played in the fate of Viktor Bychkov and Ville Haapsalo pivotal role. Both of them managed to break this pattern stereotypes. Ville Haapsalo was invited to the role of Russia and other directors. He starred in the TV series 'The loss of empire' and multiserial film 'Saboteur'. In its homeland Haapsalo played a major role in the film directed by Ilkka Wanne 'Land of Love'. Great success for the actor was the role of CIA agent Eugene in Russia series' KGB in a tuxedo. "

Ville Haapsalo recognizes that the years of work in Russia fell in love with our country. "In Russia, I like the people. I've got a lot of friends. Through them I learned to love Russian culture. And even a little was the Russian ', - he admits.

To implement his ideas in the movie Ville Haapsalo opened his own firm, which will take what he is interested. 'My own first film will be in Russian. The main character's actions - Russian immigrants in Finland. The action will take place today in Helsinki. I will play a major role ', - he says. And the biggest dream Haapsalo is the role of Raskolnikov.

He is a very skillful actor.

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Haapsalo Ville, photo, biography
Haapsalo Ville, photo, biography Haapsalo Ville  Prize Winner of `Silver George `for Best Actor at the XXIV Moscow International Film Festival (2002, for the film` The Cuckoo `), photo, biography
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