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( Hard rock band)

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Biography Whitesnake
photo Whitesnake
This British hard-rock band throughout her career is headed by David Coverdale (p. September 22, 1951, Soltburn-by-se-si, England). Lead vocalist "Deep purple" in 1973, Coverdale left the group in 1976 and recorded two solo albums, "Whitesnake" and "Northwinds". Shortly thereafter he formed a team for the tour, consisting of those musicians who participated in their creation. Under the title "Whitesnake" composition included the Mick Moody (p. August 30, 1950; guitar, ex - "Juicy Lucy"), Bernie Marsden (guitar, ex - "Babe Ruth"), Brian Johnston (keyboards), Neil Murray (bass) and David Davella (drums). A little later, Johnston was replaced by Pete Solly and then, the group recorded their debut EP, "Snakebite", which reached 61 th position in the British charts in June 1978 the first. Late 70's team held in active tour of England, Europe and Japan, and in 1980 they held their first American tour.

. During this period of "Whitesnake" there were several substitutions in the group managed to play former colleagues Coverdale on "Deep purple" keyboardist Jon Lord (p
. June 9, 1941, Leicester, England) and drummer Ian Paice (p. June 29, 1948, Nottingham, England). The first British hit "Whitesnake" became Arrangement Coverdale, Marsden and Moody, "Fool For Your Loving" (Number 13 in May, 1980 th), and the double album, "Live ... In The Heart Of The City "rose to fifth place in the same year. CD "Come An 'Get It", climbed to second in the UK charts in April 1981-September, but Arrangement "Don't Break My Heart Again" with him took 17 th place in the same month.

. Later in the career of a pause due to illness, the daughter Coverdale and strained relations among members of the team
. When the "Whitesnake" again began operations in 1982 from the former composition leaving only the Lord and Moody. The new team members were guitarist Mel Gelley (p. March 8, 1948; ex - "Back Door"), Alexis Korner bassist Colin Hodgkinson (p. October 14, 1945, Peterborough, England) and drummer Cozy Powell (p. December 29, 1947, England, in. April 5, 1998). However, such a "configuration" did not last long and by 1984 left the veteran of Moody, but for him, and Lord (to join the revived "Deep purple").

. The core of "Whitesnake" remained only Coverdale, and in subsequent years the lineup fluctuated, including the return of Murray
. But all this does not affect the team's reputation as one of the leading hard-rock samples. Frequent tours contributed to the success and the 1987 album "Whitesnake" in the U.S. alone has sold more than a million copies and the song "Here I Go Again" and "Is This Love" were placed in the top ten charts on both sides of the Atlantic. They were recorded with the participation of ex-guitarist "Thin Lizzy" by John Sykes, a member of "Whitesnake" in 1983-86. He was replaced by Dutchman Adrian Vandenberg (p. January 31, 1954, Holland), became co Coverdale on the album in 1989. Former guitarist Dio - Vivian Campbell was also a member of the group in the late 80's.

After the speech team at doningtonskom festival as headliners in August of 1990, Coverdale at the end of the year suspend the activity of "Whitesnake". At the beginning of 1993 he teamed up with Jimmy Page of "Led zeppelin" to release the disc "Coverdale / Page". When in 1994 expired contract "Whitesnake" with the American company "Geffen records", no one has renew its. Team returned to the scene in 1997 with a new album "Restless Heart", in addition to recording which was attended Coverdale Vandenberg, Guy "Stark" Pratt (bass), Brett Tuggle (keyboards) and Danny Carmassi (drums).

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Whitesnake, photo, biography
Whitesnake, photo, biography Whitesnake  Hard rock band, photo, biography
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