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BATITSKY Pavel Fedorovich

( Marshal)

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Biography BATITSKY Pavel Fedorovich
photo BATITSKY Pavel Fedorovich
Before World War II commanded a platoon, squad, was an officer for critical assignments in the General Staff, the early-room staff motobrigady and divisions. By the beginning of the Great Fatherland War, served as the early-ka headquarters Motorized Division, then commanded the 254 th arrow. division of the North-West. Front (Nov.. 1941 - July 1943). Led by their division in January .- March 1942 led the successful military operations in the district of the Demyansk. Once the spring of 1942 between the occupied pr-room Art. Rousseau T. n. Ramushevskim corridor, the division under the threat environment for almost a year reflects the fierce attack the Nazis, depriving them of the use of unities, SCO. road linking St.. Rousseau surrounded Demyansk group. From July 1943 through May 1945 B. command 73, 50 and 128-m arrow. buildings in Voronezh., Steppenwolf, 1 st, 2 nd Ukr. and 1-m, 3 rd Belorus, fronts. Participated in the liberation of Ukraine, Moldova, Belarus. Command of divisions and corps, B. proved himself an energetic organizer of combined arms. In Sept. .- Oct.. 1943, commanding a 73 SK, B. skillfully organized fighting corps in the district of the g. Zenkov, crossing of the Dnieper to the south of Kaneva and establish a bridgehead on the right bank of the river. 73 SC in Nov.. 1943 successfully completed a complex combat mission, conducting a secondary crossing of the Dnieper in the district of the g. Cherkasy and subsequent release of this city, in collaboration with others. compounds (Dec. 1943). Played an important role in the housing environment and the elimination of Korsun-Shevchenko group pr-ca (Jan. - Feb.. 1944), in the liberation he. Uman, Balti. March 26, 1944 subordinate B. units and formations of troops of the 2 nd Ukr. front of the first came to the State. Soviet border with Romania and crossed the river. Prut in the district of the whining. In Belarus, nastupat. operation (June - August. 1944) 128 SC, at the command to-Eye joined B., swift blow broke through the enemy defenses in the district of the south of Bobruisk, along with others. compounds involved in the liberation he. Baranovichi, Brest, and then crossed the river on the run. Western Bug. In conclude, during the Great Fatherland War II Corps under the command of B. participated in the release, the mission Owls. Arm. Forces in Europe, and distinguished himself in battles for the liberation of Poland, in the defeat of the major groups mi-Fache. troops Vost. Prussia, in the region can not be taken in the storming of Berlin, the liberation of Prague. In the postwar years B. held command and staff positions in the Arm. Forces of the USSR: the early-to the Moscow headquarters. District of defense (1948-50), early-to the Chief of Staff - Deputy. Air Force Commander (1950-53), first deputy. commands troops MVO (1953-54), teams, fur. Army (1954). For eleven years commanded troops Moscow. Air Defense District (1954-65). In the 1965-66 first deputy. early-ka Staff Arm. Forces of the USSR. In July 1966, B. appointed commander in chief Air Defense Forces - Deputy. Minister of Defense of the USSR. Simultaneously, a team. Air Defense Forces Unite. armament. Forces - Deputy. Commander Unite. armament. forces of the Warsaw Treaty. Since 1961 BS candidate tsp. CPSU Central Committee from 1966 - member of. CPSU. Top MP. Soviet 6 - 9-th convocation. Awarded the Order of Lenin 4, . Order of the October Revolution, . 5 Orders of the Red Banner, . Order of Kutuzov 1-st degree, . Suvorova 2 nd degree, . Kutuzov 2 nd degree, . 'For Service to Motherland in the Armed Forces' 3rd degree, . as well as orders and medals of Foreign,
. States.

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BATITSKY Pavel Fedorovich, photo, biography
BATITSKY Pavel Fedorovich, photo, biography BATITSKY Pavel Fedorovich  Marshal, photo, biography
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