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Vasily Yakemenko Grigorevvich

( Head of State Committee on Youth)

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Biography Vasily Yakemenko Grigorevvich
photo Vasily Yakemenko Grigorevvich
Vasily Yakemenko was born May 7, 1971 in the town of Lyubertsy, Moscow Region. Abitur. In 1990-1992, he served in the army.

Demobilized, he co-founded Yakemenko LLP Tandem-Ros, in 1993, led LLP Vento ", and in 1994 established LLP Akbars". In addition, it is known that he was CFO of several construction companies.

. In 1994 Yakemenko graduated from the evening department of the State University of Management.

. In May 2000 Yakemenko headed the youth movement Walking Together "
. Shortly thereafter, he was invited to work in the administration of president of Russia, becoming the head of department for relations with civil society organizations control of domestic policy. But I have worked in this position for long - only until November 1, 2000.

After his discharge from the administration Yakemenko focused on working with the "Walking Together". It was noted that the movement became famous, mainly, political and "cultural" shares scandalous nature.

. In 2002 Yakemenko graduated from Moscow State Social University.

. April 5, 2005 at the founding conference of the movement "Nashi" Yakemenko was elected one of the five commissioners of the federal movement
. In the same month Yakemenko voluntarily left his post as head of the "Walking Together."

Movement Nashi immediately signaled its pro-presidential direction. Sam Yakemenko said that the task of the movement was "the struggle against fascism in all its manifestations". Representatives of the movement have been accused of involvement in the attack on the opposition and members of the radical left organizations, but the leadership Nashi all such charges refuted. Some analysts shortly after the creation of Nashi suggested that the new movement was intended to protect the existing power in the case of the Orange Revolution.

. 10 October 2007, Prime Minister of Russia Viktor Zubkov signed a decree on appointment Yakemenko head of the State Committee for Youth
. December 25, 2007 Yakemenko announced the resignation of the Federal Commissioner movement Nashi.

In March 2008, elected president the first vice-premier of Russia Dmitry Medvedev. May 7, 2008 he assumed the post of President of Russia. May 8 at a meeting of the State Duma of the prime minister was approved by former President Vladimir Putin. May 12 Medvedev instructed to establish a base Goskommolodezhi federal agency that will be administered by the newly created Ministry of Sport, Youth and Tourism.

. Yakemenko loves classical music in his spare time playing sports (playing table tennis) and playing music (playing guitar).

. Yakemenko married, he had a son born in 1993.

. He worked in construction firms, chief financial officer, was engaged in leasing of helicopters.

. In 1992
. co-founded LLP Tandem-Ros (sphere of activity - "editing and publishing). A year later, headed LLP Vento "(design and assembly of fans). In 1994, established LLP Akbars "(Mediation in trade of consumer goods). (MC, 10 September 2002),

In 1999 - the director of "The Music of lying". In "The News" for December 14, 1999 on the Rights of the advertisement was published an open letter to "Director of Yakemenko VG" with the prosecution of some "supporters Primakov that they Dec. 3, 1999 beat him:" inflicting ... closed head injury in the doorway of my house. "

According to Yakemenko, the reason for the beating was a song of his group "junk", which are words about the "old primus" adopted "the supporters Primakov at the expense of Svoge idol. In an open letter privodilcya full text of the song ( "There is quiet old Primus has dreams, and they lie - you wanted to be all the more necessary, but now you're written off in trash. ... You got sick and broke, not catch up with changes, poor, wise, old kerosene stove, you're in oblivion captivity, Kerosene your gone, you do not need became quite been before you all an example, you were before superman. "(Izvestia , 13.12.2003).

. In March 2000, Mr.
. was the organizer of the manifestation of prostitutes in defense sacked the prosecutor general, Yuri Skuratov.

. From March to May 2000 was the head of department for relations with civil society organizations manage internal politics of the presidential administration of Russia.

. In May 2000, created the organization "Walking Together."

. He played for the prohibition of books Pelevin, Erofeev, Sorokin, against the group "Hands up", "Tender May", Gazmanov.

. Group "Leningrad" (Cord) considers it necessary "to rot in prison."

. May 7, 2003 held a rally in Red Square to mark the 3rd anniversary of inaugratsii Putin
. In NTV showed how TV reporters on the heels of men in black suits and did not let them ask questions to ordinary participants of the meeting, and then himself Yakimenko - who said looking at the camera, that it can not be and was not.

. April 15, 2005 held at the Exhibition Center in Moscow, 'The first Congress of the Youth Democratic Antifascist Movement Nashi, which was attended by about 700 commissioners and supporters of the Movement of more than 45 cities of Russia and former USSR
. The Congress was elected one of five federal commissioners of motion (four others: Alex Filonov, Natalia Lebedeva, and Nikita Borovikov and Alexander Aydin).

In October 2005,. In an interview with Komsomolskaya Pravda coined the term "sovereign democracy" ( "We stand for sovereign democracy, where freedom of rights and freedom of the state and the amount needed" - KP, 26.10.2005).

. December 22, 2005 stated that "Our" all-Russia began a campaign to combat racism: the invitation of members of the movement of foreign students will be given in schools, the lessons of tolerance ".

. April 15, 2006 re-election to the Federal Council movement Nashi.

. In July 2007, Mr.
. on gaming the elections in the camp on Lake Seliger B. Yakemenko successor was elected 26-year-old graduate of the Faculty of Law of the Vladimir State Pedagogical University, Nikita Borovikov (became the official leader of the movement since 2008).

. October 10, 2007 appointed head of the State Committee on Youth.

. It seems that a relative on the maternal side Surkov - the source of this version.

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Vasily Yakemenko Grigorevvich, photo, biography
Vasily Yakemenko Grigorevvich, photo, biography Vasily Yakemenko Grigorevvich  Head of State Committee on Youth, photo, biography
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