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Droznin Andrew

( Head of the Department of Plastic expressive actor school named. Shchukin)

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Biography Droznin Andrew
photo Droznin Andrew
Andrey Droznin - Head of the Department of Plastic expressive actor College of. Shchukin. Professor. And he is a professor at Harvard University in the United States, North. Honored Artist of Russia. Conducted master classes in over twenty countries. As a producer of plastic staged performances of "The Star and Death of Joaquin Murety (Lenkom)," Lizard "(it. Mayakovsky), "Robin Hood" (they. Stanislavsky), . "Mowgli" (studio Tabakov), . and "Romeo and Juliet" (telepostanovka Efros), . The Legend of Thiele (film Alova and Naumova), . Tale of Wanderings "(Aleksandr Mitta), . and even the movement itself Droznina been reproduced multipliers, . and the result is a cartoon of the Blue Puppy ",
. The list, however, can continue - Andrey participated in the formulation of more than fifty plays and films. In both ...

And he, on the personal conviction of the author of these lines, the browser "Alphabet" by Dmitry Stakhov - genius. For such a result in his field no one is making. However, the genius of Andrei Borisovich though based on his own knowledge and skills, talents and abilities, but still directly and indirectly dependent on his brilliant colleagues and associates. Theater - it is collective, then the stars in the constellations shine. But Andrew B. asked anyone not to forget. So, please, - Andrey Shchukin, once in the past Schukinskaya training, and the remainder for more than fifteen years working at the Department. Sam Droznin convinced that Shchukin can now carry the lion's share of work: Andrew B. gave lessons in the ocean, but it was calm - Shchukin not let you down. And Irina Druzhnikova, teacher rhythm, the daughter of the writer Druzhnikova, who lives ... hm!.. again - for the ocean and along the way is, unfortunately rare, the author of "Alphabet". About Druzhnikovu say that it led to the rhythm of the actor's level is so obvious, what will inspire colleagues, teachers in the skill of the actor, who, in truth, do not always take what teachers do in plastic. And Irina Filippova - a jazz educator, a man expressive and expression infects and colleagues, and students. Seems - everything, but seriously, even the great, brilliant teachers there because they have their respective students. We call them by name will not - even become stuck-up! - But say: teachers from the Department of Plastic expressive actor with the students lucky. Good students, is growing, as was written in the recent past, a worthy replacement.

But columnist "Alphabet" met with Andrei Droznin not for the singing praise hymns and burn incense. As a professor himself, and his worthy colleagues. Observer interested in the plastic man as such, as it changes, that in it particular. And not an actor at all, but ordinary man, who is currently on the street, sitting at work and about all sorts of nonsense does not reflect. But more to your body - is to say, to health - it's totally do not care. Even with the naked eye can see that with us that something is happening. Doctors here are sounding the alarm: lack of exercise! Chase all jogging. This way? On the one hand, from jogging, if no contraindications, no harm can not be, but whether it will help, eh? Doubtful. Or all invited to fitness clubs. In order there with our bodies worked graduates. The vast majority, however, reading the quotations, to professionals and do not reach. At this price, for what now is one session fitness before, thirty years ago, you could buy quite a decent machine. And now - "penny", and not even a foul.

. In short, what happens to our plastic? Plastic does it? Here Andrey Droznin and says ...

. - Andrei Borisovich As agents' data, you once superprofessionalno dancing rock 'n' roll?

. - I'm hungry child of the war years, grew so skinny weakling
. And I caught a terrible teacher of physical education, which finally turned me Oto every motion. Jumping through the goat and all the rest, except Zoological fear, I have no cause, and somewhere in the tenth grade, I was hopelessly skinny. The chest, on inspiration, - ninety-four centimeters. Dystrophy, but the only thing that I always wondered - is dancing people. I always wanted to learn to dance, but then had a moment of shame when a girl with whom I was in love (I was in ninth grade, and she's in tenth), invited me to a "white dance", and I feel his kind of tragic skukozhennost. True, I had her, prove to be correct, the explanation: it was the era not of my music. Suddenly the era of rock 'n' roll! I am a man from Lviv, near the border were American radio. And then, when I arrived in Moscow for a youth festival, then danced with the American Negroes and uhaydokival them calmly.

- Rock-n-roll, but too regimented dance ...

- But, you know, I immediately felt - it's my. Moreover, it was still fresh field. These dances have had something to learn, and gradually start something occur, pardon the pun, vytantsovyvatsya. Then I started going to concerts, but not even concerts, but on the evening semi-underground jazz groups of Lviv. There was an Igor Homa, first came to the festival in Tartu, one of our first festival and fifty-six-seven years. And I started a jazz dance! But it was not dance, but as a standalone tool, that is, I went to the site and conducted his solo role. Then I realized that for me freedom of expression - the most significant factor. I feel bad when "a step forward, turn right, and now - the slope of ...

. - Actually, you risk with their dancing ...

. - In Lviv on the dance floor and beat him, but I was a real thrill, as the player of Russian roulette: go to someone else's dance floor and began to dance before the beat
. Because if I have already started - all sites liked kings! - Have nowhere to go.

- That is unregulated dance and enclosed part of your personality?

- Apparently, yes. But I must say that I am all for a long time trying to prove that the principal, the crowning object of forming the plastic of the actor, is a dance. Stsenodvizhenie - such razminochka, but forms a plastic culture actor only dance. However, I believe that if so, then the theater is not an independent art form. But he seems to be an independent art form, and it must have its own Training System. And this is not dance, and stage of plastic, which creates a form of gesture, or that you feel or not feel. Some effective framework within which the actor and can live.

- Stage movement appears in the theater as if from nowhere. Here's a play about the steelworkers. They should in stalevarovski move ... Movement depends on the profession, from time. Since that time, when you were the king of dance, movement changed man in the street?

. - Forty-odd years ago, a much higher percentage of the population was plastically free, relaxed and brighter in its expressive possibilities, despite the gravity of our lives
. Giant of the population was still engaged in agriculture. The main forms of recreation and especially children's pastime were very active. Playing Tarzan. I climbed trees like a cat. But I was not alone! All the running around, playing hide and seek, catch, men, hide and seek, climbed through the pipes, into attics. After all, was a cult of mass physical culture, with all its moronity, all had to pass the TRP and receive pins. Wild number of sports clubs. And in Moscow a few years ago was the first case of death from a stroke eight years of a child! He beat a computer game! I believe that the generation that created phone sex and sex on the Internet is doomed. It lost physicality! We move into virtual reality.

- It's not just empty words? This is a real threat?

- It's not just empty words. We do not use our body and gradually his conduct to the atrophy. If you leave two or three years, the door, and then try to open it, it will emit eerie creak. But there are only two friction surfaces, and the body - is the muscles, ligaments, internal organs, blood vessels - and out of all this knocked life. We knocks the life out of all spheres. Said it was "in the sweat of their brow thou shalt earn their bread, but what they sweat a person? If only the office temperature is too high. Much of humanity now produces no bread, and paper. Do not demand and a small manual dexterity. A man sits and moves his fingers on the keyboard or pen squeaks.

- Continuation of the genus also became almost a virtual?

- Yes, the struggle for the female, for survival, for territory has become, if not virtual, then just distant. Dubin, bow, crossbow, and then - pressed the trigger and the bullet flew and the Colonel Tibbets and then presses a button, and a hundred thousand people disappear and turn into a shadow.

. - And in the Bible handled the jawbone of an ass, Samson

. - Prikinte how to work jawbone of an ass to udelat hundred thousand people! Convict labor, moreover, provided that the enemies will simply put his head
. In Africa, there are still a tribe, which hunts for the primitive way, that is, beyond the path, sees a herbivore, and all are running after him, until the animals collapse from exhaustion, then load to itself and dragged to the camp. And we here in the two-storey houses built elevators!

- You talked about virtual sex ...

- But they said absolutely not interested ...

- Well, let's again remember the man of the fifty-sixth year. You can distinguish the characteristic movement of the time and the current time? That's where a man in a cap, a flare with a cigarette ...

- They were more primitive, unlearned grace. Page Corps are, of course, does not end, but the ductility was. The man always used body. This was the era when everyone was collecting their plastic culture: from his work, from games, from physical education, from dance. And now no one is dancing, come hang out. And what they call dancing - a catastrophe. Poludebilnaya swinging or shaking. Eyelid current generation oligofrenichna. Naturally, there is dancing and moving guys, but we are talking about the average level. And then today, after a huge break, sets the tone Blatnjak. Fashion at the u, a rock, in their speech and plastic techniques. And it ultimately has an impact on my students.

. - But they do not, sorry, thieves!

. - No, God forbid, no! But I already had several students, which gave the impression that they were never in my life anything that is connected with the movement, not engage in: no physical activity, no dancing, nothing
. Yes, that is, they tell me with a pure heart.

- Who takes them?

- Those who take sit and say: you know, there's something in it. Yes, there are slight paranoia or schizophrenia. Their strangeness is rather strange nature of psychic. Or - there is a spark of God, but not the rest. A single spark strongly enough.

. - That is an actor - not only talent?

. - No, a hundred times no! This is a profession! This is a skill! This property is my body! Now come the students, who have destroyed the internal coordination mechanisms
. It's just a clinic, it should be treated. There are cases that a person is behaving like a beetle, which was turned back, and he can not roll back.

. - Maybe it's just a kind of psychological features of a man who sees your requirements encroachment on their freedom?

. - No
. The thing is that we do not have separate brains, as is sometimes overlooked by my colleagues, for the management of the body and separately for the management thinking. Many years ago I learned about the experiment: Divide the class into two groups and one-half were lessons for the Coordination of movement. By year end, compared the performance. Group, which coordinates, gave a furious growth of knowledge in algebra and in other disciplines. There are too many people who have so everything associated with the management of corporeality destroyed, which leads to psychological and even psychiatric disorders.

- So what's the reason?

- It desomatizatsiya. Man loses his body. Initially, hypokinesia, now desomatizatsiya. For some reason we thought that everything around us can be formed purely intellectual. And this is not so! And long-term childhood person needs in order to develop a system of reciprocal relations. The child develops the world through the body, coordinating actions with the space and time. When this happens, holes are formed. Not in physical education, and mental formation of human. In his personality, social.

. - But you are working with a body!

. - Yes, the only area where both have to work with people - a drama school.

. - Do you have an opportunity to compare the problems desomatizatsii us and, say, in the U.S.?

. - There, in the first place, they are even before we cut ourselves from nature
. They put themselves on cars. They stand on the ground floor, waiting for the elevator to ascend to the second. But it is fashionable to go to the gym, swing, run in the mornings, there is a certain cult of self-absorbed. But it is very primitive, it is very narrow part of the formation of physical education. They are depleted in the means of expression, in behavior.

- That is the result of one and the same?

- Yes. The result is the same. People can not perform basic tasks. I suggest, for example, raise their hands for two cycles, then shift to a single phase, then to yet another phase. Then the same thing, only added to the steps and work the fingers. And here is a man, and I see that he makes a titanic work, trying to understand how it simultaneously perform the entire complex.

- He is trying to solve the intellectual challenge! But to think something is not right!

- All right. I say: man! you try your body to explain what this strange Russian wants from you. Explain to your body. You get in touch with the body. I told him: you saw the head, and must understand the body. We have a little more than they saved the scope of sensory perception. They already insensitivity much higher than our. Not feeling his body, or feeling the touch of another. That is all that is associated with bodily sensations, they are worse than we. We save internal rasslabuha and another mentality. This is one of the loss of civilization - the loss of acuity of sensory perception. Why and have vzdryuchivatsya needle, porn, etc..

. - The conclusion of this begs a very pessimistic!

. - We probably will slide to the very existence of the gray, which would like to seek distraction, rewards in some weird, all the more acute forms of disruption
. Obviously, drugs are coming steeper. Some spurs, or vice versa ...

- New gladiatorial contest?

- Something like this. Cyber. It is not on the Internet, and almost live, but without the other, without communication. And in this whole industry is tied. So there will be all the duller. When an individual will try to reward myself with some sharp stimuli.

. - We started on the usual things - movement, dance, and gradually come to the futuristic prediction!

. - Let's sit back and look at any clip
. In the first sense that they are swallowed so-called nerve gases. I do not condemn, I understand that this is the final. Then what? Connect yourself to a high voltage to even more acute twitch? Any psychologist will explain that to the very strong stimulus occurs addictive, and then begins the search for more severe stimulus. And only some full-blooded existence, a kind of internal culture, the culture of feeling, say, makes it possible not to look more acute stimulus. In the East, enough to plant a flower - Russian needs a week bouquet, then a million scarlet roses. Humanity has gone towards the intensification of sensations, including the physical.

- The Japanese also suffer from new technologies!

- While still less. But they will soon be faced with a choice of what to do next. Completely destroy their national age-old values, or try ...

I think that will happen eerie stratification of society on the millions of lines. Will arise of the very rich, not very rich, a group of intellectuals, and one of the criteria for the bundle will be bodily culture. I would even say that humanity as a species may begin to change. Because bodily training - not just manners and possession of his body. This sense of itself. And many will be needed to change the self-perception, self-perception, self-feeding. I think that the natural life, natural plastics will be purely business elite in the coming years.

. - And the rest, so from a computer - to drive a car, the elevator, in the electrified kitchen, in bed, then - Big Mac?

. - Telecom included, pressed the button, put the cassette, put on headphones and looking at the TV and fell asleep
. To repeat the morning all the same. And once a week dose of some ecstasy!

I have a question on filling. When you last saw the child on a sledge? I've been a few years have not seen the children on sleds! This criterion! Or that in the hockey boxes no longer playing football. Let - for beer. Do not play! Right now a lot of ecological communities - all green. They say you should save this bird, that animal. A person someone wants to save?

- Andrei Borisovich Despite the renegades and desomatizirovannyh people, you have the same stunningly good students. They are some where from?

- Such schools as Shchukin School, have the choice. In addition, we have a plastic round on exams. We select and work, select and work. No other way. Here Rushan Iksanov, a few people. On course there are always two or four people, which are higher than other. And our basic principle, in addition to technological methods and techniques, it is still the principle of freedom. We do not have to make difficult. Someone begins to make difficult - we encourage those who had come for him - we immediately support. We create an atmosphere and a situation in which a man is not afraid of mistakes, not afraid of condemnation, is not afraid of failure. The first thing, if we want something to teach a person is entitled to a student to fail, the right to their inability. And secondly, it maximalism strips. We have high standards and they are all forced to smarten up. Everyone is interested in playing serious games.

- I would like to finish in such dithyrambic style. You know, your students are very good person. They have something. And suddenly I thought, in light of our conversation, that this interesting evolved as a result of what they were doing on stage plasticity.

- You know, all around infected chernushnostyu. And gradually, we have removed all chernushnost. Therefore, the expression of such. We behave with students respectfully. And in response we get the same respect and love.

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