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Biography YAKOVLEVA Alain
photo YAKOVLEVA Alain
I was not surprised when, enrolling in the "pike", the students saw him again.

By that time I already knew everything, and, catching at a close look Lesha, I thought that for him the past is no longer a secret. But I was wrong ...

One day he came over to my friend and said: "I love Alena. Please, Introduce ". My friend "Lesch, . it's your sister! "Agree, . our history with something similar to Indian cinema - brother, . knowing, . front of him half-sister, . falls in love with her, . and all because, . that around - solid family secrets, . tearing apart the soul of passion and tragic denouement,
. Simply "Zita and Gita!

We Aleksei grew in neighboring houses and learned a number. I do not know, spare us this way, parents or did not want to aggravate an already difficult situation, but a conversation on this subject the patient, they do not get. The most ridiculous and insulting to learn that the vending student - his sister on his father, Lesch was my hand, even to avoid. I could not stand the first and went up to him: "Lesch, we're not to blame for what happened!" Parents are parents, and we are here to do with it? " Since then, and became friends.

Getting my parents were very romantic. Groom 20-year-old Kira Machulsky, a solid director in Leningrad, one day, to his misfortune, invited the bride to the House of Actor. By this time, my mother, despite his youth, has already had some experience of family life. She married at age 17, a student, a future academician Lopuchin and immediately went with him to Bulgaria, where he was invited to embalm the body of the leader Georgi Dimitrov. In Sofia, after her son began to take care of First Secretary of Bulgaria. I do not know, for this reason or another, but when my mother returned with her husband in Moscow, they soon parted.

So, party at the actor: everywhere venerable filmmakers and budding young. In the crowd of mom someone showed then-obscure actor Yuri Yakovlev. By the way, the future celebrity flunk to VGIK "You are completely screen badly!". A Etush in "Pike" spent his words: "Go, young man, go! You waiting for plants". Only Mansurov sorry Yakovlev and took to his own course. Pope was so shy, which is clearly lost in the crowd of bright and relaxed entrants. Nevertheless, a timid young man managed to steal a girl from a famous film-maker! And it happened just after the second meeting with mom. In the Concert Hall. P. I. Tchaikovsky, they met by chance ... eyes. Yakovlev became lodge signs: a pier, waiting for a fifth column. Mother because of someone's back tones: "Well, I understood!"

Sudden tempestuous affair destroyed my mother's marital plans: venerable denied, suitcases unpacked. "On the Leningrad can be no question!" - Said a strong girl, her parents zonked. Jura accompanied her mother home, the lovers hid themselves from the icy wind in the doorway, where the basement apartment she lived beloved Kira, until they finally spotted my grandmother. At first she tried to dissuade her daughter, and then waved her hand: "Well, everything - enough!" Marry ". Young settled in the room my mother's parents in the cupboard. In our family a long time telling anecdote, as in the first wedding night my grandmother married my grandfather shouted: "My God, what is he doing with our daughter, I just knew that this would end". My grandmother, Elena, once studied with Gogoleva, adored the theater, especially the actors, and soon became her favorite son.

- And how old your parents' marriage lasted?

- Six. The beginning of their love was almost immediately overshadowed by the serious illness of mother. She, as it turned out, had long suffered from tuberculosis and urgently had to go somewhere to the south, in a sanatorium for treatment. With mum and dad went: not afraid to get infected, slept next to some kushetochke and selflessly caring for her, wrapping at night cabbage leaves.

Of course, life was difficult for them to, but it somehow did not pay attention - if they lived all. Working in the movie "The Idiot", which brought him so popular, was held when he was just married to the mother. Life has become easier, parents even bought a car ...

- It was rumored that Yakovlev so accustomed to the role of Myshkin, that he mentally ill. Is this true?

- Not at all! Inventions. Simply, he was so similar to Prince Myshkin, that he attributed the disease and the hero of Dostoevsky. Is very kind, completely devoid of cheek and impudence, he was incredibly talented. For him it was impossible to take offense, he was so gentle and fragile. Although because of the complex family circumstances, I do not really know him well, but it seems to me that my father had always lived in a sort of his world. He often spoke of himself: "I - in another dimension". Yuri loved my mother, and they were really good-looking couple, but perhaps somewhere they do not overlap, because my mother was a completely different profession - doctor. Papa, a man with a soft, very easily to other people's influence, and women, if asked to him to win, always sought his. But when the father was never babnikov - I say that, despite his many marriages and children from different wives. The initiative, I repeat, was only on them, not from him.

My father was lost in the theater, lived roles, was in demand in the cinema. After the "Idiot" it struck a truly nationwide fame. And in Vakhtangov theater he began to trust significant role. In the play "Ladies and Hussars" his partner was Raikin Catherine, daughter of Arcadia Isaakovich. Talk about them with enthusiasm. First, as a successful actor duo, then how about just a nice pair. Maybe it's attention and played a fateful role ... Before my mother began to reach some rumors, but she soon learned that Kate is pregnant from the Jura, and it happened at a time when she was pregnant with me. And then my mother, not wanting to accept this fact, we invited my father to collect the suitcase. There was a violent quarrel, which resulted in the father was sentenced: "Divorce" - Mom to appeal the decision was not subject to. Probably, many of my systems - precisely because of the very heavy for her situation. All my mother's experiences have affected my health.

- Why did your mom, loving husband, did not fight for him?

- There are people who can not forgive the betrayal. Maybe it's stupid maximalism, and perhaps life position: "I do not understand how, after this you can stay with this man!" I think, while still very young, my mother had no doubt that suit your life. This can perceive as a share of selfishness and a sense of self-preservation - for treason could last a lifetime. In no case do not blame anyone - no mother, no father ... Many years passed, I am quite calm when dealing with family, Yuri Vasilyevich, with its current, third wife and brother Anton. With another brother, Aleksei, we are regularly called back. His mother, Catherine Arkadyevna, recently gave me a birthday box. Over the years, comes wisdom to us and go offense.

When I was eight years old, my mother was married to Nikolai Ivanov, a well-known international journalist. With this pope, I met very rarely.

- Yuri himself showed no interest in his daughter or mother forbade him to see you?

- She never in my life did not say bad about my father, but it so happens that I grew up outside of his attention. Yuri went to see us infrequently - probably because he has always been a family: first one, then another ... Six months after my birth, Katya and his father was born Alyosha. Worries, worries ... I do not think that he did not want to see me, apparently, is just the fathers, and fathers are crazy. So it is not of the latter. I remember happened, my father had to promise to see me and not come. Three years later, my father, having gone from Katya, married again, and nine years later he became Anton. And we stepfather at that time went to Germany.

- And on the issues surrounding the well-known names do not dopekali?

- I do not really connected the name with a famous artist, but will not say that is not experienced. When behind me whispered: "Look, there's daughter Yakovlev" I always felt uncomfortable.

I myself nor my father's name when not utilized. Only once did they say, "proekspluatirovala famous person", when my daughter was played Masha terrible ear. Pain in it on Sunday, all the clinics, as luck would have closed, and I called my father. He immediately responded. At the hospital, where we brought Masha, all the doctors saw Yakovlev, ran, bustled about.

When my mother and stepfather went to Germany, I became even more suffer from complexes. I'll tell you a funny story that happened in Berlin. I was about 16 years, I was at the shop window - a long four-eyes, absolutely without any secondary sexual characteristics, with dangling below his knees with his hands, in school uniform, chewing gum, and regarded the dream of all girls - Barbie doll. Past the car drove mom and stepfather. Mom, . not recognizing a lanky girl his daughter, . held my gaze hudyuschuyu figure and sighed with pity: "The poor parents! Such ugly, . my God! "Now, . sure, . Mama says, . that has always been confident in my impending transformation into a beautiful woman ( "And you and not someone had to be ugly!"), . but I distinctly remember the feeling of inferiority.,

. - I wonder, how could you with such uncanny complexes were in the maelstrom of life in Moscow bohemia?

. - Not without the help of fellow student at Moscow State University Setunskoy Alena - now Alena Zander, the wife of a successful Hollywood producer
. Her father - Victor Setunsky, famous at that time, the TASS correspondent in America, and his stepfather - known children's writer Anatoly Aleksin. After high school, of course, I dreamed of a theater at night, even cried, but on the advice of parents dutifully went to journalism. With MSU me reconcile the fact that there existed well-known Student Theater.

So, in the first year we became good friends with Alyona, hitting a single group of Spanish. It is not clear that we are close, because we are totally different - by nature, in relation to men, life, money. Perhaps, . We own only a, . that were both frightening and well-known hooligan dinamistkami: assigned a day for 50 visits and did not come to any! Among our fans so many people now known, . that sometimes, . looking at the TV, . not have time to exclaim: "Good heavens!" And this! ",

. - Fans of studying with you at MSU?

. - Not only
. Winter we Alena went to the rink, and there once was couple of gentlemen, gallantly offering to teach girls to skate. At the time, was not afraid to get acquainted on the street, and we used this. In the case of faculty of journalism at the moss accumulated a incredible number of cars with young people awaiting us after the lecture. We, giggling, ran from them, "gardens". Two gentlemen from the lower rate once forced to drag us along Tverskaya with a glass of mineral water - the water was sold only in vending machines cafe "Cosmos". I must say, our friendship will never darkened partition of men: Do you like it - yes takes, please!

Alain, I remember, adored oath: one guy even made a ground in support of the senses. But the one who dutifully fulfilled her desire to remain close to her only a week longer than the others ...

. At the same time we understood perfectly: long drive gentleman's nose is risky, and more than three times on visits to the same fans do not go - after the third visit to the restaurant would inevitably come a reckoning ..
. But, despite the precautions, sometimes in piquant situation still falling, once even had to scoot through the window! Once we were in one big company at the Kiev station. In the midst of joy we Alena, sensing something was wrong, slipped into the next room, and then jumped out the window at the roof of the garage in the yard and fled.

. - And all because you and get away with it?

. - Slava dinamistok "not reduced the number of fans
. Around us some incredible swirling rumors, for example, talked about some sort of secret meetings in rest houses with lots of young people. But we were so cheerful and naive that they only laughed at, listening to another fable.

Life around us, sparkling and tingling adventures. One November 7, we went for a walk with Alyona. On the way, bought lollipops - red cockerels from burnt sugar to ten cents, Alena their adored. Suddenly remembering that she urgently needs somewhere to call, she gave me cockerels and ran to the automaton. I dressed up, standing with a bouquet of red rocks and waiting for her friend. Suitable woman: "Tell me, girl, where did you get this beauty?" And suddenly I unexpectedly rattled: "Yes, I sold them". - "And how much?" - "For fifteen kopecks". When Alain came back, she could not believe my eyes: all the cocks already sold out. And here we embraced a strange excitement! Heedless of the festivities, we bought a numb with happiness Grandma still cockerels and went with the goods in the Park of Culture. Imagine, . two overdressed young lady at the entrance selling of questionable quality sweets: "flew, . now so cheap! "From there we drove fast-rivals Roma, . but, . no embarrassment, . We built nearby and has already sold off their cocks for twenty kopecks,
. Intoxicated by the easy money, we forgot everything, went to the Kiev station - itself, in our opinion, the busiest place, and have already traded for fifty kopecks. They stood among the rushing, hung with bags of passengers and bawled: "Buy cocks! Fresh cocks! Best gift!" As a result, earned 13 rubles - for the time a decent amount. We, of course, was caught, but we zamorochili head policemen and were quickly released, but with the money has already bought a box of cockerels and began to make plans early tales enrichment. Happy Olena sank with jewel box in the car and went home, . warned: "Tomorrow changing station!" Evening, . I called her, . Mom went to the phone and groaned in the tube: "Alena somehow poisoned, . it is very bad! "As it turned out, . This sweet tooth, . not resist, . ate half a box cockerels!,

. But do not think that all of our student's life was one big fireworks display
. Despite the levity, my friends and I, incidentally, received a higher scholarship, and I did not forget about his dream, playing in the Student Theater, directed by then was Roman Viktyuk.

By the way, with the police, I connected another story. Our neighbor on the porch was a magician Haroutyun Hakobyan - he lived one floor below. His son Amayak came to all my children's birthdays and showed the guests tricks. However, despite such a close "family" communication, Akopyan Sr. began to torment me at school. In the sixth grade classmates accompanied me in Germany: we drank lemonade, a little dancing. Akopyan flew into the apartment and the threshold to wail: "I'll call the police, and it's daughter Yakovleva! (Neighbor-magician with us clearly not lucky, . given, . that even his grandmother and five times flooded.) He could claim seven in the evening with the scandal: "The dog barks, . and the remaining heel-mi all day clatter, . disgusting! "When I grew up and the guests began to arrive classmates, . Hakobyan launched a real terror,
. One even wrote a complaint to the police, I was summoned to the office and registered a drive. A couple of drives - and me, among other things, would put on the account, or exiled for the 101-km mark.

By the way, that is 101-km mark, I learned, when held in Moscow Competition. In the summer of 80-th of all girls of questionable behavior sent to hell, to not bother to foreigners.

We Alena finished the second course and then worked for the Olympic Games with Spanish interpreters. I am very pleased to communicate with foreigners, I myself approached them and helped in the case of difficulties with the translation. My "zeal" was noticed and led to the bodies, suggesting little posotrudnichat. Feigning complete fool, I murmured: "You know, I'm so bad I see and hear so bad, but in addition all mixed up ..."

. At the Faculty of Journalism, I at one time led an international sector, . true, . I was quickly thrown out, . for the fact that instead of the planned hike in the Museum of the Soviet Army, I took foreigners in a restaurant: "Well, what's to watch, . went better listen to music! "But before my exile to Alyona, we managed to arrange for foreign students evening" Russian Tea ",
. In my directing idea we danced Ukrainian hopak, and I made-up by the boy, drawing himself usischi, and swam around me Goose Alain.

. An unforgettable event in the first year - we were sent to the potatoes! All the girls putting up a well-contrived: somebody in the kitchen with the products, Alan volunteered to clean toilets, and I am the only idiot, volunteered to work in the field with the boys
. Got up, as the workhorse, at five in the morning and blue with cold hands encrusted with dirt under the fingernails collecting potatoes in the holes in the grid. Once the guys on international affairs, as "my guy" suggested "to sugreva" drink vodka with them. I have not tried before anything stronger than champagne sipped from her throat and ... "floated".

Then went to a classic of Soviet cinema - shots from the film "Girls! The girls have a rest: Someone painted fingernails, someone inflicted mask on the face, someone in curlers reading a book. The room smelled of good soap and French perfume. And then in a padded jacket and muddy boots in this girl's warm nest swarmed I. All waved their hands in disgust: "Where, where?" I, swaying slightly, demand: "Give me three rubles, you opohmelitsya."

- They say you were almost a party to escape Alena abroad?

- First time Alena married a third year. One randomly in the lobby of the theater Lenkom we met two young men. Even a cursory glance was enough to understand: in front of us - representatives of the bright "golden youth". Indeed, one of them was the son of the famous international journalist Tomas Kolesnichenko, and Allen quickly gathered to marry him. I do not know, maybe I was jealous of her as a girlfriend, but I thought that not a great love. Alain is always troubled rich entourage of a wedding dress from Dior, a luxury banquet in the restaurant, the husband of a certain range. All her dreams were fulfilled: crazy wedding party in the House of the actor's wedding dress from Paris, distinguished guests ...

But she quickly divorced. Some time later in life appeared Alenina Karen Shakhnazarov. It would seem that everything evolved so well: her husband - a famous film director, known for the family, the birth of a charming daughters. But after a while Alena with Karen started having problems. However, now my friends and I were talking not so closely as before: in my life appeared Theater. In the third year, not telling anyone about his plans, I decided to enroll in a theater. With the help of his friend, stole his post-graduate diploma from the Moscow State University, passed the examinations in Vakhtangov school and appeared in two universities. By the way, . when she wrote in the questionnaire: "Father - People's Artist Yuri Yakovlev", . entire selection committee surprised:, . Yuri Vasilyevich have a daughter? Studied two years so, . received two scholarships, . and no one suspected nothing! And when he finally confessed, . at MSU, I was transferred to the Correspondence,
. So I graduated from two universities.

Once we have gathered a fortune-teller - Alena just returned from America. "I have a friend of a gypsy, come by tomorrow it went, I really need to know something ..." - Offered Alain. I immediately realized: she had something there has been in America. And suddenly, a day hike to the fortuneteller Alain lost. I called to work - it does not, there is no home. But the main thing that I was very puzzled: no one says where she is, all questions are answered evasively. Alena I even started to dream.

. Somehow I come to the House of Cinema, suddenly blocked the road to me, Karen and menacing whispers: "Where is my wife?" It turns out, Alan, taking advantage of his absence, ran with the child under his arm, leaving only a brief note: "I went to America"
. All attempts to find a wife Shakhnazarov come to nothing. Someone saw it in Cannes, someone - in Los Angeles ... Years later, smiling broadly and somehow speaking with an accent, my girlfriend suddenly appeared on our television screens in the role of leading the program "Stars of America". From someone I learned that Alena had married again and took a job as whole life and dreamed. This transfer made for her husband, Hollywood producer Sander. Then I got through a friend of her gift - any bicycle pants and a letter with no return address. I remember it really hurt. Perhaps Alain afraid that Karen me know where she is, and will come for her daughter. For some reason remember the phrase: "I'm sitting on the beach and catch the latest UV". And in the end of the letter because, among other things, Alan added: "By the way, I've heard rumors that you had an affair with my husband". I'm just taken aback: this is bullshit! Maybe she was told that when Shakhnazarov put the film "American Daughter" on the history of his life, his assistant asked me to try on the role of his wife, escaped with the child? But I'm even on the sample did not go. (This role eventually played Masha Shukshina.)

Then I had with Karen was another difficult meeting. He wanted to find her daughter and all the time asking questions with prejudice, apparently assuming that I'm aware of what happened and cover Alain. I honestly answered that she did not know, but Karen did not believe, eventually stopped communicating with me. Friend, I too lost ...

- And how did you get in the Theater of Satire?

- After the end of the Pike "has come to show the principal director Pluchek. I immediately gave the episode in the play "The burden of making". I remembered as an actress with a curvy shape, and that's invited to the role of Marilyn Monroe. When I came to rehearsal, Pluchek upset: "What are you so thin?" In fact, at a show my beautiful bust was cleverly constructed from tights - a famous actor's trick. Often remember the story of Vera Vasilyeva about how she "Legend of the Siberian land" to create out of themselves by stocking Pyshnogrudye Sibiryachka. Freely whether that Stalin drew attention to it!

- Did you make any mention of friendship with Spartak Mishuliiym ...

- With Mishulin I connected a lot of interesting stories. He - a unique personality, with so many tales about himself, that many times are lost, not knowing where the truth lies. That he was born out of the tube, it is the illegitimate son of the writer Fadeeva, then before you - the authoritative Gypsy Baron.

. When I came to the theater, Pluchek once warned me: "Alain, be careful!" We've just got so handsome! " I modestly downcast eyes, answered: "I'm in the first place art!"

. The funny thing is that in the theater were all confident that we have with Mishulin novel
. I think these rumors crept after the tour to the Baltics. My room was broken TV, but very Hoth, moose watch a movie with a friend. In his dressing gown and with her knitting in hand, I knocked on a number of Mishulin: Spartak V., . can I have your TV look? "He was just going to the show:" Will you go, . zahlopni door! "When I came out of it, . have opened doors of the elevator nose to nose with his wife faced Pluchek Zinaida Pavlovna,
. From such a "strip" it froze and after that, . as it may prove, . that we are just good friends, . not in what she did not believe, . Valentin and more convinced: the romance Yakovleva Spartacus! Actors often berated me and worked through: "How could you" I'm tired of excuses and spat: "Yes, think what you want!,

. - But the novels in the theater really prone ...

. - Olga Aroseva vain once remarked: "The theater is alive if it has a novel!"

. One story we tell how the legend of the Theater of Satire
. In a city settled in the hotel, on tour for a long time could not calm down all night and visited each other's homes, so that the morning had become entangled in what room who stopped. Mature maid, unable to bear, she exclaimed: "Lord, A family-something you have?" Now, unfortunately, this aura of love in the theater is no longer ...

. Mikhail Derzhavin who always calls me by a relative, such as the one transfer set leading to a dead end, asking a tricky question: "What kin are the Cossacks and Derzhavin?" All were at a loss
. "His granddaughter is the daughter of the first daughter of the former second husband the first former wife Derzhavina" - he deciphered a rebus.

As some colleagues have played a joke on me. Called home and offered: "Would you like to play in a role of women of easy virtue in the new movie" The Anthology "?" And what should I do there? "- I'm confused. "Nothing special -" Serenade "assistant. - Your partner will Shirvindt ". Gorky's studio in the window, where the issue passes, very surprised: "What?" What is an anthology? .. " When I pometavshis the studio, came to the theater, immediately met her future "partner" Shirvindt. He stared at me until I told them about his experiences, then said: "Idiot!", Gallantly kissed her hand and added: "Well, that is not on the Sverdlovsk studio sent.

. - What kind of relationship do you have with Andrei Mironov?

. - I came to the theater for two years before his death, and Mironov immediately took me in his last directing the play "Shadows" by Saltykov-Shchedrin
. We managed to play fifteen performances ... I am an inexperienced actress, very afraid to rehearse with him - he's a star, an idol to the same 18 years older. In addition, Andrey was very strict in rehearsal. He tormented me specifically, each time repeating the rehearsal: "No, it should be replaced!" The truth, it is not? " And I pinched even more. "The actress Yakovleva! When you finally start to work?" - Did not stop it. "Oh wait, I have not yet entered the role!" - I tried to protect. "What it means - wait! All tickets already sold," - to tease me Mironov.

In Andrew A. It was impossible not to fall in love! What I did. He loved the interesting young women and very nicely courted ... Each impression that it was for him - the only one.

Already at the service entrance could accurately determine: Mironov in the theater - the smell of good cologne and expensive cigarettes. The feeling that a man entered with a capital letter, occurred immediately! Even men in his presence somehow moved up. On the women and say nothing. As you can imagine, I was the exception: do not get carried away by such a man was simply impossible.

All that happened the last day of his life, so vividly standing in front of his eyes, it seems that happened yesterday. They played "Figaro", I was on the scene as one of peyzanok. Before the play brought in Riga Theater his daughter Masha, she vacationed with her mother, Katya Gradova, in Jurmala. Shortly before the start of the first steps Mironov came up to me and strangely spoke, seemed to be about anything - asking whether or not salary, but some premonition pierced heart. I asked him: "Andrey, why are you so red?" He said: "The game of tennis - and then added: - After the play, I'll take you to Masha in Jurmala". Everyone noticed that Mironov played very slowly - the time interval, and the action on stage continues. When he fell in the hall shouted: "Doctor!" and gave the curtain. Maria went with his father in the hospital and I went to Cate. Strange, but as soon as I entered, she immediately cried out: "No, not that!" At the cemetery in the crowd actually almost choked people. I fell into some pit, so great was the pandemonium.

- Yes, sadly ... A kai snladyvalas your personal life?

- With Cyril Mozgalevskim, my current husband, we met at the transfer of samples "Acting coupe" By the way, I was asked, confused with "Intergirl" - Lena Yakovleva. That's when I decided to change the name of Helen of Alain. The most interesting thing in this, we have coincided with Cyril - he also changed his name. In addition, more and changed the date of birth. He once told me: "If I did not do this, we would never have met!" Perhaps this is some kind of mysticism!

- And there he was in "first life"?

- Actually on the life of Cyril poet, although finished Bauman. Also deals with television, and commercials, and movies At the first meeting, he surprised me with the temperament, telling everything about himself that led tours of duty in Moscow, Tsvetaeva, worked at the monastery bell ringer ... Cyril so suddenly I was attacked, that a long time I could not recover from such a strong "capture", but under it was impossible to resist the onslaught, and now six years old, as we are together. But while I can not say that all we cloudless. We often disagreed. Somehow, I remember very strongly quarreled. The next morning I telephoned a friend: "look out the window!" I go to the window and I see: a billboard on the Garden Ring looks at me, my huge picture with the caption: "All is love!" Cyril ". When I went to the Theater of Satire, then the same picture I saw at the entrance. Husbands friends then came up to me and complained: "What he done?" No force - the wife of envy at all washed down! " Kirill very creative person. Their own scenario took telefilm "The Temptation of Dirk Bogart". I photographed the way, with his own money, so for so long - four years. Friends brought him to the film, besides all the actors in the film were shot free. I inherited the role of the director of "Night porter" Liliana Cavani. Thick, then played a four-year Masha girl from a concentration camp.

- Masha your daughter together?

- No, her father - Kirill Kozakov, son of Mikhail Kozakov. We met at a birthday Sasha Kahuna, an actor of the theater "Contemporary", which is eight years was actually my first husband. One after another night Sasha Cyril went to accompany me all the way, read poems, and a few days, we decided to live together. On the day of marriage registration in Grandmother covered "wedding table: sprats with potatoes. But the two actors to get along together very hard. Still, it was a random marriage. And married life we have with Cyril was not developed ... After the appearance of Masha, we began a quarrel, and in some mo ment, taking a bunch of four-child, I went to Cyril. In a baby carriage lay all my stuff, ran beside Pooch Busya, and slept on the arm Masha. With the advent of his daughter very much in my life has changed. I became a different, more responsible.

- And their famous grandfathers Masha knows?

- Father in law Kozakov Sr., as a visiting Masha looked and said: "No, breed, of course, Yakovlevskaya. But his hands, hands are ours! Only child who does not look like us. "

. I have a wild number of performances! Pope is angry all the time: "Yes you are exploiting the same!" Somewhere in the interview he did say that his daughter "zatryuhana" roles, "and I would like to make it more involved in his granddaughter"
. If you do not like my daughter, I would take the child to himself, would have sat with her constantly! And even better - would be adopted by a! He Masha loves: spending on her father's sense of unrealized before.

- In the Indian film everything ends well. You will not fool the laws of the genre, it's true, Alan?

- I'm tired of being the heroine of tearful episodes. Of course, sometimes you want to calm down and say to themselves: "With this man I'm ready to grow old!" But ... I do not intend to grow old. In my life there were so many events that it sometimes seems as though I had lived a hundred years. Yet ahead - a long, long life, full of meetings, adventure and love ...

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