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Anatoly Zhuravlev

( Actor)

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Biography Anatoly Zhuravlev
photo Anatoly Zhuravlev

Anatoly Zhuravlev comes from the Urals. Despite the fact that he had dreamed since childhood of becoming an actor, after school Anatoly entered Ural Pedagogical Institute of the Faculty. He graduated, served in the army and found work at the school teacher of literature.

Apparently, a young man not quite feel comfortable in the role of the teacher. As he himself acknowledges, his teaching activities at first looked like a "constitutional" relationship with the recruits: he was trying to teach literature students with severe, almost military command. Until, at last, a brave sixth-grader did not advise the teacher often grim smile. Discouraged by a simple solution of pedagogical problems, novice teacher began to feel more confident at the board, but, nevertheless, at the end of the school year went to Leningrad.
. Theater Sports

. In Leningrad, Anatoly entered LGITMiK, who graduated in 1992
. At the same time in 1991, he was admitted to the troupe Comedy. Akimova. By the time a beginner actor was already a famous athlete, and - master of sports of Taekwondo, the champion of the USSR in 1991.

From 1996 to 1998. Zhuravlev - Actor Theater Studio p / p O. Tabakov.
. Movies

. The first big success the actor has brought the role of a former paratrooper Koli in melodrama Dmitry Astrakhan "Everything will be fine!".

. In 2000, Anatoly starred in the role of "Tolstoy" - guardian of the protagonist in the series "Birthday Burzhuya"
. Anatoly Mateshko, the film's director, called the actor "Ural nugget", referring to the many talents and the fact that the actor hails from the Urals village. Talents Tolstoy manifested before our eyes. It was he offered to give the guard Bourgeois in the hands of accordion and immediately discovered the ability to use it. "Dance with a towel, too, came up with Anatoly Zhuravlev. The scene was lifted almost a double. Although it was not easy to do: a huge role in Fat stripper was so concentrated and serious, that the operator, as the whole film crew, barely suppressed laughter.

. The film thick repeatedly demonstrates knowledge of methods of unarmed combat, and in one of the series is the episode where he was "warming up" on all the rules of taekwondo
. This episode came not by accident.

According to observations of the crew members, Anatoly Zhuravlev - one of the most responsible actors involved in the series. He was very seriously preparing for the shooting and always firmly memorizing even the smallest replica.

Strictly watching their sporting form Anatoly Zhuravlev still scored a few extra pounds on the set of "bourgeois". Thick constantly eats "sneakers" and the actor had to eat at least one chocolate bar a day.
Versatile Talents

According to Anatolia Mateshko, who plays Tolstoy - a wonderful storyteller. During the filming of "bourgeois" director is always happy to listen to descriptions of everyday scenes, considering them finished novels, short stories reminiscent Shukshin.

. Philological Education handy Anatoly Zhuravlev: after filming "bourgeois", he wrote a play about Mayakovsky
. The events of the play taking place in 1916 and in recent years, the poet's life. Author of the play's most interesting personal life of the poet, namely, the drama of his relationship with Lily Brik. The figure of Mayakovsky's long and interesting road Anatoly Zhuravlev, the main role he intends to fulfill himself.

Anatoly married. Wife - Natalia - property master in the studio theater n / p O. Tabakov.

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