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Tarkhanova Glafira

( Actress)

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Biography Tarkhanova Glafira
photo Tarkhanova Glafira
- Glafira you have any relation to the famous theatrical dynasty Tarkhanov?

- No, though my family was Theaters. Parents completed puppet department Gnessin School, worked in Moskontsert. And my grandmother worked in the opera house.

- And you decided to continue the family tradition and entered the theater?

- In this first approach. Been received at once all the drama schools and almost all gone, but chose the Moscow Art Theater School. Because the head of the course there was Konstantin Arkadevich Raikin. And actually I was going to the health of a cosmetologist. And my stepfather took me to a special Shchukin School - look at 'the horror'. So I changed my mind. But the opposite happened.

- You started acting early. How do you refer to that your teachers are not told that it ruin you?

- From any work in the film had to be abandoned, because I was still a student was invited to the theater 'Satyricon'. For example, I had to play Guttiere in the remake of "Amphibian Man ', the one played by Anastasia Vertinskaya. The project took place, but without me. Then it turned out that he was not particularly noticed, so I'm not lost much. But most of the time I still devote the theater, and thanks to my artistic director for this.

- Your most famous role in 'Satyricon' - in 'plum' by Ostrovsky. They say that the play is put on you.

- For the role of Pauline, I received a compliment dear to me: as soon as the play went, I was compared with the young Babanova. But now it is temporarily removed from the repertoire, too, because of me. That's gone out of the maternity leave - and again we will play it.

- I do not know who you will be - boy or girl?

- Do not tell. Let it be a mystery.

- You can predict that the decree you are sitting for long.

- Guess I will not, but now I have a few suggestions. As for viewers, they are my temporary absence will not even notice: soon will the continuation of 'Alexander Garden', the film will be called 'The Pursuit of Beria'. There, in the 'First Channel', will begin running television series 'Morozov', I was invited to play in it daughter investigator. The company selected a shooting at these good, and the film, I think the audience will like it.

- In the series 'Urgent Room' you played with Yaroslav Boiko. Your husband is not jealous of this handsome man?

- And my husband is also very beautiful (Alexei Faddeev works in the Small Drama Theater. - Ed.) And refers to my shooting partner and correctly - how to work. We're with him, too, met on the set. It was one of my first movie - 'The main caliber. Military History, where I played a village girl, and he - the operator.

- Through the lens cameras, and you noticed it?

- I was even unable to think that this man is my husband. Not about any intimate relationship, I did not even dream. Just talking after the shooting on the bus. But it turned out that talked all day. Not notice how in love. But I know his worth!

- Mom you have taught?

- My childhood was spent in Elektrostal, a factory town, there is a peculiar style of dress called 'all'. I never liked it. Our family is very different from others, for example, my mother never tied me to high gas bows, only the thin satin ribbon in her hair plaited. And once I called boys in the neighborhood for lunch. Showed them to her room, and one of them drew attention to the reproduction on the wall - I hung 'The Birth of Venus' and 'Spring' Botticelli. And this boy with dirty fingernails and hands so laughed at me:

- You always have the right girl?

- I was and still am very energetic. What was not engaged in: figure skating, folk singing, ballet class, even in the opera school of Galina Vishnevskaya studied.

. - This mom probably told you that a decent girl to be spit?

. - Yes, but I often wanted to cut it
. Even now, sometimes frighten her husband, saying, that's cut off her hair and painted in a blonde.

- Did the right girl go early to get married?

- Well, I'm not in 18 years married. 22 - it is not too early. Parents approved of my choice. Male older than me, but it's even good.

- You are a big family?

- I have a younger brother and sister. With my sister we have a difference of 14 years and his brother 20. They have the same rare name as me: name is Myron's brother, and sister, Ilaria. Mama says that if he called me so hard - Glafira, then they had to find something nezatertoe.

Miron and Ilaria - the children from his mother's second marriage. By the way, so my mother have suffered, while giving birth to me that the maternity hospital will no longer go, and junior came home. We invited a midwife, she took birth and. But I hardly dare to to give birth at home. Give myself still in the hands of doctors.

- In the film 'Gromovy' you have three younger brothers. It turns out that the picture deducted from your biography.

- I've been communicating with the boys on the set, with something easier. They are predictable, more straightforward. You - man, do so as he sees fit, and you no words can say. But the girls are not as. They are formed earlier in the head is thinking, their own point of view on all. With them, I think, more complicated.

- You often say that you're beautiful?

- First, infrequent. Secondly, I sincerely think that ugly people are no. And even the external beauty is not important. The main thing that was inside.

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Tarkhanova Glafira, photo, biography
Tarkhanova Glafira, photo, biography Tarkhanova Glafira  Actress, photo, biography
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