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Biography Lindt Irina
photo Lindt Irina
Biography Irina Lindt short. Born in Alma-Ata in the family of exiled German, military musicians. Received in Kazakhstan on journalism, but secretly dreams of becoming an actress. A year later exploded in a Moscow theater in. They took the "pike". It was a good luck number again.

After graduating college, she, like many graduates could not get in any theater, but there happened to luck number two. In Moscow at the time created German theater is running a student of Yuri Lyubimov Erwin Haas. Irina Lindt actually took place only because of the German surname.

After a while of seeing her Lyubimov, engaged rejuvenation troupe. And almost immediately she received a serious role - Xenia in Boris Godunov, "Lisa in" Youth, Grushenka in "The Brothers Karamazov". But the real success came after lyubimovskogo play "Marat and the Marquis de Sade. Her Charlotte Corday went to the wire and alternately played the violin and trumpet, hanging from a trapeze shock of luxurious hair.

Her life became a lot of mean colleague, Valery Zolotukhin. They made joint programs, and then even played together in the play of Andrei Maximov "Mozart and Salieri". Zolotukhin played Salieri, she - Mozart ...

Two years ago, Irina Lindt disaster struck. At rehearsal of "The Chronicles" by Shakespeare she so clever, stumbled and fell to three-meter height. Ceremony could die. But had no fractures of the clavicle and the right shoulder, severe concussion and torn ligaments. Now she plays in the sensational musical "Nord-Ost" - every day goes on stage in the role of Mary Vasil'yevna Tatarinova. Every night her heroine at the end of the first act ends with suicide, followed by Irina Lindt goes to his dressing room and patiently waiting for calls to the bows. When at the end of the evening she comes, finally, to the footlights and bows weighed the audience applause, usually amplified.

With actress Irina Lindt talks, our correspondent Gleb Sitkovskiy.

- Irina, you are the father of German. Probably, you are free to speak German?

- No.

- But you've even lived for a time in Germany!

- But, we lived in a military town in the Russian environment. My father speaks German. But after the war were very strong anti-German sentiment, and it is because of this one time he even wanted to take the name of my mother. "I do not want to - say - to my children, like me, teased fascist". So the German language in the family we had not run. Only when we lived with my grandmother, my sister and little understood some German words, read some German poems. But the German, I became involved only in Germany. True, it's all superimposed on English, which I learned in school, so that the head often showed porridge.

. - Wait, and you after the end of the Shchukin School played in the German theater in pure German?

. - So I played in English, when Moscow supplied musical "Tomorrowland"
. It is, incidentally, like more than to play in Russian. When you're playing in a foreign language, the best feel the essence of the profession. Incidentally, when I rehearse in "Tomorrowland", the British said that I have very good, even aristocratic accent.

- You build his artistic career as a stage actress. Recently, even as a musical theater actress, considering the fact that you now and then invited to play in musicals. But you, I think it is clear that much more popular actor brings cinema. A particularly serials. Why do not shoot at all? You did not even contemplate?

- When a lot of work, there is no time to think about it. I have really only one main role in the film, the film Eugenia Ginzburg's "Game of Love". But even there I had a musical role. Theater - still more art than cinema. Of course, television is more popularity, but in a creative sense of theater - an art. Theater simply provides more opportunities for professional growth.

- Assume. But look at the "Nord-Ost" - a real strong musical, . but, . agreeing to participate in this project, . You could not help but be aware that, . what do you erase a year from another life, and now, day after day playing excellent, . but the same role.,

. - You're right, of course
. But a year - this is so little. He almost had already flown. I released the premiere, played in a grand, interesting project, and if only so the game worth the candle. In addition, I stipulated that I will not leave of Taganka.

- How do I reacted to your work Lyubimov? How to let go?

- I took leave without pay. Yuri Petrovich treated with understanding. In January, vacation is over, and again I play the Taganka. I'm there, though, remained in the repertoire of only one play - "Marat and the Marquis de Sade, and I play it three times a month. On all other days I go on stage in a musical. Produced by Nord-Ost ", however, are very jealous when I'm playing in someone else's performance. Their laws of marketing, but I have my own laws, its code. In April, I had the Taganka premiere of "Faust" by Goethe, where I'm going to play Marguerite, and if our producers will not mind, I will not renew the contract with the Nord-Ost ".

. - It is interesting to understand why the girl from Alma-Ata, suddenly decides to become an actress? Maybe it was a shock, a wonderful spectacle, after which you are sick of the theater?

. - Now that you ..
. In our theater as a child was taken by entire Pioneer detachment, on loan, and they were very ordinary performances. Just when I had to choose where to go after school, I thought: why not an actress?

- Do you work at Taganka, which saw a lot of great actors. But generational change, many artists left. In the Taganka that exists today, you feel like an actress? 1?

- Hmm. Indelicate question. Typically, these labels are given by others, by a clearer. It would be nice, I was, if I said to myself: I am an actress number one.

- You are a miracle did not die at the rehearsal of the play "Chronicles". Your fall from a three-meter height - it is not just an accident, and the theater, which violated the safety, of course, is responsible for this. In the West, an artist probably would have received after such an incident, an enormous insurance. In short, you were very serious reasons to take offense at the theater, but you nevertheless returned to Taganka.

- The insurance I got ... Factory even a criminal case, and all this was ongoing for a long time ... But it would be funny if I was to sue the Yuri Petrovich Lyubimov, require insurance. Probably indirect wines theater really exists. I for myself decided that, apparently, so was bound to happen. I do not remember how it happened. The main mistake, as I now understand, was that not so long to sit at the top. When you sit there from morning till night for two months, you lose the sense of danger and can easily stumble. Even in the circus, they say, an acrobat is not working more than three hours at an altitude. But what I'm going to deal with those who are guilty in this case? Well, let me pay by the court any money. But is it returns me a healthy spine and restore my family chords?

- But it is probably not only in money. Psychologically, it was difficult to return to the theater?

- Theater helped me to be treated, giving the car, so I drove to the procedure paid for surgery abroad. So I can not blame them. For psychological reasons, I was not able to return to this spectacle, in these sets. Even the music can not hear from this performance - physically wrong done. Actually I do not fall for the first time on stage, I was still in college so.

- You're in many productions are doing some risky, almost circus. No wonder, perhaps, about you after "Marat and the Marquis de Sade was rumored that you tsirkachka.

- One magazine even wrote that the role of Charlotte Corday invited circus ekvilibristka (laughs). I do journalists always something ekvilibristkoy branded, then the singer. But now the trauma is felt. We rehearse "Faust", and I feel that physically I am now on a few heads lower than before. I can not do all those tricks that are easy to make pre-injury. I do not know in what form I will be a few years. So willy-nilly start to rush, you try to get done as much as possible.

- What is a theatrical genre, which most appropriately corresponds to the Role of your actor's personality?

- I think my genre - it is just a musical. There have to be organic in singing, acting and vocal combination game. I think I feel the important distinction between the two.

- But for Russia is not a musical genre native. If you lived in America, it might have been the star of Broadway. "Nord-Ost" was the first really strong, high-quality musical, who grew up on Russian soil. Do you hope that the tradition of musical take root?

- Musical in the Anglo-American sense of the word for us is really unusual. But attempts to create a good musical we have made in recent years with increasing frequency.

- You, in my opinion, much traveled around the world. Are there any temptation to take a step and begin my life in some other place? Especially with the languages you as if things are bad.

- Well, who I was needed there? I still profession holds. I can not speak in English and German without an accent. Well, I'll go out on stage and say: "Taragay, I lublyu tebya"? But people will laugh at how well I did play. And to achieve the perfect accent rarely anyone can. I and the Russian language has a little accent.

- What?

- Well, probably, a little German. A little Kazakh. A little Ukrainian.

- A Ukraine something to you how pleased his side?

- And just in Germany, lived many Ukrainians. It all remains then in dialect.

- You had a good childhood?

- I had wonderful parents. But, you know, I would not want to become a child again. As a child I did not feel happy. It does not depend either on the parents or from anyone else. This was due to my nature, and more with nothing. Endless questions tormented me in childhood: why live if you die anyway? Well, anyway, I was a shy child. Adults afraid ...

- Your parents now live in Moscow?

- In Moscow. Once withdrawn their troops from Germany, they transferred here. Housing made only in September. And before that we lived all his life in the barracks but in the barracks. After the barracks for a long time I lived in a dormitory. In general, the first time in his life appeared independent housing. Its kitchen, in the end ...

- You will allow me to ask a very indiscreet question? I would never have asked you about it, but you yourself in an interview uttered a phrase that struck me: "Zolotukhin was my first love". I do not want to interfere in the personal, but perhaps you say that you mean Valery Zolotukhin in the creative field?

- We Zolotukhina can learn to live. About how it works, how to keep the shape, I did not even say. But for more than thirty years of work in the theater he never alterations suit, and this speaks volumes. Every day he makes a charge, keeps himself on a strict diet - in general, followed a. This is a unique quality for an actor and requires great faith. But in real life is a person who helps everyone who so requests. No matter, this dresser or someone else. He will spend time, money, negotiate with hospitals or lawyers, but will do its utmost. When the thing happened to me this injury, he came to the hospital every day. He uses the fact that he was given by God to people. He has two great qualities - kindness and hard. Zolotukhin published diary that throughout his life. It also requires discipline, not necessarily because you want to write. Evgeny Mironov called this blog a real benefit for actors. I also conducted in different years of diaries, but rather it was in some difficult moments of my life.

. - Irina, but you're probably, and he writes poetry?

. - I write.

. - Read something.

. - I'd rather you read my first poem that I wrote in second grade
. I loved to climb into the tub, sit under a jet of water and something to think. I pull out of the bath was not. Then one day, sitting under a jet of water, I composed a poem. Moreover, under the influence of Lermontov (laughs). In my childhood it was my favorite poet. It turned out something like this:

. We live in this world is troubled, insecure, and that he is to us - the joy? Misfortune?

. Why? After all, the day will come, and will be all over, life will stumble and sink into the darkness.

. - And some other artistic passions you have?

. - And what
. Before drawing pencil portraits. But now, to do this once.

- In general, you are multi-faceted personality.

- As a child I went to many clubs. With my small growth even engaged in basketball, went to the school of Olympic reserve. I won second place in the city competition checkers!

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  • Salvija for Lindt Irina
  • A very beautiful lady, gifted actress - Irina Lindt. However, this English version of the interview with Ms Irina Lindt casts some shadow on the translator, as there are lots of mistakes. Who could believe, that Irina is a " father of German?" Shame on you, editors.
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