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Lacordaire, Jean-Baptiste Henri

( Famous French preacher)

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Biography Lacordaire, Jean-Baptiste Henri
photo Lacordaire, Jean-Baptiste Henri
In 1824 he began studying theology, . took holy orders and made a fervent advocate of Christianity in general, . which found the only correct theory of the norms of social life, . and in particular Catholicism, . which saw the only form of Christianity, . able to implement his ideals,
. According to Lamennais, with whom he became close, Lacordaire thought that you can be a sincere Catholic and at the same time advocate of political freedom. The journal Lamennais 'l'Avenir' he ardently defended the independence of the church from the government after the July Revolution founded with Montalembert, . without the permission of the State, . free board, the panel was closed by order of civil authorities, . and in 1832 banned the Pope magazine 'L'Avenir'.,

. Subject to the decision of Pope, . Lacordaire has joined the clergy of Notre Dame and from the pulpit began to defend a purely ultramontane (ie focused on the Roman throne, . not on national trends in French Catholicism) teaching in the field of theology,
. To convince the higher clergy in their rejection of old ideas, Lacordaire wrote against Lamennais' Considerations sur le systц?me philosophique de M. Lamennais' (1834). In 1839, Mr.. he published 'Mц?moire pour le rц?tablissement en France de l'erdre des frц?res prц? cheurs', and soon joined the Dominican order. Written in his 'Vie de Saint-Dominique' (1840) is legendary and is alien to any criticism.

In 1841, Mr.. Lacordaire returned from Italy to Paris and again with brilliant success was preaching to the masses listeners.

In 1848, Mr.. he again became a journalist, he published 'Ere nouvelle' and was elected to the Constituent Assembly, but soon resigned his office as deputy.

Since 1853, Mr.. devoted himself exclusively to take care of them based Sorrц?ze board and wrote 'Lettres ц? un jeune homme sur la vie chrц?tienne' (1858), 'Libertц? de l'Eglise et de l'Italie', 73 sermons and a lot of eulogy.

. Authentic features in the sermons of Lacordaire is a constant effort to combine the Catholic Church's doctrine, in its ultramontane form, with the doctrine of political freedom and the rights of the people
. Not less characteristic of his desire to reconcile faith with freedom of scientific research. In several sermons, however, he comes to the complete rejection of science, reason and enlightenment.

Language sermons Lacordaire, full of antitheses, romance and lyricism, his fans called 'the language of the Apostle'. He acted more on the imagination and sense of audience, than on their mind. Himself Lacordaire wrote that wanting to heal the sickness of the age - the skepticism and mental confusion. It's more requests than threatening and requires more spares than castigates. His speech - half religious, half-philosophical, as he came to believe in the truth of Christianity chiefly through meditation.

. After the death of Lacordaire his works were published in 1866, a collection of his sermons in the years 1886-88.

. Separately, were published in his correspondence with Svechin (1862), with Count
. Tour de Pen (1864); "Lettres ц? des jeunes gens" (1864); "Lettres ц? Th. Foisset "(1886).

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Lacordaire, Jean-Baptiste Henri, photo, biography
Lacordaire, Jean-Baptiste Henri, photo, biography Lacordaire, Jean-Baptiste Henri  Famous French preacher, photo, biography
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