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Vasily Sapozhnikov

( Botanist)

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Biography Vasily Sapozhnikov
photo Vasily Sapozhnikov
Then he studied abroad, mainly in Tц+bingen. For scientific work in botany, the physiology of plant nutrition has a doctorate in botany. Siberian regionalists. Since moving to Siberia nature of scientists works VV. Sapozhnikov changed in the direction of the geographical and botanical and geographical research of Altai, su, and the North-western Mongolia.

In 1895, Mr.. He made his first trip to the Altai. While living in Siberia, he made nearly 20 scientific expeditions, reports of which were published in "Proceedings of Tomsk University, as well as in publications of the Office of Resettlement. The scientific work Sapozhnikova used in the academic world wide fame. Deserve several medals from the Russian Geographic Society and to the First World War, was elected an honorary member of the Berlin Geographical Society. Its main works: "Katun and its origins", "Sketches Semirech'ya", "Mongolian Altai," the sources of rivers Kobdo and Irtysh ". Even during the Civil War in Siberia came his work on the vegetation Zaysan edge and large phyto-geographical monograph on Semirech'e province. Sapozhnikov name as a tireless and courageous traveler, for whom there were no difficulties, it was well known. Recent expeditions participated and his children. Sapozhnikov justly regarded as the founder in Siberia case of public lectures. These lectures were a great success. In Tomsk, he always took an active part in local social and academic life. He was Chairman of the Tomsk Society of Naturalists and Physicians. Since 1893, Mr.. consisted of Professor (Botany), Tomsk University, and twice by the professors chosen by the Principal. For political convictions belonged to the Socialist People's Party (SRs).

Protection in 1896. doctoral dissertation at the University of Kazan on "Proteins and carbohydrates of green leaves, . as products of assimilation ", . he no longer returned to physiological topics, . and devoted his free time studying the Gorno-Altai, . where he committed within 3 years 3 large travel,
. In 1902 and 1904. He traveled with the botanical and geographical purposes in the mountainous part Semirechensk area.

In 1905 - 1909 he. Sapozhnikov made 4 big trip to the Mongolian Altai, discovered and described a large number of glaciers. In 1911, Mr.. He again visited the Altai Mountains, and the next 4 years studying vegetation Semirechensk area on behalf of the Resettlement Office. In 1916, Mr.. Sapozhnikov traveled to Turkey, Armenia.

October Revolution 1917. not accepted. Invited by the Provisional Siberian Government (GSP), the end of August, 1918. - Member of its Administrative Council. Supervised part of the meeting of his Cabinet Business. All the observed his great stamina and tact. His summaries were impartial - in this case, he liked to show not his, but "average" point of view, that, according to Gins and often cause harm to the public.

He participated in the Ufa State Conference, there is delegated from the GSP. Deputy Vologda. In an interview with a newspaper employee, while the post of Minister of National Education, Sapozhnikov said that prior to the convening of the Constituent Assembly of the Siberian fundamental changes in the ministry and its policies, he will not produce. With the advent of Kolchak is moving away from political activities. He played for the elimination of school districts and the case referred to secondary and higher education in the management of rural and urban municipalities, . organization of adult education, . base Research Institute of Natural Forces, . possible increase in salaries of teachers and staff etc.,
. Sympathetic attitude to the plans of agencies in Omsk and Tomsk Oblast central archive. Insisted on moving away from pre-revolutionary system of spelling, opposes Kolchak. Ordered from abroad for the needs of the Ministry of textbooks.

In April 1919. because of his actions as minister of national education in the ministry there was an acute crisis, accompanied by an attempt to Deputy Minister of the Transfiguration in protest against the actions Sapozhnikova resign. The public accused him of something in inaction, the result of too sharp swing to the left and right, and leftists are often characterized his actions as "reactionary". At the request of Group of Ministers Kolchak government dismissed in June, 1919

In 1919, Mr.. traveled to the Far North, where he studied tundra Ob. Engaged in research and lecturing activities in the USSR. In 1920 - 1921 he. and 1923. - Worked in the Altai Mountains, in 1922. - In Narymsky province, near the River Tea. His botanical collections in the limits of Western Siberia has been greatly supplemented by West-Siberian herbarium, and charges in Mongolia and Mongolian Semirechje based and Turkestan herbaria Tomsk University. They were only published 46 works.

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Vasily Sapozhnikov, photo, biography
Vasily Sapozhnikov, photo, biography Vasily Sapozhnikov  Botanist, photo, biography
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