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Vampilov Alexander

( Playwright)

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Biography Vampilov Alexander
photo Vampilov Alexander
Born August 19 in the ancient Siberian village Kutulik Irkutsk region in the teacher's family, a bright and outstanding personality, who passed away tragically early in life (was arrested), leaving four children. Child and adolescent years were spent at home.

After graduating from high school, Vampilov received the Faculty of Irkutsk University, where he began to think seriously about the literary. In 1958, the university newspaper under the pseudonym A. Sanin was first published story "The confluence of circumstances" (later lent its name and its first collection of short stories, published in Irkutsk in 1961). After graduation he worked in the Irkutsk newspaper "Soviet Youth" (adopted at the position of stenographer) correspondent (on orders editorial writing essays). Here is publishing his stories.

In 1963 - 65 Vampilov studying in Moscow at the Higher literary courses at the Literary Institute. Gorky. Made friends with many of Moscow writers and directors (Tvardovsky and VA Rozov and others, O. Efremov and G. Tovstonogov, etc.). After returning to Irkutsk in the anthology "Angara" and "Siberia" saw the light of all his dramatic works ( "Farewell in June", . 1964; 'eldest son', . 1965, "Duck Hunt", . 1968; "Last summer in Chulimsk", . 1971; one-act plays "Twenty Minutes with an Angel", . 1962, . and "History of clicker", . 1971, . later combined under the title "Provincial jokes").,

. All pieces Vampilov were delivered and not depart from the scene so far
. In 1972 A. Vampilov died tragically on August 17, drowned in Lake Baikal.

Alexander Vampilov was born August 19, 1937 in the district center Kutulik Irkutsk region in an ordinary family. His father - Valentine Nikitovich - served as the director Kutulikskoy school (his ancestors were Buryat lama), mother - Anastasia Prokopievna - worked there as head teacher and a mathematics teacher (her ancestors were Orthodox priests). Before the birth of Alexander in the family already had three children - Volodya, Misha and Galya.

Educate his son Valentine Nikitovich never had the chance. Just a few months after his birth, one of the teachers at his school is written on his denunciation of the NKVD. Valentine Nikitovich arrested and referred to as "panmongolistam" - so called enkavedeshniki those who allegedly fought for the reunification of Buryatia, Mongolia, and the two national districts. The accusation was serious and did not give the arrested person is no chance of survival. The court sentenced him to death, the sentence was carried out in early 1938 near Irkutsk. Only after 19 years Valentine Vampilov rehabilitated.

Explain to the reader that such a family to live with the stigma of "enemy of the people", I think there is no need. Family Vampilov lived very hard, literally interrupting on bread and water. Relatives Valentine Nikitovich during his lifetime did not like his Russian wife, and when Vampilov Sr. died, they did turn away from it. Anastasia Prokopievna continued to work in school, and her salary was barely enough to support herself and four young children. His first suit in the life of Sasha Vampilov was only in 1955, when he had finished ten years of schooling.

Sasha grew up completely normal boy, and no special talent in him by his relatives for a long time did not distinguish. Her mother later admitted: "We, the family, long time not seen in Sasha's talent. He did not like talking about myself, about the successes and the work. And not so much he had such success - hard he had to ... "

. Meanwhile, the first playwright of the future talent manifested itself at school, where Alexander taught himself to play guitar, mandolin and lute.

. After high school, Vampilov entered the historical-philological faculty of Irkutsk University
. Already in the first year he began to try his hand at writing, writing short comic stories. In 1958, some of them appeared in local periodicals. A year Vampilov joined the staff of the Irkutsk regional newspaper "Soviet Youth" and the creative association of young (ATO) under the auspices of the newspaper and the Union of Writers. In 1961 came the first (and only during the life of) a book of humorous stories of Alexander. It was called the "confluence of circumstances". However, the cover was not his real name, and alias-A. Sanin. In 1962, the editorial board of Soviet Youth "decides to send his talented staff Vampilov to Moscow for higher literature courses in Central Komsomol School. After studying there for a few months, Alexander returned home and immediately rises to one step higher in his career: he was appointed executive secretary of the newspaper. In December of that year in Maleevka took a creative workshop where Vampilov presented to the readers of his two one-act comedies: "The Raven Grove" and "One hundred rubles of new money."

. In 1964 Vampilov leaves "Soviet Youth" and entirely devoted himself to a writer
. Soon Irkutsk go two collective book with his stories.

A year later Vampilov again sent to Moscow, hoping to attach to one of the capital's theaters his new play "Farewell in June". However, these attempts ended in vain if. In December, he entered the Higher literary courses Literary Institute. Here is the winter of 1965, there was an unexpected acquaintance with fashionable in those years, the playwright Aleksei Arbuzov. Happened in the following circumstances.

Alexander periodically drop in to the Central Telegraph of the post and money. And in one of those parishes, he said there is a famous playwright, who secretly envied the glory. Not wasting a minute, Vampilov jumped to celebrities and literally shouted in his ear:

- Hello, Alexey!

Arbuzov surprise startled, looked around and suddenly stepped back. Either he was afraid that this dark-haired hick in an old cloth coat will be asking for money from him, or something else, but his expression did not promise anything good novice playwright. However Vampilov not confused. Quickly putting his hand inside his jacket, he pulled into the light of a few sheets of paper covered with writing, and said:

- I was at a seminar odnoaktnikov which you were. Do not you remember?

- No, I do not remember - sincerely answered Arbuzov and already turned to leave.

However, Alexander did not let him do it. Stretching before him their leaves, he said:

- I was with you my new play, you could not see it?

Arbuzov some time delayed, apparently wondering what to do. It was evident that he did not really want to deal with a young writer, but the latter looked with such hope, that the playwright could not resist. He took from the hands Vampilov play and put it in his briefcase.

- Well, I read your essay - and then said Arbuzov. - Only answer I give you will not soon. Call me, when will the world hockey championship.

The play "Farewell in June, which gave Vampilov Arbuzov, produced the venerable playwright good impression. Therefore, when Alexander called him a few days home, he invited him to. The meeting lasted several hours and made a deep impression on Vampilov. Several days later he walked inspired and talked about it to all my friends. However, to break the play in the capital, he had not been made: the first person to put on its stage in 1966, Klaipeda Drama Theater. In this regard, in December of that year Vampilov gave an interview to the newspaper Sovetskaya Klaipeda, which was (in a grim irony) the only one in the life of a talented playwright.

. In the same year Vampilov joined the Union of Writers.

. Like all provincials, who studied at the Literary Institute, Vampilov lived in a hostel
. All his spare time he gave two lessons: either wrote or drank with classmates on obschezhitskoy roof. The company he was the indispensable man, a real instigators. From his jokes clutching his stomach, even the most inveterate wits. One of his drinking companions were, and Nikolay Rubtsov, things which then were not going well.

- Why are you sad, Nikolai? - Ask him sometimes Vampilov. - Again, do not print? Well, spit! I also do not print, but I'm not crying. Let's go have a drink with me!

And they walked into the room to Vampilov. There, Alexander took out a pack of black tea, brewing it stronger, and they whiled away the time with Rubtsov for a quiet man in conversation.

His first play Vampilov written in 1962. It was the "Twenty Minutes with an Angel". Then came "Farewell in June (just read it a. Arbuzov), "The case of the clicker," "The eldest son," "Duck Hunt" (both, 1970), "Last summer, in Chulimsk" (1972) and other. Those who read them, they had the most heated responses, but the place did not take it no theater in Moscow or Leningrad. Only the province of Full Tilt playwright: By 1970, once in eight theaters was his play "Farewell in June". But the native of Irkutsk TUZ, which now bears his name, during his lifetime Vampilov never put any of his plays.

By 1972 the ratio of capital to the public theater plays Vampilov began to change. "Last summer in Chulimsk" took me for raising Theater Yermolova, "Farewell"-Stanislavsky Theater. In the March premiere of "Provincial jokes" in the Leningrad BDT. Even the film draws attention to the Vampilov: Lenfilm signed a contract with him on the script "Pine Springs". It seemed that luck has finally smiled talented playwright. He is young, full of creative forces and plans. Successfully folded and his personal life with his wife Olga. And suddenly - an absurd death.

August 17, 1972, two days before his 35 birthday, Vampilov with friends - Gleb Pakulovym and Vladimir Zhemchuzhnikov - went on vacation to Lake Baikal.

Recalls in. Shugaev: "The day I returned from a trip to Irkutsk, saw the dark night Sanya window and remembered that he was going to Lake Baikal. Close to midnight, a loud and long the phone rang.

- The old man, it Gleb. Sanya drowned. I'm calling from the hospital. Boat capsized. I am now saved, and it is not. - Call of Listvyanka Gleb Pakula, Irkutsk writer, the owner of this damned boat, which once we helped him to carry on the Baikal ... "

This is how the incident SE. Nagibin:

"Gleboushka (Pakula) in the death Vampilov not to blame, it just turned out to be stronger than the force of life. When their boat capsized near the shore, Gleboushka was heart-rending scream, and occurred on the shore of people came to his rescue. Proud Vampilov silent, and in the icy water burst the heart. Save necessary first of all someone who is silent ... "

According to the description witnesses to the incident, the boat, which had Vampilov and Pakula, caught on a snag and capsized. Pakula grabbed the bottom and began to call for help. A Vampilov decided to get to the shore by swimming. And it get to him, and touched the feet of the earth, and at that moment he could not stand the heart.

A few days. Vampilov Radischevskaya buried in the cemetery. Tribute to him came his family, friends and complete strangers. And here, at the cemetery, there were two strange events, which many interpreted as a mystical. First, his friends have forgotten to bring with them the rope, which should lower the coffin into the grave. Once this was discovered, they rushed to the cemetery caretaker, but that was not in. They began to look for him around the cemetery and eventually found. While he returned to his hut, until pulled the rope until they were brought to the tomb - was probably about an hour. And all this time, the coffin with the deceased was standing on the edge of the grave, waiting for the same ... Then someone in the crowd said: "I do not want to Sanya so early in the grave to leave ..."

These words were once again reminded all present in a few minutes. When the coffin was finally tied his rope and began to descend into the grave, suddenly discovered that the pit is too small ...

Not had time to cool the earth on the grave Vampilov started to gain momentum as his posthumous fame. Began to appear in his book (published in his lifetime was only one), theater set his plays (only one "elder son" was once in 44 theaters in the country), the studio directors began shooting films on his works. In Kutulik opened his museum in Irkutsk named A. Vampilov named TUZ. In place of death appeared memorial stone ...

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Vampilov Alexander, photo, biography
Vampilov Alexander, photo, biography Vampilov Alexander  Playwright, photo, biography
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