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Souslin Ina

( Goalkeeper)

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Biography Souslin Ina
photo Souslin Ina
Over the past three years she twice became world champion, took the silver medal at the European Championship-2006 and the 2008 Olympic Games. So with the recent European Championships, she brought rewards. 'Bronze', won in Macedonia, even could be perceived as a failure, if not for the fact that the team stood there without several leading players. So his reputation, our handball team defended, what was the great merit of experienced masters - such as goalkeeper and team captain Inna Suslin. "Novye Izvestia" talked to the leader of the team.

- Inna, following a string of high-profile successes third place at the last European Championship for you disappointed?

- Really? We are happy! We have a very young part. Compared with the same change in Beijing's colossal. It remains only five people. Someone injured tortured, someone just tired. There was a shortage of many leaders. Particularly keenly felt the absence of Anna Kareyev, Ludmila Postnova and Irina Bliznova. Elena Polenova and Irina Poltoratskaya arrived with sores. Now, if everything were in order, then we could win norvezhek. I have stated before the championship: it is important not to meet with the Olympic champions to the finals. It did not happen.

- Russia's fans are so used to victories of women's handball, which assess performance of your team on the Hamburg score. Some believe that even far from the optimal composition, you could make better. Do you like the captain have any claim to national team players?

- There. By handball Inn Souslin. You see, every goalkeeper is normally to his claim. Remember almost every goal and think that it is not saved by. And I would have identified 18-year-old Tanya Khmyrova, which has not faded away in the first for a major tournament. And his colleague on the Role Anya Sedoykinu, which also debuted at this level. In general, all the girls good fellows! They fought as best they could. Who with injuries, who are without experience:

- You mentioned Sedoykinu. Several unusual to hear compliments for your direct competitor ...

- In the handball goalie falls enormous physical and psychological stress. So I very interested that I had a reliable shiftworker. Appears to rest a bit and re-focus. And I am very grateful for this Anya. In turn, I told her something was prompted, encouraging. No, it's a good sport!

- But this European Championship, as I understand, was quite out of place. After the Olympics, the participants wanted more rest.

- To be honest, yes. But understand: when the girls went to the site, do not pity myself. And so, in conversations between a slip - would be better if the championship was held at another time. Forces do not limitless. Well, really, look how much our team traumatized! Someone just had to receive medical treatment, but were persuaded to travel to Skopje. And after the championship, we were given three days' rest - and again in battle. We knew that the first place, we can not take, but no medals to leave Macedonia character is not allowed. But a year later at the World Cup, our team is obliged to fight for the 'gold'. Young people will experience. Back in operation traumatized. Same with Bliznova Postnova not veterans. Ira just 22, although, despite his youth, one of the most titled of our athletes. However, the following year for her, as far as I know, lost.

- In recent years, only Norwegians largely prevented you win everything. This was at the European championship in 2006-meters at the Beijing Olympics, in Macedonia, so they will not let Russia in the final ...

- You are right. And the manner of playing norvezhek already studied all. Everyone knows that their trump card - the pressure during the first ten minutes. At this point they seem ready to run against all. And what to do with it is not clear.

- And this, incidentally, takes himself out of your brilliant coach Yevgeny Trefilov. Generally, he is playing is so emotional that he likened to the famous volleyball counterpart Nikolai Karpol. You such a 'noisy' style of the coach not worried?

- Trefilov unique. And in terms of emotion, he probably has already surpass Karpol. We have long been accustomed to it. And the fact that a stranger may strike, for us normal. More than that, I'll notice for yourself - in the heat of battle have something to tell her friend on the team, but from the side it may seem that I was her curse, but still not the most decent words. Well, that girls perceive it adequately. Outside the ground I'm different. And Trefilov too.

- You are more than three years were in Denmark. According to experts, this is the strongest European Championship. What motivated you to return?

- Sun is not enough. And the family is far. No native bored. And in general nostalgia developed ... And then the Olympics was on the nose. I wanted to prepare for it in the 'Star' - is the base club team. Understand, I like other girls, had never participated in the Olympics. I dreamed about this tournament. Therefore, the preparation for it has become for me a priority. Not in the least regret that I returned home.

- Soon the New Year. How you going to celebrate this holiday?

- In sports. At the base and a glass of champagne. I'm joking. January 2 is already in the Champions League. Champagne excluded. I hope Christmas will be able to sit in the family.

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Souslin Ina, photo, biography
Souslin Ina, photo, biography Souslin Ina  Goalkeeper, photo, biography
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