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Gabay Ilya Yankelevich

( Writer)

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Biography Gabay Ilya Yankelevich
photo Gabay Ilya Yankelevich
Twice participated in public protest: in the 'public meeting' 5/12/1965 and 22/01/1967 demonstration. The latter is not passed him in vain: 26/01/1967 D. arrested. He was charged under Article. 190-3 of the Criminal Code of the RSFSR [10]; spent several months in Lefortovo prison. However, in June was released, and in August the case against him was dismissed - the case is extremely rare in the political affairs of the time.

In January 1968, together with S. Kim and P. Yakir, amounted to appeal 'to the scientists, culture and art', which became one of the most famous texts of protest campaign, which began after the 'process of four'. Authors treatment indicated a direct link between political persecution in the country and attempts to 're-Stalinization'.

Signed G. standing under a number of collective human rights instruments in 1967-1969, in particular - a letter to the Bureau of the Consultative Meeting of Communist and workers parties in Budapest (February 1968).

. GM, apparently, was present at the meetings of February-March 1968, which discussed the idea of an information periodical publication rights, and later helped H
. Gorbanevskaya in its work on the release of 'Chronicle of Current Events'. 3rd room 'Chronicle of Current Events', was preparing immediately after 'demonstration of seven' [11] on Red Square 25.08.1968, compiled mainly by G. and his wife Galina. (H. Gorbanevskaya took no active part in this issue, as well as her own destiny was at this point is unclear.)

. After the trial of protesters (October 1968) has written an essay about the impression of a man, three days near a court building
. Sketch 'at the closed door open court' went into the book H. Gorbanevskaya 'Noon', dedicated to the cause of 'demonstration of seven'.

A P. Mr. Dempsey. met and became friendly with activists of the Crimean Tatar movement - W. Asanova, P. Kadyevym, M. Dzhemileva and other. He took an active part in the affairs of the Crimean Tatars, as well as edit documents on the movement (in particular, the so-called 'Information'). Part of searches conducted by the KGB in the flat G. (total from October 1968 to May 1969 there were four), it was motivated by his contacts with the Crimean Tatars. 7.05.1969, the day when arrested in Tashkent P. Grigorenko (also 'cause of the Crimean Tatar'), y G. was made last searched, seized, in particular, a large number of documents relating to the Crimean Tatar movement. Soon (19/05/1969), he was arrested on charges of "slandering the Soviet system 'and escorted to the investigation in Tashkent.

In January 1970, together with the leader of the Crimean Tatars M. Dzhemileva tried in Tashkent. As part of the charges - an appeal 'to the scientists, culture and art' and several other human rights instruments. Tashkent city court (19/01/1970) under Article. 191-4 CC UzSSR (190-1 of the Criminal Code of the RSFSR) was sentenced to three years imprisonment. Time served in prison in the Kemerovo region. The camp continued to write poetry, which managed to convey the will of. They were distributed in samizdat and were published abroad.

Before the end of the term G. was transferred to Moscow and interrogated by the so-called 'case? 24 '(in this case, known as the business' Chronicle of Current Events', in 1971-1972, was arrested and brought to trial a number of close T. members of the human rights movement). According to some accounts, with the release of Mr.. forced to sign a statement renouncing social activism.

After the liberation of questioning in the 'case? 24 'continued. A month after the return of Mr.. Moscow, in June 1972, was arrested by his close friend P. Yakir and soon became known that P. Yakir actively cooperating with the investigation. G. refused to confirm his testimony.

The threat of being arrested, the alternative to which, apparently, could only be the emigration, the behavior of P. Yakir the investigation, the general atmosphere of the time (the events of 1972-1973 were seen by many as a defeat of the human rights movement) - all this has led Mr.. to severe depression. 20.10.1973 he jumped from the balcony of his apartment.

. In obituary, . placed in 30-th edition of 'The Chronicle of Current Events', . particularly, . stated: 'By conviction of, . knew him, . Ilya Gabai, . with its high sensitivity to others' pain and a ruthless sense of ownership, . was the personification of the idea of moral presence,
. And even his last, desperate act carries with it, probably a message that his friends are obliged to understand ... '

Memorial service for Mr.. - Unbeliever and suicide - served in the Orthodox Church in Moscow, in a Jerusalem synagogue and a Muslim mosque. Dust G. buried in his homeland - in Baku, the grave is a monument to the work of Vadim Sidura.

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Gabay Ilya Yankelevich, photo, biography
Gabay Ilya Yankelevich, photo, biography Gabay Ilya Yankelevich  Writer, photo, biography
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