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Sargon Sharrumken

( king of the Akkadian kingdom)

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Biography Sargon Sharrumken
photo Sargon Sharrumken
In his youth Sargon worked as a gardener at the temple of the goddess Ishtar in the city of Kish. Subsequently, he became a servant of a local ruler Urzababy. After the defeat, which Urzaba-ba suffered from the ruler of the city Umma Lugalzagesi, Sargon took power in Kish. In order to give his government the nature of law, he declared himself a protege of the goddess Ishtar.

. At the very beginning of his reign Sargon focused on creating a strong army, with which was going to subdue the Northern Mesopotamia
. He managed to form a regular corps of 5,400 soldiers, armed with bows. This building is the core of people's militia, on which Sargon could count on in times of war.

. With the disposal of impressive military force, Sargon gradually conquered the city of Northern Mesopotamia and combined them into one state that has the typical features of Oriental despotism
. City Akkad he made the capital of the new kingdom, which under the name of the capital came to be called Akkad.

After the unification of Akkad Sargon turned his gaze to the southern Mesopotamia. He set out to conquer the entire Schumer. To find a pretext for war, Sargon invited the governor of Umma Lugalzagesi kinship with him, but he refused. Then the ruler of Akkad moved to military action. Soon he was able to defeat the forces Lugalzagesi and fifty ENSI (rulers), who supported him. Lugalzagesi himself was captured and was sent in chains to the city of Nippur for sacrificial Enli Lu. Meanwhile, Sargon went on a hike to the south of Mesopotamia and reached the shores of the Persian Gulf. Combining Akkad and Sumer, Sargon took the title "king of the country, which Enlil did not give the enemy", but this does not mean that he committed suicide campaigns of conquest.

. In order to secure the south-eastern borders of his empire, Sargon invaded Elam and seized a number of Elamite cities, through which was the trade route to India
. Subsequently, he led an army into the country Subartu, located in the north-eastern part of Mesopotamia, and won her. Thereafter, all Mesopotamia was in the hands of the Akkadian king.

Sargon, however, not confined within the conquests of Mesopotamia. In an effort to seize the western caravan routes, he led an army to the west. Within three years he conquered Marie, the country west of the middle reaches of the Euphrates River, Yarmouth and Iblu in Northern Palestine, then through the Cilician gates penetrated into Syria, and came to the shores of the Mediterranean. There is reason to believe that Sargon wanted to conquer all of Asia Minor, in any case, certain that he sent part of his troops in the Asia Minor city Ganish to assist in the fight against the king of the city Burushhanda.

. Thus, in the middle XXIV century BC
. under the rule of Sargon was a huge territory, united in a single state organism. Sargon paid much attention to the improvement and expansion of irrigation systems; when it held new irrigation and discharge channels, which improved the state of agriculture in Mesopotamia. In order to promote trade Sargon introduced a unified system of measures and weights, and he cared about the maintenance of land and water communications. Sargon was a fervent admirer of the gods, he supported the worship of many Akkadian and Sumerian gods, it is noteworthy that his daughter, Al-Heduannu he gave to the priestesses of the god Nanny, whose temple was located in the city of Ur.

. According to legend, Sargon was a long-lived - he lived for more than a hundred years
. Created them dynasty (Sargonidy) rules about one hundred and forty years.

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Sargon Sharrumken, photo, biography
Sargon Sharrumken, photo, biography Sargon Sharrumken  king of the Akkadian kingdom, photo, biography
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