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Andrei Sharkov

( Actor)

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Biography Andrei Sharkov
photo Andrei Sharkov
Andrei Sharkov childhood liked to be in the spotlight, to produce effects on others, telling any stories or anecdotes. In school, he attended a theatrical circle and was very companionable lad. Perhaps this affected the genes received from his mother, Zoya Ivanovna. After she graduated from college theater class vocal. However, due to lack of money Zoya Ivanovna did not become an actress, having found his calling in medicine. Medic was the father Andrew, Anatoly Afanasyevich. Parents hoped that their son would continue dynasty. Andrew really long time, was attracted to medicine, but the thrust in acting all proved to be stronger.
Theater. Thorny Path

Peter has always been a dream of Andrew, so after graduation he decided to storm the LGITMIK. But there he was lucky - flunk. Andrew did not give up and went to torture of happiness in the Theater School of Sverdlovsk. The young man is accepted, but a year later fired for absenteeism and sharp tongue. He recalls: 'One of the masters of the course we discussed the patriotic play Hunchback' Youth of the fathers', and I escaped: 'leopard change his spots'. Naturally, this was another drop in the cup of my dissatisfaction of teachers'.

Wasting no time in vain, Andrew immediately went to Nizhny Novgorod (Gorky in those years), where he entered at once on the second year drama school. Here Andrew was lucky to get acquainted with Eugene Dvorzhetsky (later became well-known actor), - his mother taught them in the theater.

. Successfully graduated in 1979, Gorky's drama school, Andrei Sharkov went to Riga, - there he inherited from the mother's room
. For some time the young man had tried unsuccessfully to get to the theater. So much so, that he simply had no money for food and had to walk through the dining room, eat up the remnants. Fortunately, it did not last long ...

Soon after, Andrew began an active theatrical life. We can say, even a very active. How else, . If in later years he changed his eleven theaters in various cities of Russia! Why is this happening? 'Most of' ideological 'reasons, . - Said Andrei Sharkov, . - When he felt discomfort from the surrounding unprofessional,
. I have no quarrel with the staff, and lack of roles I have not observed. True, I never played big roles, I was not staged plays, like, and do not write scripts for movies. But it is not scary. There are heroes, lovers, and I have a different niche - the best friend of the hero '.

In 1994, Andrew, finally realized his dream. He found work in St. Petersburg, and even while in the BDT of. BDT! In the theater, where, according to Andrew, had to work not only the best actors, but simply the best people. However, soon it broke the illusion - as in other troupes, here were their intrigues. Well, perhaps it is the reality of most theater troupes.

In BDT Andrei Sharkov played many interesting roles. Of course, less than he would like. And yet: Among his works: Obnoskin in 'Thomas' F.M. Dostoevsky and Shprih in 'Masquerade' M. YU. Lermontov, Tupman in 'Pickwick Papers' W. Dickens and his brother Lorenzo's 'Romeo and Juliet' Y. Shakespeare, Major Morozov 'Moths' P. V. Gladilin and Merlot Ryan in 'Ballad of a sad pub' E. Albee, as well as other roles.
Movies. Late Debut

In the film Andrei Sharkov debuted late, when he was already over forty. Viewers he immediately liked the role of forensic Leni Panova in the series 'Secrets of the investigation'. His hero, . restless charming little fat man in a beret, . arrived at the place of another crime with a cheerful cry: 'Manyunya, . again, someone was killed? " Actor recognized, . that although in principle in life is not so, . as a screen hero, . but comrades in a lot of his personal character traits,
. And lexicon Panova it completely. The series, first released on screens in 2001, proved to be very popular with viewers. In 2002 came the second part of the series, then the third: In 2009, to be published is 'Secrets of the investigation-9'.

Serier steel for Andrei Sharkov saving around, guaranteeing a piece of bread. In addition to the 'secret of investigation' actor starred in serials: 'Gangster Petersburg "(Ehrlich),' in Russian Spetsnaz-2 ',' Foundry, 4 ', etc.. Directors happy to use the comedic talent of this extraordinary actor. For example, a big success was the role of Andrei Sharkov Varenukha in the movie version of the famous novel by Mikhail Bulgakov's The Master and Margarita '. There were no known role Bomze in the 'golden calf' and the old Jewish shopkeeper in 'Sonya Golden Pens'.

Serier series, but every actor wants to appear in full meter. With the same Andrei Sharkov are worse. Albert Ya in the comedy 'Ratatouille', a program director in melodrama 'Peter FM', a few more roles - work, certainly interesting, but it would be more. Most as big dream Andrei Sharkov - to withdraw Nikita Mikhalkov. Who knows when and luck:

Screen Andrei Sharkov often creates images of charismatic pranksters. He lives in that way - likes to joke, pokurolesit. For a ready climbs, and makes everything in his heart. This Sharkov Andrew - very gentle and kind man, he inspires confidence in others, knows how to listen to people. To work he is seriously and can not tolerate bad actors.

As it so happened that Andrei Sharkov never experienced in his person the special attention to women. And he was not Don Juan. But the talented people always caused him intense interest. He and his wife, classmate Tatiana Kapitonov, fell in love at first not as a woman, but as a most capable, full of promise, actress. Then he was twenty, and twenty-three Tanya. Since then, Andrew and Tatiana together. Tatyana Kapitonova were brilliant prospects as an actress. She starred in the films' declaration of love 'Averbuch,' You are someone, stariche? " Heifits and other famous artists, but later the fate of her acting was not developed, and she has devoted her life to her husband. Children spouses, unfortunately, no. Is how the life. First, do not get on substantive reasons. And then it became just too late:
. Filmography:

. 2001 Secrets of the investigation-1 - series

. 2001 and named after Baron - TV series

. 2001 Mole

. 2002 Secrets of the investigation-2 - serial

. 2003 Secrets of the investigation-3 - serial

. 2003 Gangster Petersburg -5 - TV series

. 2003 Gangster Petersburg -6 - TV series

. 2004 Secrets of the investigation-4 - serial

. SWAT 2004 in Russian-2 - serial

. 2004 Heroes Online

. 2004 Timur and his commandos

. 2005 Brezhnev - Series

. 2005 Secrets of the investigation-5 - Series

. 2005 One shadow on two

. 2005 The Master and Margarita - series

. 2005 Golden Calf - series

. 2006 Ratatouille

. 2006 Peter FM

. 2006 Life and Death Lyonka Panteleeva

. 2006 Secrets of the investigation-6 - Series

. 2006 Old affairs

. Sonka 2006 Golden Pen - series

. 2007 Secrets of the investigation-7 - Series

. 2007 a guide

. 2007 Ring heir to the dynasty

. 2007 Night Visitors

. 2007 Dozen justice

. 2008 Haute Couture Dress

. 2008 New life detective Gurov

. 2009 Secrets of the investigation-8 - serial

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Andrei Sharkov, photo, biography
Andrei Sharkov, photo, biography Andrei Sharkov  Actor, photo, biography
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