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Prokhorova, Anna

( Television presenter)

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Biography Prokhorova, Anna
photo Prokhorova, Anna
Anna, if I remember correctly, you were previously at the weekend led program '25-Hour '?

- Yes, and the week flew to London to join her husband, who then headed the UK bureau of Channel. Now her husband in Moscow is 'Nightly News', but I do own program.

Not afraid to fly so often?

- I am very well stand the flights, and used - for a four-year. She lived in two countries. Farms are virtually no. She helped my mother, the flowers watered, fed, walked dogs. The main thing is that all of these flights - a big blow for the family budget, you can say, I worked on airfares yes to rent. But the pluses and had good. For example, the climate is perfect ...

Still think of Great Britain 'foggy country'?

- Fog over the four years I have seen three times, two of them - in Europe, that is, on the continent. In London I never saw the fog never, but the snow when we went to bed four times as much. It was blue sky, just in this weather good snowballs mold, it was all terribly nice. The most pleasant thing - that even rapidly melted the snow does not reserve the dirt and inaccurate gray heaps on the streets. Britons some even managed to almost the entire year in the padded flip-flops. Another near the sea water is another - as a result of the skin breathe and generally feel fine. Nobody rushed on the street with a face 'does not crawl - I'll kill you', many of them just go and smile.

It seems that you love to travel?

- I love, the greatest pleasure in life. With me is very hard to relax, because I can not stay long in one place. I love it when I have the impression. Rest on the beach - a dream of my husband, and I'm there just languishing in idleness. Especially since I do not like sunbathing. Therefore our vacation more often looks like this - arrive in the country, take a rent a car and traveling the countryside. At intervals husband slept on the beach.

They say you love fishing?

- This is my grandfather. We are with him at his dacha in the pond gobies caught. But I kind of fishing. I love to just float fishing. Spinners do not understand. Donkey - it's boring! Always wait for summer to go fishing. Winter do not like - cold ...

And what would you do to earn a living, but to the profession presenter?

- For example, I could write a guidebook for tourists. Another made to political articles in newspapers. But in any case it would be journalism, I have nothing else do not know how.

You have an ideal relationship with her husband?

- I did not like it - would not be living together. We Toli is a great feature - it never ceases to amaze me. This is a man who is constantly changing, and I opened it for himself every time a new hand, it is always different. And every year he, like whiskey, getting better!

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Prokhorova, Anna, photo, biography
Prokhorova, Anna, photo, biography Prokhorova, Anna  Television presenter, photo, biography
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