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Igudin Alexander I.

( Directed)

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Biography Igudin Alexander I.
photo Igudin Alexander I.
- Nothing, I just wanted to drink your favorite childhood lemonade. I will not say the brand, as well as advertising. But believe me, it really helps me to make a film. He returns to childhood. And since I shoot a story, this is exactly what should. I believe that the director is very important to be able to convey their own feelings, then everything will be honest and believable.

. Do you own have a feeling that you got into the TV and live in a fairy tale?

. - It is, unfortunately, was very bright only in the first day
. Now I have grown accustomed to these sets. They - my house. I have almost can not imagine life without this room, plywood and metal structures ... It is hard to do a story, because when you remove these things, lost the feeling of something unexpected, improvisation. You understand that all is not to spell 'krible-krable-Bang', but simply the director said: "Action!"

But the artists, probably, like children, like to change the script?

- This is an element of magic. For example, the Basque part of the frame and becomes Yagupopom. Kirkorov becomes a villain Pilifa. Artists, they really like kids who like to play different roles.

Who starred in your project?

- Kirkorov, Bilan, Lolita, Basque, Stoyanov, Oleynikov, Galtsev, Orbakajte, Pugacheva, Rotaru, Queen ...

Clearly. It is easier to say who is not filmed:

- Do not filmed Valery Meladze. It is clear that the reason could be the competition of the federal TV channels. And I think that when once again Meladze offered to perform a song with Soso Pavliashvili, he had had enough of such duos.

The script you gave the channel 'Russia' or you make it yourself?

- Chat. My task as director was all this to develop, adapt, reality film-making process, think of the moves, staging. In general, the idea of such musicals often used by TV channels. They're in the New Year's Eve fight for viewers. So come up with everything for rating! Practice shows that the most successful projects are those where the stars appear in some unexpected roles, do not sing their songs, not in their usual costumes.

. Why then you Rotaru performs 'Chervona Ruta'?

. - Simply Sophia Mikhailovna not had time to write another song
. But all the other rooms are specially designed for musical. In general Pugacheva original song. Others - this perepevki treated specifically for this project.

It's the second your New Year's musical?

- Yes, the first was last year in Kiev. He, unfortunately, in Russia have not seen.

The Ukrainian language?

- No, the musical was in Russian. He was thematically tied to the 50 th anniversary of the movie 'Carnival Night'. The plot is as follows: New Year, a group of enthusiasts is preparing a carnival on the channel. Naturally, we withdrew Ludmila Markovna Gurchenko. There were some 50 musical numbers. Almost half of the artists - Russia's stars: from 'Factory' to Pugacheva.

Distinguished work on individual clips and over the musical?

- Course. Each movie - it is a separate product. And in the musical 23 small clips into a single concept. Clip can be built only on the major plans, but the film must specify the place of action, we need larger decorations. You know, I never in my life did not take off as many dances as in the last month, though it has released nearly 300 clips!

Now you have the last hours of filming. Soon it will be possible to breathe: the missile is launched! What you do next?

- I'll take a break. Of course, you need to relax. Although the whole last year I have been working in this mode. Made more than 20 video clips. And the process does not stop for a week. I think the spring again, get to work. In the meantime, to save one's desire, creative. The head of the director's not a bottomless pit! I'll try not to watch TV ...

. Did not need to be aware of innovations fellow competitors?

. - No, the creative must still come from outer space, and not from 'the box' ...

. With 'dish' satellite channels?

. - I do not advocate a total up how many of my colleagues
. It's better to get a good western equivalent momentum, but then bead on him that thinking yourself. Believe me, never in my life wanted to be a good copyist. It is easy to guess that this leads to the inevitable stagnation and collapse.

2008-th - Year of the Rat. I think you were born under this sign?

- Indeed, this is my year.

12 years ago, in the previous year of the Rat, thought that reach today's professional success?

- Oh, 1996 was a luxurious. The lifting and turning to me. But, of course, I never thought that would have to take New Year's show for the federal channel. Always wanted to shoot a New Year's films, concerts, because this holiday very much. He's the only genuine. People celebrate New Year's Eve not because they have. It is impossible not to celebrate! 12 years ago, I started to think quite good at the time television program 'Radio-taxi', when there were no music channels. In 1996, the first clips shot on film. For example, if the singer of the popular movie Sergei Chumakov. The year was very successful. And if the 2008-th will be the same, it would be great! My creative dream - to be realized as a director in the feature film. Hopefully this will happen.

Why do you? You and so successful in the profession.

- This is an internal desire. Do not want to make blockbusters, shooter. I dream of a lyrical, fairy-tale film. Something like 'Waiting for a miracle'. To burn away the Christmas lights, the background music sounded beautiful, and played out on screen romance. Watch and weep ...

In a great movie, let rivals?

- And here I had to elbow someone push apart. In addition, the film is more demand than supply. It develops very actively, and lacks any scripts or directors. Already removed about 50 films a year.

Heard, Alla Pugacheva flattering comments on the work in your musical ...

- She said that work nicely with Igudin? In the variant with Pugacheva is insanely flattering. It is the man who rarely speaks and evaluates. I work with Alla Borisovna second time. And we seem to be satisfied with each other. For the artists, I try to create the most comfortable conditions for shooting. Now we have to keep the bar even higher.

And like to work Bilan? Its because now remove Western directors ...

- Well, it took Western director clip ... In my opinion, these things we are doing now, it's much more interesting.

It's jealousy?

- No! Maybe I correct to be jealous of our own, because we and the West - is a different weight categories. In the West, to Russia's artists are still treated as second-class citizens. Remove the clip for Bilan for them - this is routine. This is about how we would come to Mongolia and filmed there local stars. In West Bilan absolutely nothing. It seemed to me that this is deeply unfortunate actor, because he constantly divide producers, sway from side to side, forced to participate in any disassembly. You know, there is in America this 'artist formerly known as Prince'. We would not like to have us on the scene artist formerly known as Dima Bilan.

All these days you working spouse Alina Herman. Probably, quarreled with her in the trash?

- We've been married three and a half years. And five years ago, she first worked with me on set as a stylist. And I say that there are many positive aspects. I fully trust her and I am confident that everything will be bright and beautiful! We Alina sewn more than 100 costumes, all original. For a musical work a sewing workshop. Yes, we, of course, collide. And it would be easier to solve all this, if Alina was not my wife. And then because it turns out that it is unknown who is whose head. Yet she - my piece, which all supported me. Alina understands that suits holding at least 30 percent of our product.

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Igudin Alexander I., photo, biography
Igudin Alexander I., photo, biography Igudin Alexander I.  Directed, photo, biography
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