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Kapuro Marina

( Singer)

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Biography Kapuro Marina
photo Kapuro Marina
Kapuro Marina Stanislavovna was born on October 15 in Leningrad. Marina Way for music began with lessons at the Palace of Pioneers. Zhdanov (now - the Palace of Youth Creativity). Since 1979. Marina is a soloist of the "Yabloko", created in the same year with her husband, Yuri Berendyukovym. Since 1986. it is also the soloist-vocalist Lenkontserta (now GKFU "Petersburg-Concert"). About his work, Marina said: "Apple" interesting ensemble. He began as folklore, but now transformed into a pop group, which operates in a fairly modern style, but on the basis of folklore ". On account of Marina Kapuro Union and international musical awards, . about 10 albums in English and Russian languages, . large number of concert programs and performances, . and now the historians of World Culture (Marina recently graduated from St. Petersburg State Academy of Culture).,

. Apple - the biblical fruit of temptation and love
. Apple - the fruit of knowledge and wisdom of Russian folklore. Apple - a symbol of harmony and prosperity. "Apple" - so called itself the folk-rock band from Leningrad. If you want to experience genuine polyphony, . preserved in the remote villages of the Russian North, or on the Don Cossack, . if you want to dive into the fabulously rich in melody and harmony of Russian folk music - listen to the ensemble of "Yabloko".,

. The authenticity of intonation and emotion, high culture and professionalism of the musicians, the current level of musical thinking and arrangements - that is what distinguishes the "Apple" from other professional groups of the Soviet Union
. Yabloko, led by Yuri Berendyukova - is a great ensemble of musicians, but even against this background that shines bright star singer Marina Kapuro. Her crystal clear vocals, too, there is no equivalent in the Soviet music. Wealth nuances may envy opera singer, sincerity of expression leaves no doubt.

Singer applauding spectators festivals in Sochi and Sopot, Green Goeree and Berlin. She has performed at the festival in the United States and participated in the International Competition in Sweden, where he became the owner of 11 awards. With equal success singing Marina Kapuro popular pop songs, country rock, folk songs. Her delicate and feminine stage appearance, beauty and charm, far from the pursuit of cheap fashion, always modern and attractive to students of all ages.

. Soloist Marina Kapuro profoundly national and original, . At the same time are subject to her pop star, . She has mastered all the tools the modern world of pop music, . For music ensemble "Apple" songs Marina Kapuro characteristic bright lyric, . sincerity and depth of, . so in the spirit of national art.,

. "Apple" - it's light and love,

. "Apple" - is peace and quiet,

. "Apple" - is life and joy.

. A. ZHitinskij

. After a long absence Marina Kapuro returns to the stage
. Marina was a soloist of the "Yabloko", worked in a style a la russe, but her new album "Heaven" is not even remotely resembles the gray horse, "- and it is precisely this song was its hallmark.

. The house in Marina, five cats, who love guests
. After cups of green tea are beginning to talk.

- I have just returned from a festival of ethnic music, which took place in Croatia, - says Marina. - Oh, it was something! Called the festival "Evromuzyka-2000. Four days of very decent musicians played for his own pleasure, I also was feeling too well.

- I noticed that the phrase "ethnic music" has become increasingly common. Why is this genre is gaining popularity?

- And I think, ethnic music has always been popular - at the advanced musicians ... Thank God that it has become increasingly accepted. Ethnic get to our country. Musicians have been a way of becoming and already understand that this music - a fountain of youth, inspiration ... even scientists.

- You are carrying out ethnic music?

- And the ethnic and contemporary. However, for me the big difference between these concepts do not.

- What's the story ... I heard that you studied with shamans perform some specific sounds that are used for the invocation of spirits?

- It's all - in my many years of interest in ethnic music. I am a vocalist. My main instrument - the voice, I told them to manufacture such things can not! Including and Tuvan throat singing, I also mastered ... Well, I love to sing.

. (Marina leafs through a thick notebook, probably this songwriter, he is very similar to those that give birth to a girl's primary school, by the way, I spied: he painted with a very naive and pretty pictures - girls, hair, dresses ..
. - AG)

Here, look, this Madonna song - Mantra in Sanskrit. (Marina starts to sing. Original sacred text, filled Kapoor, - it is something! - AG)

So you see, and Madonna there too - and India, and ethnic music. And this thing I already knew that this mantra is very good at it, if its a sitar (Indian musical instrument. - AG) to perform. It sounds both modern and traditional on-India - an interesting fusion.

. Arthur Gavrilenko

. Marina Kapuro is the winner of the All-Russia competition of the Soviet song "Sochi-86", All-Union competition of pop artists in 1987, the International Contest of Popular Music in Karlshamn (Sweden) in 1988
. In 1993. Marina received the title of Honored Artist of Russia.
. Albums

. Country-folk-rock group "Apple", LP, "Melody" - 1980

. Marina Kapuro and the "Apple", LP, "Melody" - 1989

. "Don't Awake My Memories, The Best of Marina Capuro and" Yabloko "", CD, "Kurizza Records" - 1993

. "Sparrow Oratorio C
. Kuryokhin "CD - 1993

. Marina Kapuro and the "Apple", CD, "Petersburg Recording Studio" - 1995

. "Small Island", CD, the studio "Master Sound" for the studio "Union" - 1997

. "Heaven", CD - 2000
. Videos

. Hymn of the Goodwill Games (mus
. Yu Berendyukov, M. Kapoor - sl.B.Bondarenko, R. Farrell) - 1994;

Heaven (music. V. Saiko; sl. A. Repnikov; dir. Lina Ovdienko) clip entered the top five at the festival Kinotavr - 2000.
. Festivals

. During his career, Marina has participated in many competitions and festivals: The festival of political song, . 1986, . Berlin, All-Russia competition of Soviet Song, . 1986, . Sochi (III Prize); All-Union competition entertainers, . 1987, . Moscow (II prize), International Festival of Pop Song, . 1988, . Sweden, . Karlshamn (II prize); Festival "Sopot-88", . Poland; International Festival of TMW, . 1993, . Norway, . Trondheim; International ethnic Festival Evromuzyka - 2000 ", . Croatia, . Opatija, . 2000.,

. Marina Kapuro many appeared both in Russia and abroad (in the ensemble "Apple" and solo programs)
. The new program Marina "Heaven" - is a European music in the style of pop-rock with ethnic music from different cultures.

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Kapuro Marina, photo, biography
Kapuro Marina, photo, biography Kapuro Marina  Singer, photo, biography
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