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Vladimir Pligin

( Member of the General Council of United Russia party ')

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Biography Vladimir Pligin
photo Vladimir Pligin
Vladimir Pligin was born May 19, 1960 in the village Ignatova Vologda. In 1982 he graduated from the law faculty of Leningrad State University and enrolled in graduate LSU, but both it and did not finish. Later he moved to Moscow and entered the graduate school of the Institute of State and Law Sciences, where he defended his dissertation, a candidate of legal sciences.

. In the early 1990's Pligin was one of the founders of the law firm "Yust" Moscow Region Bar Association
. In 1992-2003 years he served as managing partner of the "USTA". In September 1995, Pligin became one of the co-founders of OOO "Revision media" Neva-Yust - informbyulleten, and in April 1999 - co-founded the law firm OOO "Group" Yust ", where he worked until 2003.

. In 1996 Pligin received the status of the lawyer in the Moscow Region Bar Association (in 2003 the status was suspended in connection with the election Pligina for the State Duma)
. Among the lawyers Pligin became known as a specialist in the field of foreign investment, civil and arbitration process, also worked on criminal trials, persons involved were well-known politicians. In particular, Pligin gained fame as a lawyer of the former St. Petersburg mayor Anatoly Sobchak.

. On the eve of nomination Pligina in the State Duma in 2003, he was the representative of shareholders FGUP Gosinkor ", . served on the boards of directors of several major Russian companies, . including association "Tupolev", . OAO Aviastar, . KB "Nomosbank" and other, . represented the interests of local government organizations in international courts, and in organizing large-scale investment projects, . and had the status of judges of the International Commercial Arbitration Court.,

. In 2003 Pligin became a member of parliament, elected on the list of "United Russia"
. In the Duma, took over as head of the committee on constitutional legislation and state construction, also joined the Board of Trustees, the Fund Support of Patriotic Cinema ".

. In the media Pligin mentioned as an active participant of inner debate that raged in the "United Russia" in April 2005
. The "United Russia" (the so-called "group Pligina") issued a public "address to the party," which invited the party to adopt the ideology of "fundamental renewal of liberalism". In response, another group of deputies of United Russia, whose leader was Andrei Isayev, proposed an alternative - the left - an ideological platform. However, the party split on the left and right "wings" does not happen, and for his liberal initiative Pligina no visible effects did not have.

. Voters Pligina name became widely known after it was made by the author of amendments to the RF Code on Administrative Offenses (CAO), substantially increase the fines for violation of traffic rules
. They attracted criticism from ordinary motorists, but Pligin emphasized that he would seek the introduction of amendments, because the situation on the roads of Russia is close to catastrophe. "

. December 2, 2007 Pligin as the candidate of United Russia in the Rostov region took part in the parliamentary elections and after the victory of the Party once again became a deputy of RF State Duma
. At the fifth convocation of the Duma committee headed by constitutional legislation and state construction.

. Pligin - member General Council of the United Russia Party, member of the presidium of the Association of Lawyers of Russia, the author of several articles in the field of jurisprudence, as well as co-author of the textbook "Management of State Property"
. He is head of the Department of Business Law Graduate School of privatization and entrepreneurship in St. Petersburg. In April 2004 Pligin among a number of other deputies was awarded "For the promotion of the Interior Ministry of Russia.

Pligin married, his wife Nina - a graduate of the LSU Department of Chemistry, a specialist in the field of rocket fuel. According to 2005, she was vice president of the preparation for the 100 anniversary of the Plekhanov Academy. We Pligina two sons - senior and junior Andrew Alexander.

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