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Arkharova Catherine

( Actress)

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Biography Arkharova Catherine
photo Arkharova Catherine
Catherine Arkharova born and raised in Moscow. By the nature of the parents of the future actress had no relation to art. Father leading position in a construction company, my mother - a certified gemologist - a specialist in precious stones. But it turned out that friends of their family were the famous artists of Russia - Alexander Abdulov, Igor Kostolevsky, Larisa Dolina, Irina Otieva, Leonid Yarmolnik, Vladimir Dolinsky, and many. Other. Therefore, in the house was an atmosphere of creativity and beauty. Since childhood Katya was keen on painting, never parted with a brush and colored pencils. She attended an art studio, the experts pointed to the girl generous gift of the painter. At the young artist was not a genre preferences - plein air, portrait, still life - all came easily. And thanks to her remarkable sense of humor, family and friends often 'got': Katia create very accurate caricatures. Until now, painting - one of the strongest passions Arkharovs, so easel traveling with her around the world. In secondary school she studied at Katia 'good' and 'excellent'. But one 'very bad' in her diary after all had been on. Like many future celebrities, he was a bear in the 'behavior'. After school, Kate hurried to classes in piano. The world of music has become for her in the same family as the world of painting. And if in the future for the role will need to sit down at the piano, the actress will be able to confidently carry your favorite Beethoven sonatas 'Quasi una fantasia' or 'Appassionata'.
. Buongiorno Italia!

. When Kate was 14 years old, in her life were significant changes
. In connection with the profession his father, the family moved to live in Italy. Get used to the new location was very difficult. Impacted the difference of cultures, lifestyles, isolation from friends and acquaintances, lack of language skills. 'I could say only two words:' buongiorno 'and' buonasera ', lack of communication was a colossal - recalls the actress. - First woman admitted to the Linguistic Lyceum, where the nuns taught. I was the only foreigner in the group, and no discount for me not to do. All subjects were taught in Italian. If I mispronounce words - quite classmate teased mercilessly. And it was very disappointing, I have even developed a complex: all the time afraid to make a mistake '. But a year later, Kate has to learn Italian well enough to be transferred to Liceo Slassico. The curriculum of this institution includes mathematics, physics, Latin, science, philosophy, history and literature. A certificate gives the right to choose any faculty of the University. Parents were very happy successes daughters, because they were preparing her for a career lawyer. This profession is prestigious in Italy, and brings a stable income. But the girls were quite different plans. She went for an interview at the National School of Italian cinema (Scuola Nazionale di Cinema). And it turned out that her я-пTп©п¦пT and abilities may well be in demand in the Italian cinema. Katia brilliantly passed the exam and entered the first time. From Milan, where settled parents, she moved to Rome, rented an apartment and has since started its independent life. One of the 'Star' teacher Katya Scuola Nazionale di Cinema became a Hollywood actor Vittorio Gassman (Vittorio Gassman). He has roles in such legendary films as 'The Italian', 'Scent of a Woman', 'War and Peace'.
The first role.

For the third year of training talented student has removed many. Her film debut took place in the film 'I ragazzi della notte', regia J. Cala ( 'Youth Night', directed by J. Cola). Scenario paintings touched the most acute problems of youth, actively debated in the Italian society in the late 90's: addiction to alcohol and drugs, prostitution, aimless existence at the expense of parents, lack of clear goals in life. Kate offered to perform the role of Russian student Irina. She is studying at university, but because the money for training is not enough, and those working dancer in a nightclub. To its credit, the creators of this movie's worth noting that they did not exploit negative stereotypes of our compatriots in Europe. Irina is not looking for a rich husband or an easy life. She manages to pass the test and held as a person.
Power of Art: reincarnation.

Next picture - 'Mamma per caso', regia S. Martino ( 'Random Mama', directed by P. Martino), was a landmark in the career Arkharovs. This time she had to reincarnate in the Albanian girl, Bess, who comes to Italy to work and fall victim to traffickers. Already during the dating scenario, it was clear that such a role - full of conflicts, dramatic experiences - a real gift for a young actress. However, first attempts were unsuccessful. Kate felt constrained, because with it took part in the casting of the most eminent stars of Italian cinema. There was yet another 'but' - flowering species actress. A girl from a happy family, 'athlete, activist and simply beautiful' can not be associated with the image of the victim. Directed categorically opposed her candidacy. Fortunately, the agent actresses such sentence has not stopped. She has re-audition for their trust. And this chance Katya used in full. Went to the flea market for the relevant suit, changed the makeup and hair. Art of reincarnation - work, when Katya went to the pavilion, the director simply did not recognize her. 'In the scenario I chose a monologue, where the main character in a TV talk show about his fate, - recalls the actress. - When finishing reading, I almost cried. I looked at the head of the shootings also tears. So I adopted for this role. She gave me a ticket to the good actor's fate. 'Mamma per caso' received high praise from critics. The unprecedented event: the picture was a spectator's recognition that, after rolling it was divided into series, and demonstrated on TV '.
. Wake up famous.

. Kate was only 23 when she was given to feel all the charm and costs of fame
. Newsagent headline on the new star. The most prestigious journals in Italy and neighboring Spain placed on the covers of Katya's Photos. She was invited to various talk shows, learned on the streets. And the ubiquitous paparazzi started a real chase. On one of these publications relates a curious case. The actress, along with her parents vacationed on the coast of the Tyrrhenian Sea. Family peacefully spend time on the beach. Imagine their surprise when they brought the newspaper with beach pictures and the caption: 'Kate and her new boyfriend - a wealthy businessman'. In the role of 'lover' means: her father. Of course, in the next issue of editorial apology actress. But, they were printed in much smaller font than yesterday's 'sensation'.

After rolling 'Random mothers' directors began to offer the actress really interesting role. In this work in a movie without first invited her screen test. To be approved for the role, it was enough to give consent. For several years she had the opportunity to work with such emblematic for the Italian film directors as Sergio Martino, whose works in attending the Cannes Film Festival, Enrico Oldoini, filming most of the films with Adriano Celentano. On set, she met with the Italian and Hollywood stars. Her partners were legendary: Raffaella Carra (Raphaella Carra), Ornella Muti (Ornella Muti), Raoul Bova (Raoul Bova), Terence Hill (Terence Hill) and Keanu Reeves (Keanu Reeves).

. To date, 'Italian' actress filmography includes about twenty leading roles in feature-length films and serials
. Perhaps in the near future this list considerably replenished, because the agent Arkharovs never sleeps and continues to send to distant Moscow to new scenarios.
Road home.

In her life there was a sharp turn again: Katya returned to Moscow. The reason for this was one phone call. In the summer of 2004 year in Italy rested popular singer Dmitry Malikov. Somehow, changing channels, he saw a beautiful actress in the film and decided to invite her to take off in her new music video. A few days looking for liked him in an Italian producer Agencies in Rome. And, finally, found it! What was the astonishment of the singer, when 'an Italian' was Arkharova Katya from Moscow: Yes, and the actress was, to put it mildly, surprised. 'When my wife phoned and had the Lena and Dmitry Malikov, I was sure that this is a hoax, - laughs Katya. - The first ten minutes of conversation kept trying to guess who is one of my Russian friends decided as a joke '. But the proposal was a viable. Returning home, Kate flew its first Russian film set. Hometown greeted warmly. After airing a clip of the song 'Blackbird and the white stork', the girl began to learn on the street, and requests for autographs already sounded in Russian. 'Very grateful to Dmitry for the fact that he' returned 'me home, - Katya. - I was struck by how the capital has changed as turbulent life in full swing at 'Mosfilm' and other studios! It wanted to work in our cinema, and has signed a contract with a major Russian actors 'agencies'. Offers roles do not have to wait. Just a few years, Kate co-starred in the films 'Return of the Titanic', 'Kamenskaja', 'Wolves'. The summer of 2006 on the channel 'Russia' premiere series 'private detective', which Arkharova starred. Its heroine - a private detective Tatiana Volkova rapidly and precisely investigating the most intricate crimes. In the investigations it helps an outstanding intuition and great sense of humor. The most 'fresh' work actress in a feature film - the role of a fatal beauty melena in topical film 'Maltese Cross'. Premiere paintings was held in December 2008. In a scenario Melena is at the epicenter of the dramatic events and intrigues. Actress warmly recalls the work on the film, because she was lucky to get a fantastic company! The main male roles performed by Yuri Solomin, Aleksandr Inshakov, Oleg Taktarov, Yuri Kuzmenkov. Katya was able to brilliantly manifest itself not only in the actor, but also stunt Role. All the tricks she performed without resorting to the services of stand-ins. Courage the beautiful actress filmmakers praise its. Most recently, she solemnly handed a membership card 'Association stunt Russia.
. Her "special merits"

. - Graduated from the National Academy of Cinema of Italy

. - In Italy, co-starred in the leading roles in more than twenty paintings

. - Shot with Keanu Reeves, Ornella Muti, Raffaello Kara

. - All stunts performed by itself, has a certificate stuntman

. - Friends of the family were: Abdulov, Yarmolnik, Valley, Otieva, Dolinsky, etc.

. - He lives in two countries, has an apartment in the center of Rome and a house in Moscow

. - She starred in the clip Dmitry Malikov "Blackbird, and White Stork in

. as a specially invited Italian star
. Filmography.

. 'I ragazzi della notte' ( 'Youth Night') 1996, . 'Mamma per caso' ( 'Random Mama') 1998, . 'SPQR' ( 'S.P.K.R.') 1999, . 'Camping' ( 'Camp') 1999, . 'Un anno in campagna' ( 'A Year in the village') 2000, . 'Don Matteo' ( 'Don Matteo') 2001, . 'Ladri si nasce' ( 'thieves are born') 2001, . 'Lo zio d'America' ( 'Uncle from America') 2002, . 'Questa casa non e un albrgo!' ( 'This house, . not hotel ') 2003, . 'Questa casa non e un albrgo!' ( 'This house, . not hotel ') 2003, . 'In casa d'altri' ( 'In someone else's house') 2004, . 'Sanremo' ( 'Sanremo') 2005, . 'Return of the Titanic-2' 2005, . 'Kamenskaja-4' 2005, . "L'ultimo chiude la porta '(' The last closing the door ') 2006, . 'Private Detective' 2006, . 'Il mistero del cortile' ( 'Secrets of the court') 2007, . Wolves''2007'', . 'Irene' ( 'Irene') 2008, . 'Provaci ancora prof-3' (Try another, . Professor!) 2008, . ''Maltese cross''2008.,

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Arkharova Catherine, photo, biography
Arkharova Catherine, photo, biography Arkharova Catherine  Actress, photo, biography
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