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Valery Karpin

( Midfielder)

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Biography Valery Karpin
photo Valery Karpin
34-year-old midfielder, did not won in his career outside of Russia, won articles in the Guardian newspaper under the headline: 'Master of the dark forces'. Guardian fun trying on the example of the former player of team Russia reader to interpret the meaning of the cult in Spain the concept of 'chulo'. Under the photo of the player several signatures: 'smart, funny, self-satisfied, elegant, daring Valery Karpin'. The reason for the appearance of the article was the removal Karpin in an away match of the last round with 'Deportivo'. 'Real Sociedad' lost in the course of the meeting 0:2 and equalized with the help of Karpin. When our players have changed, he applauded tribunes, and then ran up to him and the referee showed a second yellow card. According to the author, only real 'chulo' could behave like Valeri.

Initially, the article is ironic. But then the irony gives way to respect and read between the lines of thought: Karpin inherently player with the English character, so in Spain so to him and are. 'That Karpin in the last decade was the biggest chulo this league' - was adopted in the article. Translate from Spanish 'chulo' (the word, . which has several shades, . from offensive to enthusiastic) easy, . but that it explains: why the player was the only native of the former USSR, . whose career in Spain has developed really well, . from first to last day,
. Karpin likes to win, bringing to the last degree pitch fans, players and referees. Only his game that is peculiar style, which can be defined as karpinizm and nothing else.

When it changed to two minutes before the end of the match with 'Depor' Karpin raised his head, looked around and realized that he had never come back here. Then he said goodbye to the fans - in his, Karpinski, sarcastic manner, and the referee did not miss a chance to remove it from the field. For another player had happened could be the end of career. But not for Karpin. He used the incident to go to the attack on the judges: 'In' Riasore 'I found that the judge could provoke violence. The fans sang 'Karpin, die! " almost the entire game. A good judge would have found the opportunity to react to it, and that the referee has joined the fans'.
. Valery Karpin: 'I'll be back in Russia only as a tourist'

. The incident in the match with 'Deportivo' and inferences British journalist Valery Karpin commented in an interview with a correspondent of Izvestia Ivan Arkadieva.

. - Valery, so why should you have shown the red card?

. - I do not know
. Coach to replace me, I went from the field. Suddenly ran a judge, showed a second yellow card.

- Just like that, for no reason?

- Just like that, for no reason.

- But perhaps you have done something before this, to which he drew attention to?

- Yes, did. As he left, raised his hands to applaud the fans.

- It is forbidden in Spain?

- Previously thought not.

- Not LцЁpez Nieto, hour, judged match (Karpin once very tightly responded in an interview about this arbitrator. - 'Proceedings')?

- No, Rubinos Perez. I'm with him is not something that no conflict was not - even a hint of conflict.

- Now you will automatically disqualify the next match?

- I filed an appeal. But if disqualified, then I refuse to pay for this week. In order not to harm the economy of my club.

- Are you serious?

- This is my war, not the club. I have already sent a letter to the media, explaining the situation. They criticized the judging in general, not Rubinos Perez in particular.

- Do you know what happened after the British newspaper The Guardian devoted a story to you ...

- The first time I heard about. And what they write?

- Says that you - this chulo, and all your actions are determined by this. As, incidentally, is translated 'chulo'?

- Dude.

- It's a pity?

- No, why?. Normal word. And that, in the article are trying to hurt me?

- No. But it is curious: why the British are paying so much attention is not the most interesting match?

- Probably the reason for the recent match teams. You probably know: After it was a scandal because of the racist chants of Spanish fans, from here and concentrating.

- In the summer you are planning to finish his career. After that, in Russia we see you?

- Just as a tourist. So far no plans for the future, we must first finish the season.
Six other controversial stories, in which Valery Karpin in the limelight of the press

August 1999. Karpin has to be attributed to the Spanish media after the interview on the arbitrator Lopez Nieto, in which the judge likened the player with the 'godfather'.

April 2002. In a friendly match against the French veteran of militancy has taken different forms. Altercation with the referee, clash with Lizarazu and, finally, the organization scuffle with 'tri' in podtribunnyh premises after the final whistle.

September 2002. Karpin sues the Royal Spanish Football Federation, lishivshuyu its special status enjoyed by the Spanish team and their counterparts from the European Union. He is convinced that the federation had ignored a judicial decision on the basis of which he received a special status for nearly two years ago as a native of Estonia.

March 2003. Karpin announces resignation of team Russia shortly after the Sino-Korean mundialya. Later, he refuses Georgi Yartsev, who is trying to return it to the team.

September 2003. Karpin submitted to the state award Estonia month after providing him with Estonian citizenship. Becoming a citizen of Estonia, Karpin immediately appealed to all citizens to vote for EU membership by referendum.

January 2004. Company Karpin Valery Karpin SL. becomes one of the sponsors of the impoverished volleyball team from Vigo, which was renamed 'Vigo - Valery Karpin', and most footballer reserve room and make a request.

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Valery Karpin, photo, biography
Valery Karpin, photo, biography Valery Karpin  Midfielder, photo, biography
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