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Biography Valery DiDjuLja
photo Valery DiDjuLja
First guitar Didulja gave his mother when he was five years old. Interest in the instrument was unusual, perhaps because in the yard always someone strumming the guitar, and maybe because in general the music stretched. Like every child, in Didulja in childhood were all kinds of players with the plates, which also has a strong influence. From the first guitar came first unobtrusive experiments with sound: the guitar was placed on the sensor, included home-made amplifiers, made all sorts of gadgets. For Didulja a period of guitar courses: the teacher shows how there are chords, how to play, what manners and methods of playing there. This was the beginning, the first steps in mastering the guitar.

. Thrust to experiment with the guitar was neugasaema guys go to concerts, watched the play at weddings and how to do it all happens - it takes is the impact on the interests and ideas
. DiDjuLja with friends, also enjoys the guitar, showing each other new achievements, competed, which, naturally, pushed, forced to work and keep yourself in suspense. Years passed, the experiments continued, the first group. Didulja took vocal-instrumental ensemble "The Scarlet Zori", as a third guitarist. In the ensemble was a lot of people - enlarged, had a horn section, keyboards. Concerts were held in state and collective farms, as well as in. Nicholas Khitrik, permanent head of the ensemble, and work there, gave a great experience and important insights. In the process of work to filter out a few people, after which speeches were continued in the local cooperative restaurant. It was a fantastic school: six hours of play every night, seven days a week, almost without a break and played various music. This could be called the first serious school, where Didulja received basic knowledge and skills of a live audience, in addition, earned the first money than he was very proud, because to earn money by doing a favorite thing, the dream of any.

. But the band broke up, after which came the sound engineering for Didulja period of work
. He went to the dance group "White Dew" - very serious, credible team, Mr.. Grodno, who had touring experience and success. Played, sung and danced different music, they were basically folk dances - Polish, Belarusian, Ukrainian, Gypsy. The staff was great and versatile, where DiDjuLja became a sound engineer - an important and responsible job, with very interesting. Although the time and had a lot to learn: how to make a sound, as sound different instruments, as in general public accepts a given number. After all, sound, sitting in a concert hall, as no one feels what is happening on stage, the reaction of the audience, which numbers are better, some worse, as the sound effect on the audience. Subtle psychological moments of the concert - here's what Didulja able to learn by working in this team. Great experience has been obtained from communication with the musicians - they were people who have passed through fire and water, with a strong academic education, who played folk music as no other. Very strong influence on the further work Didulja had a touring ensemble work, because as the tour took place in our vast country, and abroad.

. With this team DiDjuLja first visit to Europe - in Spain, Italy, Poland, Switzerland, France, Germany
. The variety of people, the traditions of these countries produced an indelible impression. Working with this team, DiDjuLja traveled to Spain, where there was his acquaintance with flamenco, Spanish folk tradition. Though he had previously and was interested in and studied their music, delved into it, but only in Spain, it became clear to him. The ensemble spent a lot of time, there were purchased various musical instruments. Also during his stay in Spain, DiDjuLja arranged outdoor concerts, which made it a great experience and tempering.

Working in the ensemble, DiDjuLja communicate not only with musicians but also with dancers and choreographers, this is a dance ensemble. It also began the first serious songwriting experiments, with a good technological base in the ensemble, DiDjuLja began to write more or less professionally. There also were born of his first record, the first ideas about the concerts. First went collaboration with the dancers, then became acquainted with an excellent guitarist Vladimir Zakharov, a wonderful dancer and choreographer Dmitry Kurakulovym. It was established dance-music trio, and a great concert program. Period of "White dew" was a time of ideas, very much influenced by the atmosphere of the team, communication with interesting people, tour.

. Shortly DiDjuLja learned that the Belarusian TV is a contest where the welcome exciting young performers of various genres
. If you pass qualifying round, will open great prospects. He decided to try it, and gathering with Dima Kurakulovym things and tools, went to another city, where he held a competition. DiDjuLja and Dima were qualifying round, after which they were invited to take. It was a great inspiration, preparation for the shooting was a very serious. To my surprise, after playing some of his usual acoustic stuff, DiDjuLja passed and the next round and ended up at a gala concert. It was a great victory and success - a dream come true for a large audience. Ibid got acquainted with professional producers, editors, they have helped, shared their own experiences, pointed out what should be sought and in what direction to work. Important role in promoting Didulja contest played the talented Belarusian composer Oleg Eliseenkov. His help was simply invaluable, his advice - accurate and useful.

But the scope of a sound engineer for Didulja become too narrow - you want doing things you love - guitar, composition, sound, arrangements, its author's music. And at the invitation of businessman and pianist Igor Bruskin, he moved to Minsk. Bruskin owns a music salon, sells a variety of tools. DiDjuLja engaged in a consultation and sales, . work with a variety of musical equipment, . often travels to Moscow, . where, . interacting with record labels, . concert halls and other musical organizations, . where this equipment was supplied, . get useful experience.,

. Suddenly, in the footsteps of the TV, on a very large festival "Slavic Bazaar" was organized by a small program, which were invited all the artists who participated in the TV
. Finally it became possible to say more seriously about yourself - the festival was broadcast on all the CIS countries, as well as in Poland, the Baltic States and Bulgaria. This gives Didulja great incentive to continue in the direction in which it was conducted, sets up a clear position - employment of instrumental music, guitar, guitar aesthetics and all this at a slight influence of folk music. Also DiDjuLja tried in some way to attach to this electronic music. Visit Slavonic Bazaar remains a good tradition, even after DiDjuLja moved to Moscow. This period is characteristic Didulja close work with local choreographers, creating unusual and interesting rooms.

But Moscow is beckoning to him with its diversity, great prospects. DiDjuLja warm goodbye to Igor Bruskin and moved to Moscow. The first time was very difficult - because the capital is extremely specific - here their customs, principles, traditions. For the visiting rights is quite unusual and unfamiliar city, other people. But the goal, in its stubbornness and belief in achieving success is helped conquer difficulties. Period began Arbat - presentations on the street, but not ragged street artist, a professional musician with a good technique and appearance, who played primarily in a fun. Here DiDjuLja met with many people, including Sergei Kulishenko, while he held the post of high commercial. Although DiDjuLja and not very easy to came closer to strangers, but against the difficulties encountered had to make a choice: either to call someone from those with whom he had met, or to leave Moscow.

. The first person who rang DiDjuLja, was Sergei Kulishenko
. Sergei wanted to learn to play guitar, so at Didulja has its first student. Sergey also took an interest in the activities Didulja, helped with housing and tools, paid the first professional recording studio remarkable guitarist Mei Lian. High-quality home recording studio has defined the direction for further work Didulja. Entry for May Lian was excellent - it was written eight songs, technically it was all at the highest level, although artistically - not that. DiDjuLja very warm recollections of communication with Mei Lian, a talented guitarist and composer, a good teacher and a respected friend. DiDjuLja with Sergei began to develop the issue of creating his home recording studio, studied the market of musical technique. It was formed by a set of equipment that was installed in a country house Sergei. Began a serious systematic work in the field of sound, guitar, exercises, lessons, search. Ensued interesting introduction to a group of popular music Arkady. It was an interesting Samara musician, singer, composer, began their joint with Didulja club performances.

. In Arcadia became acquainted with Sergei Migacheva - sound-producer, arranger, a man who understands the music, familiar with both the modern computer, and analog technologies
. After a year of hard work together under the guidance and with the help of Sergei Kulishenko debut album was recorded and filmed the first video clip "Isadora". But the major record companies waited Didulja denial: they argued that the instrumental music is not for Russia, this genre is not interesting. Financial ability to display a large audience of his music was not, putting the company Didulja to a standstill and did not inspire optimism. At one club concerts became acquainted with Sergei Baldin, man, now quite famous, he became interested in music, performance. He suggested Didulja meet in the office of the company Monolith, where the talk about cooperation. Management of the company, having heard the material, after long hesitation denied. Interest Sergey Baldin inspired, and began to focus on DiDjuLja performances in clubs. Speaking and analyzing what the audience likes more DiDjuLja able to adjust her album, got his guitar from an interesting, unusual sound. At a regular concerts to Didulja approached people who invited him for talks with the company "Global Music". The company became interested in the project and agreed to cooperate. First contract was signed Didulja. But, unfortunately, things went further: because of unexplained reasons, the company had not been active in the work.

Six months of cooperation have not been in vain: DiDjuLja met Timur Salikhov, the director, which is working now. This person is ideally suited for their work - professional acumen and subtle diplomacy. The contract with Global Music "was terminated. Shortly Didulja a phone call from Russian studios, offered to host one of the tracks in the collection. In the office, where an appointment, DiDjuLja able to talk to Prigogine, a young, professional acumen. He said that creates a new company, "NOX Music", he was interested in new projects, and he would like to cooperate. To answer does not require much thinking - DiDjuLja agreed. Materials were reviewed and discussed the way forward and signed a contract. Immediately started shooting a new video with the participation of the ballet Ala Brass "Todes". Was prepared by plate design, started in advertising, was released debut album. Was arranged work on the introduction of the unusual genre of instrumental music. The TV started to show video clips, DiDjuLja also participated in the original program Dmitry Dibrova "Anthropology", and there has to speak, and talk, and to acquaint viewers with the plate. Then began a more serious album sales.

This period of creativity Didulja also linked to familiarity with the stars truly global magnitude: Placido Domingo, Bryan Adams. An idea to work together with Abraham Russo, aims to record some songs, DiDjuLja acts as composer, arranger and producer. The work is proceeding very well in tandem from Sergei Migacheva, Abraham Russo and Didulja, results in large-scale project. Circle of acquaintances with the artists is expanding, involved in the work of young artists, people are bright and interesting. Expands touring activities, including new towns, clubs. During these tours are purchased new tools, as well as experiences and ideas that will benefit the creativity.

Thus was born the album "The Road to Baghdad". Appear complications in relations with Prigogine and his company "NOX Music". At the same time is familiar with Andrei Konchalovsky and shooting Didulja in his film "House of Fools". During the filming DiDjuLja worked with Bryan Adams, also took part in the picture. The film DiDjuLja playing guitar, it's easier to say - Himself. Began to appear pirated discs - is undoubtedly one of the forms of recognition of the artist. At one of the concerts Didulja Dmitry Malikov invited him along to release an instrumental piece. DiDjuLja agreed, the idea of the work was born quite quickly, so was created Arrangement Sateen Coast ". In the same vein, collaboration, and went with Christine Orbakajte born joint composition.

Geography speeches Didulja expands, the level becomes higher. Continue to participate in television programs and various concerts. There comes a period of more serious concert works and DiDjuLja decides to create your own team, his group. It starts with a set: invited bass player (Jaroslav Oboldin), keyboardist (Alexander Leonov), percussionist (Cyril Rossolimo), sound (Boris Solodovnikov). Group rehearses, prepared by the program, consisting partly of a new, partly because of the old music, supplemented with new colors. Search is in its style, the continuation of studio experimentation.

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Valery DiDjuLja, photo, biography
Valery DiDjuLja, photo, biography Valery DiDjuLja  Activity, photo, biography
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