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Moritz Yunna

( Poet)

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Biography Moritz Yunna
Her poems, which are known to all, which are sung and spoken by heart - many. Moritz calls the age of his readers: children from 5 to 500 years. 'Big Secret for a small company' and 'whack a rubber with a hole in his right side', 'Good to be - the young' and 'When we were young', 'On Ordynka on Polianka quiet music playing' and 'There is no wasted a wonderful':

. To avoid mistakes in writing the citations, I open a thick volume of verse and swim in it, sinking as the sea, and I can not and do not want to swim
. Few are in the world of poets, whose every poetic message is precious.

. It is self-willed and beautiful, and anyone in the world would look like.

. It did not take the journalism faculty at the University of Kiev, where she was born, because of the lack of literary ability, promising that she would never learn in the university
. She became a student of the correspondence department of the Faculty of Philology of Kiev University. A year later entered the Literary Institute in Moscow. And although it ruled out 'for unhealthy in the works' and included in the 'black list', it became one of the greatest Russian poets.

She has never had a copyright in the evening in the Great Hall of the Central House of Writers. We all seem to have been - it has no. But her favorite playground - Polytechnic, a holy place sound national poetry.

Its not to cross the border, even at a conference devoted to her creative. And yet she lived to see their readings on the famous festivals of poetry in London, Cambridge, Rotterdam, Toronto, Philadelphia. It has been translated into all European languages, plus Japanese, Chinese, Turkish.

. She refuses to be published in anthologies 'women's poetry', because, she says, not one idiot had not yet thought of an anthology of 'men's poetry'.

. The questions of who is - a dissident, opposition, critics of the regime, and so
. and so on., - she meets one thing: that is, therefore, in pure form, and only a poet. And even Poetkoy - it invented the word.

Dictionary it is inexhaustible, it refers to the word tenderly and boldly, bravely and carefully, but still not enough for her ready words, and she invents its. Love - even such a word: measure, which pays her readers for her poetry, the only fee that it takes. 'Co-defendant - with prizvezdyu' - a wonderful inscription on one of donated her books.

She knows everything about me and knows his worth. This does not make her arrogant. That makes it free. After the tragic in their own fate and the fate of their loved ones, she came to the harmony.

Her life is immense chuvstvilische. She writes, as claimed, 'only about their awe' - and speaks in the hearts of thousands and thousands.

. Human beings all over, with human friends, with human illness and loss, she chooses the night for what is a superhuman, that will belong to everyone and already belongs: to the poems and drawings.

. She works as a mechanic, who are led his lesson.

. There is no wasted beautiful

. Not grow even in the black year

. Maple vain, vain, and willow,

. And vain flower in the pond.

. Despite a horrible thing,

. Not flow even in the black shadow --

. Waves, singing, radiance vain

. In vain tears and days.

. We fell out very different,

. But never in the dark ages --

. Rye vain, vain eternity

. And in vain in the milk of nipples.

. Thing is clear, clear, clear --

. Here and nowhere else, never

. There is no wasted beautiful!

. Not since that there are so drawn here

. Power of the secret, the magic imperious

. Star call with banks, with the clouds, --

. There is no wasted beautiful! --

. Now, ever, forever and ever:
. Books Yunny Moritz:

. 'Vine'

. 'In the severe cutting'

. 'In the light of life'

. 'Third eye'

. 'Favorites'

. 'Blue light'

. 'On this side of the high'

. 'In the lair of voice'

. 'Person'

. 'Thus'

. 'According to the law - hello to the postman'

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Moritz Yunna, photo, biography
Moritz Yunna, photo, biography Moritz Yunna  Poet, photo, biography
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