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Sean Carr

( frontman DVS, son of Yulia Tymoshenko)

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Biography Sean Carr
photo Sean Carr
Life before: He was born in a small village near Torner Leeds (Yorkshire, United Kingdom). Among young people's interests Sean was a motorcycle.

Sean grew up healthy and strong teenager. Engaged in boxing and swimming, won at various competitions, winning championships. For some time, went to Spain to live with his father, where he learned fluent in Spanish, cook paella and drink sangria. However, in late adolescence, he returned to Leeds and to his passion - motorcycles.

. He worked as a master shoe on the market of Leeds (it was a family business), where he became quite a well known figure among the traders and regular patron of the Irish pub "The Diddley Dee", which he always visits when returning to his native city.

. In 18 years, Sean decided to try his luck in the field of music - singer of rock 'n' roll
. He and his friend Paul created a group of "Paris In The Fall". Sean Paul introduced with Mick Lake, he joined a group, they began to write and rehearse songs together. Only later in Ukraine, Sean created a group of DVS, but most of the songs from her first album were written during that period in the UK, about 20 years ago.

. Members of the group "Paris In The Fall" had been together for four let.Stil life rocker Shawn approach is
. Later, he began to sing with a group of "Jelly Fish Kiss", but not for long. With him was not enough rock 'n' roll.

Then Sean went on his motorcycle to France and they decided to start a business for the production of leather goods, learned to speak French. But he still needed tide "rockers adrenaline," and therefore created together with French artists group "FTW".

Almost five years later he returned to England to help the sick father to the family business. In 1995, Sean became a father - his girlfriend, Emma gave birth to a daughter, a girl named Charlotte. However, Sean's relationship with Emma spilled not very long.

: and after meeting Tymoshenko. In the early 2000's Son in Egypt, where he was scuba diving, met with Eugenia Tymoshenko - the daughter of Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko. The girl was still at the London College of Economics.

October 1, 2005 in Kiev, 36-year-old British rocker and biker, and 26-year-old daughter of BYuT leader and by the time the ex-premier of Ukraine were married. Even before the wedding, Sean moved to live in Ukraine, which moved the bike "Harley Davidson" and the Rottweiler Salem.

. In January 2005, first established in Ukraine a group of DVS ( "Death Valley Screamers", translated from English - "screaming from the Valley of Death"), which today includes two Britons and three Ukrainian musicians (ex-members of the group "Lazy Town" )
. Since then, the band issued two albums - "Just Crazy" and "Big Fish", participating in various festivals (including the biker). In the parliamentary elections, the group participated in activities in support of the Bloc of Yulia Tymoshenko. Frontman DVS is the show "with Sean and Mick on the capital's" Radio Rocks ".

"I never sing before the concert, do not do some sort of special breathing exercises. To be honest, the singer and I can hardly be called - I just yell into the microphone. I am not a musician, I frontman "- pootkrovennichal somehow Sean Carr in an interview" Today ".

. According to Sean, despite the move to Ukraine of his family business for the production of shoes and three shoe stores continue to operate and generate income.

. Scandals
. Sam shoemaker and musician says that in everyday life, he, unlike his "otvyaznogo" behavior on stage, very quiet and calm. However, shortly before the wedding with Zhenya Tymoshenko's former law wife Sean Carr gave an interview in which accused him of "all serious". In particular, - in the assault and that greatly affected her health. Prime Minister's son-in-itself from these charges trying to distance itself.

And in June 2008, the first leader of the DVS was the helper Ukrainian police chronicles. Hot British guy, according to media reports, first appeared abuser fighters internal forces, which prevented him and his wife drive a motorcycle on the beach of Odessa "Langeron". The verbal sparring with the soldiers allegedly escalated into a fight, in which the kulaks Sean suffered a few people. Then the star couple transmitted to one of the local police department. However, the next day Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine has recognized Sean Carr of the victims in the incident with the law enforcers.

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Sean Carr, photo, biography
Sean Carr, photo, biography Sean Carr  frontman DVS, son of Yulia Tymoshenko, photo, biography
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