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Isaac Agee Hayabuza

( superstar wrestling)

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Biography Isaac Agee Hayabuza
photo Isaac Agee Hayabuza
Part 1: First steps:

Agee, Isaac (Eiji Ezaki) was born on 29th November 1968 in Kumamoto, Japan Yatsuhiro (Kumamoto, Yatsushiro Japan). His childhood is covered with darkness and fog. In the 1987th year, Agee at the age of 18 years of age enrolled in the University of Kumamoto and started training with weights in there the gym, where he met a student named Masashi Honda (Masashi Honda) and together they began to train. Soon after winning a lot of friends in college and the gym, Honda, who all his life was an ardent fan of wrestling, Isaac was able to interest in this sport. The two began to train in regional promotions Kumamoto. After graduating from college in September 1991-th year Honda informed Isaac that he was going to join the FMW Dojo. Honda showed Izakov record the first ever wrestling match with an exploding barbed wire between Atsushi Onita and Tarzan Goto. Honda persuaded Isaac to join him to become a professional wrestler. Honda left his home in Tokyo to live and train in the FMW Dojo, but when he arrived, he saw that Isaac had to wait for him. The two began their training under the guidance of Tarzan Goto, who was appointed as coach, and immediately subjected to both debilitating physical tests to check whether they are suitable for FMW. Agee and Honda have met along the way many obstacles, in addition to workouts, they had to perform in the dojo most menial jobs. For many months they practiced getting to know the basis of professional wrestling. After months of training, in April 1991-th year they became official FMW wrestler and they promised the first matches in the near future. During the celebration at the dedication of both in wrestler Otsushi Onite got the idea to make a joke: He tied Flare to ask Agee and Honda and burning them. The next day, photos with the burning and smoking back ways both were on the front pages of local newspapers. Agee, Isaac had his first match as a professional wrestler FMW 5th May 1991-th year in inter-ethnic center of Nagoya on the team with Amigo Ultra, which will subsequently become known as Damien (Damian), they lost Yukihibe Wendy and Al Pandida. Isaac was very disappointed with their first match. His next match was a handicap, in which Isaac in a team with Akihito Ishihara fought against Gladiator. It was a quick squash for Gladiator, which just entered the ring and in seconds defeated Isaac. This was the second strong disappointment Agee. 22nd June 1991-th year Agee made his first Singles match against Yukihibe Wendy, on the same day Masashi Honda debuted in a match against Akihito Ishihara. Both were very satisfied with their victories, and Isaac decided for themselves what this match is his real debut. Isaac first met in a match against his friend's Honda 26th June 1991-th year in Hokkaido Ashikava Gum, and Honda defeated Isaac. Isaac won the Honda in the game rematch on June 29, 1991st year. Isaac and Honda fought in the crucial match in their careers against each other on the big FMW show on September 23, 1991st, at Kawasaki Stadium. Isaac won the match, but also Atsushi Onita and Goh Ito, watching the match saw a high potential in the Honda, but not in Isaac. Isaac and Masashi Honda returned to the dojo and continued to train and opened the show by their matches so far, while Booker and the referee FMW Go Ito has not decided it was time to upgrade the Honda to the next level and give it a new name - "Mr. Gannonsuke. Mr Gannonsuke began to act in a team with Atsushi Onitoy and Tarzan Goto in the Maine Event, while Isaac remained in the low-bit games. Isaac was used as a jobber for WWE such as Gladiator, Lance Storm and Chris Jericho in the matches at home show, his friend fought in the Maine Event. Isaac began to suffer insanely jealous, he is not worried that his best friend takes care of all the attention, while he remains Isaac jobbers, still train in the dojo. Gannonsuke I left the dojo and became one hundred percent midkarderom in single combat and partner Onity and Goto in the Maine Event, and

Isaac continued to live and train in the dojo. By the end of his stay in the dojo Isaac met with another student FMW Koji Nakagawa, and they became friends in the ring and outside it. When Gannonsuke left Edzhi decided to concentrate on developing his unique style and decided to focus on high flayng maneuvers. 29th July 1992-th year in a connected center of Matsuyama, Isaac fought against Sabu in their first matches, in which Sabu easily defeated the young Isaac. 19th September 1992-th year at the stadium Yakogama Isaac and Koji Nakagawa fought against Kevin Fowler, and Chris Jericho in their preparatory match on a big show, which determined the outcome of the battle Jericho retaining Isaac in front of 30,000 spectators. Isaac and Nakagawa opened the show to its match on May 5 th 1993, at the Kawasaki Stadium. In the match Isaac struck spectators hayflaera their abilities, and many of the spectators after the match felt that Isaac could become a new big star of FMW. Isaac and Nakagawa continued training in the dojo during the greater part of the 1993rd year and 22 on July 1993rd year after it was attacked by Atsushi Onita Mister Pogo, Isaac jumped into the ring and tried to help Onite. In October, the 1993rd, it was decided to send Agee to Mexico along with wrestling as the Flying Boy Ishihara, Agee was able to develop their abilities in the ring before returning to the promotion. There he met with such personalities as Ultimo Dragon. Agee began studying Mexican style ray-Libre, and learned a new move from Tu Cold Scorpio, this movement was a 450 Splash.

. Part 2: The Birth of Birds:

. Before leaving Mexico, Agee met Dzhushinom Laygerom with which they last were friends, and advised him to take Layger Gimmicks like the one he used in Mexico
. Edzhi used costume similar to the one that was at the Liger and called himself Hayabuza (Hayabusa), which means bird that never dies. In Gimmicks Hayabuzy it debuted in October 1993 it in Mexico, and made such interesting ways as the Shooting Star Press. The New Japan Super J Cup 1994 was held soon, and Layger wanted to invite his two friends from the FMW for participation: Hayabuzu and Ricky Fuji. Layger wanted to be the first opponent in Isaac Gimmicks Hayabuzy in Japan debut match Hayabuzy. Layger former Booker wrote for a victory in the first round in a match against the still green Hayabuzy. Hayabuza spent on Laygere some beautiful receptions in the beginning of the match, but missed a Shooting Star Press'om Layger and won, but after the bell Hayabuze shook hands in a show of respect. Hayabuzu returned to Mexico, he continued to practice before its debut in FMW as Hayabuzy. On August 28, 1994th year in Osaka Castle Hall, Hayabuze was appointed match against Sabu, who acted for the last time in FMW, before going to ECW. They showed hayflay-hardcore match where Sabu used a very dangerous stunt: 450 Splash from the top rope to the ring on the table on which lay Hayabuza. Hayabuza dodged and Sabu landed badly, hurt his back, and Hayabuza secured their first victory in the New Gimmicks. After the match Sabu has demonstrated its respect for Hayabuze, pressing his hand. After that, Isaac wanted to return to Mexico, but the will of fate hit the S.SH.A. where he appeared in the Indy federations in Florida in April 1995-th year. At first exit Hayabuzy greeted with laughter, because he looked like a Power Ranger from the comic. But his unimaginable tricks Hayabuza forced them to watch the matches with an open mouth, and soon gained popularity and respect, and popularity among American audiences. Soon after he won The Navy Seal and won the Championship PCWF in the heavyweight division on April 6, the 1995th year. In Florida, he fought with such fighters as Green Beret, Vern Henderson, Bill Garrett, and lost the title Randy Fuller 20th April 1995. This was the only match, when Isaac played the role of healing, then he called again in FMW. Tarzan Goto, who was the coach of Isaac, and his best friend Gannonsuke left FMW to work in IWA. Goto away from the fact that not like Giobbe Onitu on Onita's Retirement Show 5th May 1995-th year. FMW has decided that after the transition to the IWA Goto and Gannonsuke Onity and care, they should make a new star and this star should be the one who best demonstrated their potential in the past two years - Hayabuza. 30 on April 1995th FMW organized a press conference with Atsushi Onita Onity which was supposed to submit Yuki Ishikawa as his opponent in Maine Event on May 5 1995th. But Hayabuza intervened and summoned Onitu to battle, Onita took the challenge. 5-Og 1995th stadium Kawasaki Hayabuza fought in the main match of his career with Atsushi Onitoy in Exploding Barbwire Cage Match in front of 58,000 fans. Hayabuza severely damaged, as during the match Onita several times sent him into the cage, even at a time when the cell exploded. But even after this Hayabuza managed to climb to the top of the cell and the Moon Salto Onitu finish out and win the match. After the match in the hallway Hayabuza first time in two years, took off his mask in front of cameras. On May 17, 1995th in Nagoya, Hayabuza became the leader of promotion and FMW Mr. Pogo helped to use as the primary healing, due to the fact that the style Pogo too different from the style Hayabuzy. They decided to give a push Gladiator, which was in promotions for about 5 years, and in the first matches Hayabuzy after exploding cell Gladiator pinned Hayabuzu after Running Awesome Bomb. After the match Ricky Fuji announced the creation of a new grouping Lethal Weapon, which included Gladiator, Horace Boulder, Hisakatsu Oya, and Mr. Pogo and which was at odds with

Hayabuzoy. 26th June 1995-th year at Korakuen Hall after Onity, Title FMW Brass Knuckles Champion vacant. FMW announced that Hayabuza will fight for the vacant title with Hisakatsu Oia. Hayabuza showed in this match an unknown facet of his opportunities, showing excellent 'M at-wrestling' match and won Oyu after boom Falcone and won the title. After the match Hayabuza was sent for treatment because of neck injuries received during the match and the title was again declared vacant. 30th July 1995-th year Hayabuza returned to the ring and fought against the Gladiator, but after an unsuccessful Awesome Bomb Hayabuza was in intensive care, but this time everything was. On August 31 1995th Osaka Prefectural Gum Hayabuza won 3 matches of the tournament after losing a Super letters and he was given the fight against Hisakatsu Hoya - wrestling, with whom he was happy to work again. They showed a monumental 30-minute match, which is constantly attacked Hoya injured his neck Hayabuzy. When the mat over victory Oyi spectators greeted them standing in a sign of respect to both. 5th September 1995-th year in the Sports Center Saporro Nakajima Hayabuza Gladiator and met again, . this time in the tournament and Hayabuza, . finally, . defeated Gladiator, . then went into the final, . where he was to meet with Mitsuhiro Matsunaga,
. On September 24, 1995th Hayabuza fought Mitsuhiro in the semifinals of the tournament, the winner of the match met with Gladiator, which won the same show Super Letter. Hayabuza finished off Mitsuhiro Shooting Star press to the right to fight with Gladiator in two days at Korakuen Hall for the championship title Brass Knuckles. On September 26, 1995th at Korakuen Hall, Hayabuza met with Gladiator in the final of the tournament for the title. The match lasted about 20 minutes and was the best match as a career Hayabuzy and Gladiator. Hayabuza climbed on the corner of the ring to finish off the crown of Gladiator, but he took the initiative in their hands, held Awesome Bomb from the corner of the ring and pinned Hayabuzu for victory. After the match they congratulated each other. On October 28, 1995th at Korakuen Hall in a match Hayabuza and Mitsushi Matsunaga against Masato Tanaka and Kintaro Kanemura, Hayabuza first lost the mask in the ring, but still pinned Tanaka after Arrows Falcon. After the match all four showed respect for each other, but here also were attacked Ricky Fuji, Hisakatsu Oya, Gladiator, and Horace Bolderaya Super Lezarom. After the infamous attack Hayabuza, Matsunaga, Tanaka and Kintaro Kanemura formed an alliance to fight Lethal Weapon. 11th November at Korakuen Hall, invited their friends Hideki Hosaka and Guido join him to help fight Hayabuze Lethal Weapon. Hosaka agreed, but Guido joined the Lethal Weapon. In Maine Event Hayabuza, Kanemura and Tanaka defeated Gladiator Hisakatsu Oja and Super Leiser, after Tanaka pinned Oyu. Guido jumped into the ring and attacked Hayabuzu and Tanaka, but fled when the game broke Kanemura. 20 st November 1995th in Fukuoka Hakata Star Leyns, Mr. Pogo returned after his dismissal from the FMW and joined Lethal Weapon. After one of the matches Lethal Weapon attacked Hayabuzu while being Kanemura did not intervene in the beating

. Part 3: The top FMW:

. 26 November 1995th Kanemura and Matsunaga attacked Hayabuzu and Tanaka, and Guido and Super Leiser attacked Horace Boulder, and after that terrible Jason, Kintaro Kanemura, Mitsuhiro Matsunaga, Super Leiser, Hideki Hosaka and Guido revived command W * ING
. 10th December 1995-CSOs in Korakuen Hall in a street fight 10 people for W * ING won Hayabuzu, Tanaka, Koji Nakagawa, Tetsuhiro Kuroda, and Horace Boulder after Kanemura pinned Kuroda. 21st December 1995-CSO Yakogama Bunka Gum Hayabuza, Great Sasuke, and Koji Nakagawa, fought against the Super Dolphin, TAKA Michinoku and Ricky Fuji in the Game 6 people which Hayabuza pinned Ricky Fuji after a Phoenix Splash. 10th January 1996-CSO Chiba held Internet game Spider web of barbed wire with glass (Spider Net Barbwire Caribbean Glass Death Match) between Hayabuzoy, Masato Tanaka and Koji Nakagawa v. Matsunaga, Kanemury and Guido. During the match Hayabuza entangled in barbed wire with broken glass and was retained Matsunaga. After the match Hayabuza was hospitalized because his back was completely broken, and he lost a lot of blood. Traces of this match are still visible on his back. Hayabuza withdrawn from combat for 4 months and returned to the big show 5th May 1996-th year at Kawasaki Stadium to the team with Masato Tanaka to fight against Mr. Pogo and his unknown partner in the match Landmine Death Match on the exploding ring barbed wire,
. Neizvestny partner Mr. Pogo was the legendary Terry Funk, winners of the match to only 1 million yen. Hayabuza was again seriously injured after a Terry Funk pushed him to the barbed wire, threw on the mines for the ring and then threw the burning chair, and finished off a bomb. After the bell Funk and Pogo stripped Hayabuzy mask and showed the camera bloodied face Agee, Isaac. Terry took the microphone and began to call Atsushi Onitu, who watched the match from the auditorium. After the match in the locker room Onita Hayabuze approached and began shouting at him, recalling how much he has just cost promotions, and that such a man as Hayabuza not worthy to be the leader of FMW. Frightened and bloodied Hayabuza was taken to hospital, where he's got 110 stitches, he did not have a seam to repeat the record Onity-111 stitches after the match. Edzhi Isaac was out of control for several more months, waiting for the expiration of the contract with FMW, to decide their future career. Being in Florida, he decided to go to WCW, which at that time spoke of his friend - Dzhushin Layger. Layger and Isaac met and Layger advised Isaac to sign a contract with New Japan Pro Wrestling, where he immediately give a big push and a lot more money than ever can give FMW. Isaac took the time to think things over before making a decision that could affect all the rest of his life. Yet, Isaac decided to return to FMW, where he was a wrestler? 1 in promotions. After Isaac said Laygeru of his decision, Liger said that Edzhi made the greatest folly in my life and if this is his final decision, their friendship is over. Isaac remained in FMW, and since they do not communicate with Laygerom for 8 years. 26th June 1996-CSOs in Korakuen Hall, Masato Tanaka, Koji Nakagawa and Tetsuhiro Kuroda defeated Super Leizer and headhunters. Isaac went out to the ring in a simple dress and attacked Nakagawa, separate them Tanaka and Kuroda, and Nakagawa, began to accuse Edzhi that he threw the FMW promotion in a very difficult time when it most needed. 1st August 1996-CSO Shioda, Hayabuza returned to FMW and Koji Nakagawa called the first time since on May 5 1993rd year, with their first match, when they were still friends on the training. Nakagawa, like revenge, but thanks to great shape Hayabuzy match turned into an unforgettable half-hour spectacle, which were both completely exhausted physically and Hayabuza won after deduction of up to 10. 23rd August 1996-CSOs in Korakuen Hall, Hayabuza requested a rematch against Nakagawa, who was even better than the previous, but this time, Nakagawa defeated Hayabuzu retention. Hayabuza and Nakagawa set aside their differences after Hayabuza sworn in

allegiance FMW. 15th September 1996-CSOs in Saitama, . Hayabuza fight with Masato Tanaka, . Koji Nakagawa and Tetsuhiro Kuroda, . bring back some money lost at the stadium promotion Kawasaki, . against Hisakatsu Oia, . Super Leizer and headhunters, . the match Yen on a Pole, . outcome of which decided Hayabuza climbed the stairs and taken off his money,
. 20th September 1996-CSOs in the sports center Saporro Nakayama, Hayabuza fought against Hisakatsu Oyi, the match was the victim of numerous Hayabuza supleksov Oyi and was retained up to 3 ex. This was the first single victory over Oyi Hayabuzoy. After the game, sorry Hayabuza stood on the ring and it came Jeans Shinzaki of Michinoku promotion and suggested Hayabuze match for 'Michinoku Pro' 10th October at Sumo Hall. 26th September 1996-CSOs in Korakuen Hall, Hayabuza and Tanaka fought against Terry Funk and the Gladiator in a large street fight, which took place throughout the arena, audience hall and behind the scenes. Hayabuza was severely beaten by two opponents, and then again withheld Gladiator after bombs. After the match Hisakatsu Oja, Super Leiser and bounty hunters were hoisted over the body Hayabuzy American flag, and Terry Funk said that his group T he Funk Masters of Wrestling is currently FWM, and FMW Onity defeated. 10th October 1996 CSO Michinoku Pro Sumo Hall, Hayabuza fought with jeans Shinzaki in Maine Event, Shinzaki won the match after a bomb after the match in the ring and climbed the Great Sasuke summoned Hayabuzu. 11th December there was a match between them at Komazawa Olympic Gum, Hayabuza scored one of the most significant victories in excellent technical mastery match after subtracting Sasuke Arrows Falcon. After that, Mr. Gannonsuke who came from the IWA in Tokyo Pro met Hayabuzoy, and they discussed the possibility of returning to Gannonsuke FMW. Hayabuza tried to persuade to return Gannonsuke Soichi Arai and Arai, agreed to return Gannonsuke and Flying Boy Ishihara for fyuda with Hayabuzoy. 5th January 1997-th year at Korakuen Hall after losing bounty hunter with Katsutoshi Niyama, Gannonsuke and Ishihara came into the ring and began to insult Hayabuzu. 9 on January 1997th in Kawasaki Club Sitta, Gannonsuke and Ishihara attacked Gosaku Goshogavaru backstage and gave him a bloody bath. For assistance Goshu ran Hayabuza and Masato Tanaka. After the match backstage Tanaka attacked Hayabuzu and required him to make a choice between Gannonsuke and FMW. Tanaka recalled Hayabuze as Gannonsuke at one time threw FMW and what it cost to restore Promotion. 18th February 1997-CSOs in Korakuen Hall, Hayabuza and Ricky Fuji fought against Gannonsuke and Oyi, during the match Gannonsuke threw a chair in Hayabuzu when he stood on the corner, and then finished off Fuji supleksom. Gannonsuke celebrated his victory over Hayabuzoy, which he proved that he and the Funk Masters of Wrestling is currently FMW.

. Part 4: Attack of the All Japan:

. 28th March 1997-CSOs Korakuen Hall Gannonsuke again won Hayabuzu in the team match to prepare for their match at the arena in Yokohama
. This was the first time Gannonsuke pinned Hayabuzu since their first match in June 1993rd. After the match Onita was attacked by the Masters of Funk in the locker room, Hayabuza, Tanaka and Nakagawa, came to help him in the locker room saw Gladiator, Gannonsuke and hunters seeking exhausted Onitu. 2nd April 1997, it Hayabuza held its debut in the All Japan. He fought with the Tornado in the mask against Kintaro Shiga and Manukea Mosman. And Hayabuza scores first victory in the All Japan, after deducting Shigu 450 Fire Bird Splash. 29 on April 1997th at Yokohama Arena, held a match between Hayabuzoy and Gannonsuke, a condition which was: if Hayabuza win - Gannonsuke shaves, if victorious Gannonsuke - Hayabuza removes the mask forever. Hayabuza won Gannonsuke boom Falcon, and then took the microphone and said that Gannonsuke would not have to shave off their hair if they agree to leave The Funk Masters and with Hayabuzoy apologize for having left FMW. Gannonsuke looked at Hayabuzu and held out his hand, but when Hayabuza tried to shake it, Gannonsuke kicked him in the stomach and hit over the head with a chair, and then tore off his mask. Then tried to set fire to Gannonsuke Hayabuzu, but he fled from the ring to save his own skin. Gannonsuke called Hayabuzu naive if he thinks that Gannonsuke ever apologize for having left FMW after his best friend betrayed him. On June 12 the 1997th on the show Michinoku Pro, . Jeans Shinzaki announced, . that he will fight in FMW as a representative of Michinoku Pro, . but as soon as he went to the locker room he attacked Gannonsuke wearing a mask Hayabuzy, . and began to beat with a stick Shinzaki, . much damage to his head, . after which he sowed mask Hayabuzy and set fire to her, . and announced, . that the attack was revenge for, . What did Shinzaki in Yokohama,
. On August 31 1997th in Korakuen Hall Hayabuza, Masato Tanaka and Koji Nakagawa FMW Champions League title-holders in street fights 6 people fought against The Funk Masters of: Gladiator, Hisakatsu Oja and Mr. Gannonsuke. During the match held at the Gladiator Hayabuzu bomb with a rope but Hayabuza decided to stay in the match and after supleksa pinned Hisakatsu Oyu for victory. Hayabuzu returned to S.SH.A. 13th September 1997-CSOs in Amarillo, Texas, where he was on the team with jeans Shinzaki and Masato Tanaka in a match against Jake Roberts, and headhunters will attend the show, Terry Funk in Amarillo. The match was very poor, Hayabuza pinned Headhantera after Firebird Splash, the first American match for himself over the past two years. 28th September 1997-CSOs at Kawasaki Stadium, Hayabuza and Jeans Shinzaki fought against Kent Kobashi and Manukea Mossman from All Japan, one of the best matches of their careers. Exit Hayabuzy and Shinzaki accompanied crazy applause in FMW. Hayabuza Shinzaki and did everything to prevent Kobashi and Mossmanu work in pairs and try and pursuing their crowns: Praying Powerbomb by Shinzaki and 450 Fire Bird Splash Hayabuzy, and then another Phoenix Splash. But even this is not enough to finish off the guys from All Japan and Kobashi determined the outcome of the match klouzslaynom from hell on Hayabuzu. The victory of the representatives of All Japan was booed from the stands FMW, it was probably the most notorious and widespread discontent in the history of promotion. On October 14 1997th in Sapporo Nakajima Sports Center, Onita reformed team ZEN with Yukohiro Kanemura and Tetsuhiro Kuroda to destroy Hayabuzu, Tanaka and Nakagawa, and take their title FMW in street fights 6 people. ZEN won, after Onita held at Nakagawa Thunder Fire Powerbomb for the victory. Gannonsuke, Gladiator and Hisakatsu Hoya soon leave the dying Funk Masters of Wrestling and join the ZEN.

. Part 5: Old friend:

. 15th November 1997-CSOs in Korakuen Hall, Hayabuza and Jeans Shinzaki will participate in the All Japan Real World Tag Tournament League 97
. They will win their first victory over a team Giant Kimaly and June Izumidy after Shinzaki Izumidu keep bringing his first two points in the tournament. 16th November 1997-CSOs in Korakuen Hall, Hayabuza and Shinzaki suffer first defeat in the tournament from the team Tamonov Honda and Takao Omori in a fierce match in which Honda pinned Shinzaki bomb. 19 st November 1997th Hayabuza for the first time will be deducted in All Japan in a match against The New Blackjacks from WWF: Barry Windham and Justin Bradshaw. Justin Bradshaw Hayabuzu keep bringing them to another defeat in the tournament. 20 st November 1997th Hayabuza for the first year will miss the show FMW, adopted to participate in the match against the wall Hansen and Bobby Dankama Jr.. Hayabuza and Shinzaki suffer another defeat in the tournament, which will mean that they will not get into the finals, after the legendary Hansen pinned Hayabuzu. 23rd п+п+я¦п¦я-я¦ 1997th Hayabuza and Shinzaki meet in a match with the All Japan Triple Crown winners: Toshiaki Kawada and Akira Taue. Hayabuza Shinzaki and did everything to win the tournament favorites, but the outcome of a match decided Kawada, retaining Shinzaki after bombs. Then Hayabuza Shinzaki and took one of the last places in the tournament. 27th November in Sapporo Nakajima Sports Center Hayabuza Shinzaki and fought with the All Japan wrestler Mitsuharu Misawa and Jun Akiyama in the match, . where all four of them arranged the complete and perfect Hayabuza held Phoenix Splash on Akiyamu, . but he escaped and after supleksa Hayabuzu and kept in a magnificent 20-minute match,
. 28th November at Korakuen Hall, Hayabuza and Masato Tanaka fought with members of ZEN: Gannonsuke and Yukohiro Kanemura for vacant titles FMW Brass Knuckles Tag Team Championships. Hayabuza suffered his third defeat this week, after Gannonsuke held him Fire Thunder and won the vacant title. On December 1 1997th Hayabuza Shinzaki and suffered another defeat in the tournament by Steve Williams and Gary Albright after Albright pinned Shinzaki after the bomb, it was their sixth defeat. Place on December 2 1997th Hayabuza Shinzaki and won a second victory in the tournament defeating Wolf Hokfilda and John Smith, after Hayabuza pinned Smith. 3rd December, they were fighting for themselves in the last match of the tournament against Kent Kobashi and Johnny Aissa, which lasted about 20 minutes before Kobashi pinned Hayabuzu. Hayabuza Shinzaki and finished the tournament in last place with 4 points. 13th December in Kawasaki Club, Hayabuza with Masato Tanaka and Hisakatsu Hoya team won Gladiator, Tetsuhiro Kuroda and Hideki Hosaka, after Hayabuza finished off Hosaka. After the match Hayabuza took the microphone and spoke about his experience of playing in the All Japan and made a speech that FMW, and the audience FMW - the best in the world. 21 on December 1997th in Nagoya Atsushi Onita made changes to the membership ZEN participating in the Maine Event show, . Mr Gannonsuke and Yukohiro Kanemuro Onita replaced themselves and this enabled Hayabuze, . Masato Tanaka and Hisakatsu Hoya Team Atsushi Onity, . Tetsuhiro Kuroda and Guido,
. Hayabuzy team won the championship in street fights FMW 6 man, after Hoya held supleks in retention Guido. On September 22, 1997th in Korakuen Hall, . Onita, instead of the previously scheduled match against Masato Tanaka and Gannonsuke & Kanemury against Hayabuzy & Shinzaki made Maine Event Komazawa show war games match teams of three people: Hayabuza, . Shinzaki and Masato tanks against Onity, . Gannonsuke and Kanemury,
. During the match a bit hung over the cage, wound round with barbed wire. Gannonsuke Kanemura and during the match ignored Onitu and helped him only when opponents tried to force him to surrender. Gannonsuke Kanemura and tried to chain Shinzaki to cell, . but they prevented Tanaka spent on Gannonsuke roaring elbow and sending it directly to a shackled Shinzaki, . who began to choke him in the cell, . and Tanaka and Kanemura kept Onitu until Hayabuza climbed the cage and held at the Lunar Salto Onitu, . repeating his,

. famous stunt two years ago, and kept Onitu
. But the victory celebration was not long, as Gannonsuke and attacked Hayabuzu Kanemura and Tanaka, and threw them out of the cell, while chained Shinzaki remained inside. Then Gannonsuke and Kanemura defeated Onitu beaten, chained him with handcuffs, beat him with a chair until help Onite not run out members ZEN: and Tetsuhiro Kuroda, Hideki Hosaka, but they were soon pushed out of the cell. But here in the hall went Koji Nakagawa, who recently returned to FMW and he carried the color of ZEN. He went into the cage and put Gannonsuke and Kanemuru chair, freeing Onitu. Gannonsuke, Kanemura and Guido then formed their own grouping, and Nakagawa and balances ZEN Onitu carried out of the room and promised to avenge grouping Gannonsuke.

. Part 6: Again, a triumph:

. 6 on January 1998th at Korakuen Hall, Mr Gannonsuke defeated Masato Tanaka in the title match for the FMW Double Titles, proving that a year after his return, he may be the main wrestler promotion
. 7th January 1998-CSOs in Korakuen Hall on the first show for ZEN, Hayabuza and Jeans Shinzaki won Koda Fudzhuki and Yado in the team match. In Maine Event Atsushi Onita, Koji Nakagawa and Tetsuhiro Kuroda defeated Mr Gannonsuke, Yukihtro Kanemuru and Guido. After the match Fudzhuki Yado and ran to help the group win Gannonsuke Atsushi Onitu and balances ZEN. Then they announced that Gannonsuke and Fudzhiki-gan unite and form a new team "Team No Respect". 16-RPR January 1998 in Yrkkaichi, No Respect debuted in his white uniform and showed disrespect to all promotions. They attacked the FMW President Shoichi Arai, before the match Gannonsuke, Kanemura and Yado against Hayabuzy, Tanaka and Oyi for the championship title in street fights FMW 6 people. Sam game turned into a bloodbath in which all the wrestler fought outside the ring, except Yado and Oyi. Yado turned Oyu in retention for victory. Hayabuza took part in the tournament with 8 participants in order to determine the applicant? 1 in titles FMW Brass Knuckles & Independent Heavyweight Title belonged Gannonsuke. In the first round tournament opponent Hayabuzy been Masato Tanaka, in a match held on March 13, 1998th year in the sports center Saporro Nakajima. 16th February Kodo Fudzhuki had his own show, which Hayabuza first fought in a match against Fudzhuki. Fudzhuki finished the match, tore the Hayabuzy mask and showing the public bloodied face Hayabuzy. After a series of lariatov Fudzhuki pinned Hayabuzu. On March 13 Hayabuza and Tanaka had a brilliant match, in which Hayabuza won Tanaka boom Falcon to secure a place in the quarter-finals of the tournament. On March 16, 1998th in Iwate, Hayabuza fought Yado. Gannonsuke was behind the ring was trying to help Yado at the earliest opportunity to deprive Hayabuzu victory in the match and the right to fight gladiators in the final. However, despite the efforts of Gannonsuke in the match won Hayabuza. 17th March Hayabuza fought with his longtime enemy - Gladiator in the final tournament for the pretendentstvo the title. Hayabuza launched a Gladiator on the table and climbed up on the corner of the ring, to finish it, but waking Gladiator Hayabuzu tried to throw off a bomb from the counter, but Hayabuza translated bomb in Hurrakanranu and pinned Gladiator up to 3 ex -. Given the opportunity to fight for the title of Mister Gannonsuke. 21-ogoaprelya 1998th at Korakuen Hall, Jeans Shinzaki finally got some revenge on his old adversary Gannonsuke in a street fight in which he held after his bomb run, a week before his return to Michinoku Pro. 26 on April 1998th in Kyoto, Hayabuza and Shinzaki lost Yokohiro Kanemura and Yado Gannonsuke after the intervention, which climbed into the ring and began to spit fire, giving the opportunity to Yado Brainbuster on Hayabuze. 30 on April 1998th in the sports center in Yokohama Bunka, Hayabuza fought with Mr. Gannonsuke in the match for the FMW Double Titles. Hayabuza at the beginning of the game made a strong dropkik in his knee, but that, despite the injury, he continued the match, went on a damaged knee Hayabuza enemy, and then changed his tactics, trying to knock out power Gannonsuke their hi-fly maneuvers. They fought more than 20 minutes and after an unsuccessful Tierra Birds in the performance Gannonsuke, Hayabuza finished off the enemy's perfect Phoenix Splash, bringing the victory and FMW Brass Knuckles and Independent Titles. Hayabuza titles held high above his head, while his friend Jeans Shinzaki left the hall without congratulations and Gannonsuke standing up his friends from Team No Respect. After this match Gannonsuke sent to hospital where he underwent surgery to traumatized knee, and he will not serve 6 months. Hayabuza finally again became the protagonist promotion since his victory over Onitoy in the 95th.

. Part 7: ECW and the new FMW:

. On May 1 st the 1998th house in Tokyo in the first All Japan Home Show Tokyo, Hayabuza with Kintaro Shiga and the legendary Giant Babbitt fought against Joon Izumidy, Kimaly 2nd and Jeans Shinzaki
. The outcome of the match decided Hayabuza, retaining Izumidu after 450 Firebird Splash. After the match Hayabuza and Shinzaki remained in the ring together, and Shinzaki finally Hayabuze shook his hand, congratulating him with the championship. On May 19 1998th in Korakuen Hall, Hayabuza held its first title defense against his longtime friend - Masato Tanaka. They showed their best match, in which Tanaka first demonstrated his new crown, a variety of DDT, which he will subsequently be used for many years. Hayabuza Tanaka won after boom Falcon. On May 27, 1998th in Hakata Star Leyns, Kodo Fudzhuki and Hayabuzu defeated Kintaro Kanemura and Masato Tanaka in the match as champion Brass Knuckles in the pair battle, after Kanemura turned Tanaka in retention. 19th June 1998 at Korakuen, Masato Tanaka spent his last match before going to ECW. Hayabuza announced that he had in the match will be an unknown partner. It turned out to Daisuke Ikeda. Hayabuza, Ikeda, Hisakatsu Hoya and Ricky Fuji defeated Kodo Fudzhuki, Kanemuru, Nakagawa, and Guido. Ricky Fuji pinned Guido after Rolling Brainbuster and initiated fyuda between Team No Respect and a new grouping of the phoenix. 26 on June 1998th Hayabuza successfully defended his titles against encroachments Yukohiro Kanemury used against Kanemury his own bat with barbed wire. 10th July 1998-CSOs in Korakuen Hall, Hayabuza, Daisuke Ikeda, Hisakatsu Hoya and Ricky Fuji fought against Team No Respect in the match at Shootout. By the end of the match Hayabuza remained one of his team against Fudzhuki and Nakagawa. Fudzhuki Hayabuzy tore off the mask, and Nakagawa repeatedly struck Hayabuzu bat in the face, causing excessive bleeding, and then spat in the face of green trash Hayabuzy and held him. In his dressing room green and bloody Hayabuza were furious, and shouted, as he fed up with Team No Respect, and that he no longer wants to deal with them. At Heatwave 98 Hayabuza reappeared in ECW, along with jeans Shinzaki he fought against Sabu and Rob Van Dam for the ECW team titles. At the end of the match champions struck contenders tables, and Sabu pinned Shinzaki. 22nd August 1998-th year in a TV studio Tokyo, Isaac introduced viewers the dark side characters Hayabuzy and addressed as The Darkside of the match against Koji Nakagawa. The Darkside dominated throughout the match and held a tombstone on the manager Goh Itoh, . and then climbed up on the corner of the ring and got ready for the Phoenix Splash, . but at this moment in the hall lights went out and came Mr. Gannonsuke dressed in a suit and cut down jeans Shinzaki Hayabuzu bomb and put it Nakagawa, . left the room,
. Referee counted three strokes, and awarded victory Nakagawa, The Darkside but not like this outcome of the match and he continued beating Nakagawa up until that failed to escape from the ring with Go Ito. 1st September 1998, CSO Saporro Nakajima Sports Center, Hayabuza defended his FMW Double Titles in a match against Hisakatsu Oyi, with whom they had a month ago it was a tie after 30-minute limit. On September 8, the 1998th at Korakuen Hall, Hayabuza and Daisuke Ikeda defeated Kodo Fudzhuki and Yukohiro Kanemuru, having the right to claim the FMW Brass Knuckles Tag Team Championship. After the match Fudzhuki Hayabuzu attacked and threw him a challenge to battle for titles. 20th September 1998, CSOs at Fudzhiki-gan Shaw Hayabuza successfully defended their titles from a member No Respect Yado. After Hayabuza pinned Yado, jumped into the ring Kodo Fudzhuki, Koji Nakagawa, and Gedo and beat Hayabuzu, to help him jumped Ricky Fuji. There was a gong, and ran into a official handicap match. Fudzhuki quickly tore the mask from Hayabuzy, and Nakagawa struck him outside a subject's head and began to bleed Hayabuza. Then Hayabuzu bodislemom thrown from the ring on the table, and he retired from the match, leaving Ricky Fuji fight alone against three opponents. Fuji lasted for some time and even survived a bomb on Super Fudzhuki before Hayabuza Verne

ulsya in the match, bringing a new face mask. Fudzhuki pinned Hayabuzu after lariata. FMW President Shoichi Arai announced that Fudzhuki and Nakagawa, both are entitled to fight for Double Titles. Fudzhuki Nakagawa gave a first opportunity to fight on October 6 in Korakuen Hall, and if he does not win, the next challenger is himself Fudzhuki. On October 6 in Korakuen Hall, Koji Nakagawa, ruined his chance to become a champion FMW, after, bloody Hayabuza still pinned his opponent. Kodo Fudzhuki came out with a bottle of champagne logged in the event of victory, and Nakagawa vyprysnul Champagne Hayabuze in the face and said that he - Kodo Fudzhuki will be the man who finished the championship Hayabuzy. 24th October 1998 held for a new type of FMW match, which was called "Come Out and Play". In the match had two teams of 7 people in each, started the match as a regular guy fight, but as soon as a member of one of the teams has been withheld, he left the game and replaced him the next, until, until all the 7 members of one team will not be withheld. The team participated in a match against the Phoenix Team No Respect. The outcome of the match decided Hayabuza, retaining Kodo Fudzhuki after 450 Splash. On October 26 in Chiba, Hayabuza and Daisuke Ikeda defeated Kodo Fudzhuki and Yukohiro Kanemura in the match for the FMW Brass Knuckles Tag Team Titles, after Ikeda knocked Kanemuru. It was the second time when Hayabuza had a commanding titles. 20 st November 1998th in Yokohama, Hayabuza defended their titles from Kodo Fudzhuki. Fudzhuki held one of the most difficult match of his career, during which he spent on Hayabuzu techniques such as DDT with ropes and Muscle Buster. Yet Hayabuza dominated and he was already preparing to hold the Phoenix Splash, but missed, and it cost him the title. Fudzhuki finished off his lariatom and pinned, finished seven months championship Hayabuzy.

. Part 8: Another blow:

. 22 st November 1998th FMW is announcing a tournament of 16 people, which was called "Over The Top", to determine the applicant? 1 on the title FMW
. Hayabuza took part in the tournament and his opponent was Gedo. In the second round, he had to meet with Fudzhuki, who also took part in the tournament for their titles. Before the second round of Hayabuza at the press conference spoke at length as he pleased that once again meet with Fudzhuki in the second round of the tournament on December 13 and get revenge for his defeat. On December 5 1998th in Osaka Hayabuza defeated the Gedo region in the first round of the tournament. But instead of the long-awaited Fudzhuki Hayabuze, in the second round had to fight with Hisakatsu Oia. On December 13, 1998th at Korakuen Hall Hisakatsu Hoya downsizing won Hayabuzu in highly technical match. Hayabuza could not believe that he dropped out of the tournament and lost the right to fight for the titles. 5th January 1999, CSO Korakuen Hall, Hayabuza fought with Tetsuhiro Kuroda, who went very far in the tournament "Over The Top". They showed a great hardcore match, which lasted most of the time for the ring. And when they do return to the ring, put on the body Hayabuza Kuroda chair and made him Lunar Salto, and then finished off Strela Falcon. 16th January 1999, CSO Korakuen Hall, Hayabuza and Jeans Shinzaki appeared in the All Japan. 13 on February 1999th they were fighting for the All Japan All Asian Tag Titles against Tamonov Honda and June Izumidy. After 20 minutes of battle Shinzaki pinned Honda became the first wrestler not from who became All Japan All Asian Tag Champions. 16th February 1999 Hayabuza and Masato Tanaka defeated the team of Mr Gannonsuke and Hideki Hosaka. After the game, Tanaka took the microphone and said that will no longer partner Hayabuzy. 18th February Kodo Fudzhuki defended his title against Daisuke Ikeda, after the match Hayabuza came to support his defeat another, but Ikeda said that he no longer wants to have nothing to do with Hayabuzoy and leaving FMW. 21st February 1999-CSOs in Hakata Star Leyns, Hayabuza fought with Mr. Gannonsuke and Gannonsuke finally got over it a long-awaited rematch. After the match to Gannonsuke joined Hideki Hosaka and Super Leiser and beat Hayabuzu until then, until they were dispersed Kodo Fudzhuki. On February 27 1999th in Korakuen Hall, Hayabuza and Hisakatsu Hoya fought against Mr Gannonsuke and Hideki Hosaka in Korakuen Hall,. During the match Hoya betrayed Hayabuzu and held it back supleks, ensuring an easy victory for Gannonsuke. When Hayabuza, Oia, Hosaka and Leiser began beating Hayabuzu, he jumped to the aid Fudzhuki previously attacked Gannonsuke and saved his former rival. However Fudzhuki Hayabuza formed a new team and participated in the tournament for the team titles. 19th March 1999-CSO Saporro Nakajima, Hayabuza and Jeans Shinzaki defended his All Japan All Asian Tag Titles against Masato Tanaka and Tetsuhiro Kuroda in a magnificent half-hour match. 29th March 1999-CSOs in Korakuen Hall, Kodo Fudzhuki Hayabuza and got a draw in the match with Masato Tanaka and Tetsuhiro Kuroda in the tournament for the team titles FMW. Hayabuza and Fudzhuki defeated Koji Nakagawa, Gedo with, Mr Gannonsuke & Hisakatsu Oyey, Armageddon, Super Litana with Hideki Hosaka, Yokohiro Kanemuru with Hido, and Daisuke Ikeda with Mohammed Yona and to the finals of the tournament. 2 May 1999th in Tokyo House for All Japan show dedicated to the death of the Giant Babb, Hayabuza together with the Great Sasuke and Tiger Mask fought to the outcome of the 30-minute limit against Manuk Mossman, Yoshinari Ogawa and Masahito Kakihara. May 3, 1999th in Nagoya, and Kodo Hayabuza Fudzhuki fought with Masato Tanaka and Tetsuhiro Kuroda in the final of the tournament for the FMW Brass Knuckles Tag Team Championship. Tanaka knocked Fudzhuki and secured her victory in the match and titles, then the team broke Fudzhuki and Hayabuzy. On May 5 1999th in Ykogama Bunka, Hayabuza and Jeans Shinzaki fight against Masato Tanaka and Tetsuhiro Kuroda in the match, according to the rules which wrestler resist the enemy, becomes a contender for titles owned Fudzhuki. Was won by Kuroda, destroying all hopes Hayabuzy regain title

. In Maine Event Fudzhuki went with Mr. Gannonsuke, Koji Nakagawa, Yokohiro Kanemuroy, Yado, Gedo and Hido and they revived the Team No Respect. Fudzhuki defeated Kuroda with it. Once Fudzhuki pinned Kuroda, he was attacked Hayabuza and received from the Whole No Respect. Masato Tanaka ran into the room and saved Hayabuzu. The next show Hayabuza entered the ring accompanied by Tanaka, Kuroda, Ricky Fuji, Hideki Hosaka, Hisakatsu Oja and Flying guy Ishihara, and claimed that they were joining forces to confront with Team No Respect. 31st May 1999 at Korakuen Hall, FMW President Shoichi Arai said that Fudzhuki appointed manager of fighting. Team FMW fought with Team No Respect in the Game 5 on 5 at the Shootout. During the match Kuroda got revenge, . throwing Fudzhuki, . Tanaka, Koji Nakagawa, threw, . Hideki Hosaka knocked Kanemuru, . let him across the table, . Gannonsuke was disqualified, . after the struck Hayabuzu in the groin, . and Hayabuza spent 450 Splash Guido, . extracting a victory for the team FMW.,

. Part 9: X:

. 4th June 1999-th year in the sports center Saporro Nakayama, Kodo Fudzhuki announced that FMW would no longer cooperate with any of the Japanese promotions, and will be fully independent
. This led to the match, in which Hayabuza and Jeans Shinzaki had to play the All Asian Champion title in paired fighting team Takao Omori and Yoshihiro Takayama. Of June 15, 1999th at Korakuen Hall, Kodo Managing Fudzhuki entered the ring with a microphone and asked to leave the hall Hayabuzu. When he came out, Fudzhuki said that he did not need superheroes in the company, and asked Hayabuzu get rid of the mask, and to fight again as Isaac Agee. Enraged Hayabuza Fudzhuki tossed from the ring. On June 23 1999th Hayabuza tried to talk with Shoichi Arai on the decision Fudzhuki, but Arai also insisted that Hayabuza unmasked. 2 on July 1999th at a press conference in Tokyo, Kodo Fudzhuki announced that it will replace the titles in the titles FMW WEW, and the first title will be WEW title fights in 6 people. Holders of this title shall be defined in the tournament 4-ex commands, scheduled for July 31, the 99th year in Korakuen Hall. Participated in the tournament team: Hayabuza with Tetsuhiro Kuroda and Masato Tanaka Gannonsuke with Yukohiro Kanemuroy and Yado, Super Lita with Armageddon, and Kodo Fudzhuki with Koji Nakagawa and Gedo. On July 18, 1999th match Fudzhuki, Nakagawa and Gedo against Gannonsuke, Kanemury and Yado ended in a tie for the time limit, and 19 on July 1999th Fudzhuki team lost to team Super Litana. On July 31, 1999th at Korakuen Hall, in the first match Hayabuza brought victory for his team in a match with the team Super Lita, after having met him Fire Bird Splash. Immediately after the announcement of the winner of this match in the ring appeared Gannonsuke team, and attacked the winners. The match lasted about 20 minutes before until Hayabuza pinned Yado. The next in the ring Fudzhuki team jumped out and began to fight with the already rather worn out by a team Hayabuzy. Constant interference Gannonsuke losing team, became the reason that Hayabuza virtually single-handedly fought Fudzhuki, Nakagawa and Gedo. And after a series of command techniques and corona Lariata Fudzhuki pinned Hayabuzu and brought his team titles WEW 6 Man Tag Team Champions. Then Fudzhuki made the announcement at the next show at Korakuen Hall, where the team Hayabuza, Kuroda and Hoya will have to fight with Nakagawa, and Guido Kanemuroy. But then appointed Hayabuze match against Yukohiro Kanemuru for the championship title FMW Brass Knuckles, and appointed his last match in the mask on the 25th August in Sapporo Nakajima Sports Center against Gannonsuke. On August 20, 1999th at Korakuen Hall, Hayabuza appeared in Gimmicks Darkside of Hayabusa and along with Tetsuhiro Kuroda and Hisakatsu Oyey fought with the team Koji Nakagawa, and Guido Yukohiro Kanemury in the match with a Japanese bamboo sticks. Hayabuza showed the dark side of his character during the match, beating with a stick and Guido Kanemuru. At the end of the match Hayabuza crawled to the corner of the ring, to hold one of their crowns, and Guido tried to overthrow him, but was spitting green mist in his face and then finished off his Hayabuza 450 Fire Bird splash screens and brought the victory for his team. August 23 1999th in Korakuen Hall, Hayabuza won the title FMW Brass Knuckles, defeating Kanemuru, and this was the last match Agee Isaac in Korakuen Hall. For Hayabuzy was arranged a special ceremony, where all interested could bid farewell to the Phoenix Gimmicks. Many of his friends came to bid farewell to his Gimmicks: Masato Tanaka, Tetsuhiro Kuroda, Hisakatsu Oya, Ricky Fuji and the Flying Boy Ishihara. 25th August 1999 CSO Activities Center Saporro Nakajima, Hayabuza fought with Mr. Gannonsuke, defending his title FMW Brass Knuckle s. During the match Gannonsuke injured neck Hayabuzy Tombstounom from the corner of the ring, but Hayabuza still won, following on the arrow Gannonsuke Falcon. Kodo Fudzhuki entered the ring with flowers to congratulate Hayabuzu with a victory, but instead hit him with a bouquet on the face, after which the team No Respect jumped into the ring and started beating Hayabuzu team

. FMW tried to save their leader, . but were pushed out of the ring, . and Gannonsuke and Fudzhuki Hayabuzu put on a dog's collar and took off his mask, . and then took off his pants and left him in the ring completely naked while Sena Wakana not rushed into the ring and did not bring him a dressing gown, . and Shoichi Arai released into the ring Fudzhuki ordered to stop these abuses, . but Fudzhuki was furious and did not stop, . Although, . that Arai closed Hayabuzu a, . came to the rescue, Masato Tanaka and threw Fudzhuki and Gannonsuke from the ring,
. Losing mask Hayabuza still not agreed to act under his real name and began calling themselves N. On August 27, 1999th in Ashikava, Agee, Isaac made his debut as "H" in the match 10 people for a Shootout, in which he pinned Guido, Yado, Yukohiro Kanemuru and after the corona H Edge pinned Kodo Fudzhuki, bringing her victory. Then H climbed to the corner of the ring and attacked dropkikom Gannonsuke, who was in the ring, resulting in the strongest Gannonsuke received a knee injury and was taken to hospital. 3rd September 1999 H, Masato Tanaka and Tetsuhiro Kuroda fought against Kodo Fudzhuki, Yukohiro Kanemura and Guido. During the match appeared in the hall Gannonsuke Hayabuzy wearing a mask, jumped on the corner of the ring and attacked dropkikom H, Tetsuhiro Kuroda, meanwhile, pinned Guido, bringing the victory for his team, and with the remnants of Fudzhuki N o Respect Team left the room. Backstage Gannonsuke said that he is a Hayabuza, and H-impostor. 24th September 1999 at Korakuen Hall, N, Tetsuhiro Kuroda, Ishihara and the Flying Boy Yoshinari Sasaki defeated "Hayabuzu, Koji Nakagawa and Gedo, and their unknown partner, who was" Pornostar "Shokobol Mukai. Mukai was the star of Japanese hard porn, which since childhood dream to become a wrestler and realized his dream in FMW. During the match "Hayabuza attacked the girl Ishihara Sung Wakano and put on her dog collar. When Shokobol saw as "Hayabuza" refers to a lady, and stood up for her, for which he received the bomb from "Hayabuzy". Meanwhile, H pinned Gedo after H Edge, picked up the microphone and called "Hayabuzu" to match the rules "exploding anal" on the next show in Korakuen Hall. Under the rules of the match winner zasunet petard ass loser. Just as it was in the 1991st in the FMW Dojo with Isaac and Honda. On October 29 1999th H and Hayabuza "met in a match of" exploding anal ". They fought behind the scenes in the ring and in the spectator room, before long "Hayabuza" is not shackled with handcuffs to the N corner of the ring and shoved him in the ass fireworks. Naohiko Yamazaki helped Hayabuze freed from handcuffs. Later on the same show Hayabuza "was released in the room with a bat in his hands and called Kodo Fudzhuki, but instead in the room, reappearing H and they continued fighting, initiated at the beginning of the show. 23rd November at the Yokohama Arena, H fought with Hayabuzoy "in the Maine Event, a special referee which was WWF champion Shawn Michaels. Both showed a truly great match, during which "Hayabuza" received from Sean Dolce toothache and passed out, and Sean tried to take off his mask, but H stopped him. Waking "Hayabuza" he took off his mask, showing that he actually - Gannonsuke, the match continued. Gannonsuke spent on H payldrayver with ropes, and then began to seek his supleksami, and even held a "Fire Thunder, but still not able to keep H. N took the initiative and held at Gannonsuke all its bits at a time, and retained after the Phoenix Splash. After the match, Sean took the microphone and congratulated both with a magnificent match, and advised Gannonsuke be a man and shake the hand of Isaac. H Gannonsuke out his hand and shook it, to which Hall responded to thunderous applause. H Gannonsuke said that all their differences can be left in the past and that they may again be friends.

. Part 10: Return of the Hayabusa:

. 1st December 1999-th year in Osaka, . Isaac and Masashi Honda fought back in a pair, . again became champions WEW, . after the match Masato Tanaka came to the locker room and said to Gannonsuke, . that he could not understand, . as Hayabuza could forgive Gannonsuke after all, . that he made him,
. On December 3, 1999th in Nagoya, H and Gannonsuke with Masato Tanaka fought in the team match against 6 people Kintaro Kanemury, Koji Nakagawa and Gedo. H finished the match after holding Gedo H Edge. After the match Masato Tanaka said that he no longer wants to deal with any Hayabuzoy nor with Gannonsuke. 11th December 1999-CSOs in Korakuen Hall, Tetsuhiro Kuroda, and Hisakatsu Hoya tried to regain the titles WEW champions in team battles, but not well. 12th December 1999 at Korakuen Hall, Tetsuhiro Kuroda, together with WEW champion Masato Tanaka fought against the H and Gannonsuke. H brought his team victory, holding his new finisher H Thunder on Kuroda. Tanaka took the microphone after the match and began to insult Gannonsuke and H, Tanaka joined by Bolles Mahoney and Axel Rotten. 5th January 2000-th year in Korakuen Hall, Kodo Fudzhuki returned to FMW as the leader of ECW Japan which included Coco different, Pitbul and Bolles Mahoney, who won H Gannonsuke, Hisakatsu Hoya and Ricky Fuji in bloody match. 8 on January 2000th N lost in the team match Fudzhuki Kodo Koko and another of the intervention Bolles Mahoney. This made Kodo Fudzhuki and Coco Others products contenders? 1 on the team titles. 18th February 2000-th year in the club Kawasaki H met with Bolles Mahoney in a bloody 'street fight'. H won the bloodiest match in his career, because Gannonsuke prevented Fuyuki and

Others products intervene in the match. 25th February 2000-th year in Korakuen Hall, Kodo Fuyuki and Coco Others products met with H and Mr. Gannonsuke for Team Championship WEW. The match ended after Fuyuki turned Gannonsuke to hold up to three, bringing his team the victory and Team Championship WEW. On March 27, 2000th year in Korakuen Hall H Gannonsuke took place, which was sent to the hospital, in a match three of three on one side were Koji Nakagawa, Gedo Yado and, on the other hand were H, Yoshinori Sasaki and Naohiko Yamatsaki. The first team won, after Yado pinned Yamatsaki. In Maine Event show is back Masato Tank, who a few months ago left FMW and went to ECW, and attacked Tetsuhiro Kuroda, but then ran out of H and their wrestling. 3rd April 2000-th year in Zapp Saporo, Fuyuki said that if he does not win the next two days, he withdraws from the Professional Wrestling. In the first match Fuyuki fought with H in a match one on one for the first time, after the battle, which took place 20th November 1998-th year, the winner of the match was the same as two years ago. 4th April 2000-th year in the match Zapp Saporo 'Come out and Play' H entered the command FMW. First, they removed from the game Chokobolla Mukai, then Coco different, and at the end of the Others products. 11th April 2000-th year in Korakuen Hall H has teamed up with Mister Gannonsuke returned to fight with Masato Tanaka and Bolles Mahoney. While H posing on the counter, Bolles Mahoney vilely attacked him and held him Nutcraker c counter tops. It seemed that Hayabuza heavily traumatized, and soon Yoshinori Sasaki took him in the locker room. At this time Mr Gannonsuke have begun to command methods, but soon he came to the aid of Kodo Fuyuki, but soon he was defeated. All of a sudden out of nowhere came Hayabuza with a mask, to help Gannonsuke, but Tanaka has Diamond Dust on Hayabuze and pinned him to win. 28th April H Dzhinseya Shinzaki invited to the 5th show Komazawa, in the hope that they reform their team. On May 5, the 2000th year in the Olympic Hall of Komazawa, Agee Isaac returned during the battle Hayabuzy and Masato Tanaka. Jeans Shinzaki appeared before the match and took seats. Isaac attacked his former friend, but soon received a bomb on the table from Masato Tanaka, and then spent Hayabuza 'H Thunder' Tanaka to win. After the match Hayabuza summoned to fight the champion title holder W EW Kodo Fuyuki to battle for title. On May 28 at Korakuen Hall, the new World champion WEW Kodo Fuyuki was the special referee in the tripartite match between H, Mister Gannonsuke and Tetsuhiro Kuroda for pretendentstvo number one title WEW. Special referee match left no ring on crutches. First flew Tetsuhiro Kuroda, who was pinned H. At this time, Mr. Gannonsuke struck on the back H crutch and began to hold, and Kodo Fuyuki leaned on Gannonsuke to increase retention, bringing Gannonsuke victory. Hayabusa took the microphone after the defeat and with indignation about the result of the match, . then went FMW President Shoichi Arai, along with Coco Others products, . Chokobollom Mukai and Koji Nakagawa and said, . that the judge's decision is final and incontestable, . and that H is a selfish bastard,
. Here H is not passed and attacked the president, but was attacked by Hideki Hosaka, Yoshinori Sasaki, Gannonsuke and other. Together they beat Tetsuhiro Kuroda H and. Thus, a new group - Shin Fuyuki - guns. Here to the aid of H and Tetsuhiro Kuroda ran Hisakatsu Oh, Naohiko Yamazaki, Flying guy Ishihara, Ricky Fuji and attacked Shin Fuyuki - guns. After that, behind the scenes Arai said that Ricky Fuji has made the biggest mistake of his life. 30th May 2000-th year in a ditch, Koji Nakagawa, who on May 28 in Korakuen Hall turned away from Team No Respect, joined Shin Fuyuki - guns c new Gimmicks and named GOEMON. Then H damaging his knee and because of that misses a series of home show. On June 6 the 2000th year in Fukushima, Ricky Fuji when signing autographs, he was attacked by Shin Fuyuki - guns, then they threw him into a cellar and threw debris, after which they sfotograf

. Associate defeated Ricky and told that he must find a partner to meet with GOEMON and Fuyuki in June at the 17th show in Korakuen Hall
. 8th June 2000-th year in Chiba, H said that he would unite with 'Hayabuzoy' on the 16th Korakuen Hall show. 16th June in Korakuen Hall during the show Gannonsuke mocked bound Ricky Fuji, and even wanted to blow it up. Later that evening H went into battle without one 'Hayabuzy' against GOEMON and Fuyuki, but soon it had a commanding receptions, and he had great difficulty, yet it did not come to the aid of Genichiro Tenryu in a mask and costume Hayabuzy. Tenryu quickly cut down Goemona chair and began to beat Fuyuki. He spent a bomb on it, while H climbed to the top of the rack and held out 'Firebird 450 Splash' to win. Then H celebrated his victory, and 'Hayabuza' left the room. Suddenly titantrone showed explosion and what happened with Ricky then H ran to look for her friend. 21st June in Korakuen Hall, Gannonsuke came out and said that he really did not want to blow up Ricky Fuji, but then went GOEMON and said that Gannonsuke not finish its work and Ricky Fuji is still alive. Later in the evening H teamed up with 'Hayabuzoy', Tetsuhiro Kuroda, and a mysterious opponent to fight with GOEMON, Gannonsuke, Kodo Fuyuki and Coco Others products. Mysterious partner was Ricky Fuji. At the end of the match 'Hayabuza' took off his mask and showed everyone that he Genichiro Tenryu, and then, but laid Kodo Fuyuki, and H had on it 'Firebird 450 Splash' to win. 22nd July 2000-th year H and Tetsuhiro Kuroda defeated the Samoans. After the match H said that it was his last match as H and that tomorrow he will return in the guise of Hayabuzy. July 23, 2000th year Hayabusa won his match for the championship title WEW, . after Fuyuki pinned in the team match on June 16 in Korakuen Hall, . but for, . to meet with the champion Hayabuze was to meet with all ten members of the Shin Fuyuki - guns,
. Hayabuza seconds wins Chokobolla Mukai, then won a new member of Shin Fuyuki - guns Flying guy Ishihara, then it is slightly slower beats all the other members: Kintaro Kanemura, Yoshinori Sasaki, Hideki Hosaka, Coco Others products, GOEMON. After Hayabuza met with Fuyuki, . during a match in the battle interferes returned after three months of absence Masato tanks and attack Fuyuki with the 'Roaring Elbow', . but when Hayabuza climbed on the rack, . that would be on Fuyuki 'Firebird 450 Splash' attacked him returned to FMW Jeans Shinzaki, . who spent at Hayabuze 'Praying Powerbomb', . then competed successfully finished off the victory Hayabuzu, . defending his title,
. 28th July 2000-th year in Korakuen Hall Hayabuza combined with returning Masato Tanaka and Hisakatsu Oyem to fight with Gannonsuke, Kodo Fuyuki and Dzhinseem Shinzaki. During the match confident in, . that his former enemy on his side, . Shinzaki ran into a corner, . which stood Hayabuza, . to harm Hayabuze, . but Shinzaki attacked him and held him a couple of tricks, . then he laid his 'Praying Powerbomb', . and Hayabuza spent on it 'Firebird 450 Splash' to win,
. 20th August in Tokyo Differ Ariake Hayabuza with Tetsuhiro Kuroda and Hisakatsu Oyem fought with Mr. Gannonsuke, GOEMON and Kintaro Kanemuroy in the match, in which the winners could face opponents throw pies. In this match the team lost Hayabuzy after GOEMON pinned Kuroda. On August 28 in Korakuen Hall, Jeans Shinzaki stuck in traffic, and therefore he could not fight with Masato Tanaka against GOEMON and Kintaro Kanemura. Masato Tanka lost and finally Jeans Shinzaki appeared and because of all the forces ran into the ring, but was attacked and beaten by Mister Gannonsuke, GOEMON and Kintaro Kanemuroy. Then a friend ran for help Hayabuza. He quickly cut down and GOEMON Kintaro Kanemura. And then he started fighting with Gannonsuke that would get a fight with champion WEW Kodo Fuyuki. In the match Gannonsuke helped Kodo Fuyuki, GOEMON and Kintaro Kanemura, but help came Hayabuze Jeans Shinzaki. He knocked Kanemura with a chair from the desk, then got Fuyuki 'Super Kick', Hayabuza and Jeans Shinzaki together massacred GOEMON, and then finished off Hayabuza Gan

nonsuke with 'H Thunder' to win. 21st September 2000-th year in Sapporo Dome Gren Hayabuza beat Kodo Fuyuki cage under a voltage of 15,000 volts. Hayabuza unable to hold Kodo after 'H Edge', but succeeded, after it had 'Firebird 450 Splash' to win. Now Hayabuza is the number one contender for the title of champion WEW.

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