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Dudarova Veronica B.

( People's Artist of USSR)

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Biography Dudarova Veronica B.
photo Dudarova Veronica B.
Born in Baku, in the Ossetian family. Father worked as an engineer in the oil fields, then in the Supreme Economic Council, the mother has three daughters.

. Primary music education Veronica was in a music school for gifted children at the Baku Conservatory, where the theoretical subjects and conducting with students engaged in Austrian conductor Stefan Strasser
. In the years 1933-1937 she studied at the Music School piano department at the Leningrad Conservatory (class II. Serebryakov). From 1939 to 1947 Veronica Dudarova was a student at the Faculty of symphonic conducting the Moscow Conservatory (class A. Ginsburg, then H. Anosov).

In 1944, Veronika Dudarova worked as conductor of the Central Children's Theater in Moscow, in 1945-1946 - as an assistant conductor of the Opera Studio of the Moscow Conservatory. Since 1947,. Dudarova - conductor, and from 1960 to 1989 - chief conductor and artistic director of the Moscow State Symphony Orchestra. Since 1991, she - the organizer, the artistic director and chief conductor of the State Symphony Orchestra under the direction of Veronica Dudarova (now - Symphony Orchestra of Russia). In early 2003, Veronika Dudarova invited for the post of chief conductor of the Symphony Orchestra of Russia Honored Artist of Russia Pavel Sorokin. Veronica B. remains the artistic director of the orchestra.

Veronica B. Dudarova - an outstanding symphony conductors. She - the world's only woman conductor of the lead for so many years, groups of large symphony orchestras.

. The combination of high spirituality, depth and passion, improvisation, and brilliant, integrity, a brilliant conductor technology and elegant artistry defines particularly the performing style of the conductor
. Name Veronica Dudarova legendary, it has become synonymous with the standard of musical performance, phenomenal talent, a successful creative destiny, a rare performance.

. Veronika Dudarova - Conductor unlimited repertoire features, sensitive interpreter of Russian and Soviet classics and modern avant-garde scores and Baroque music, works of European classicism and romanticism
. Artist tremendous temperament and dynamism, a delicate sense of style, form, surprising tonal hearing, Veronika Dudarova preference for large-scale symphonic canvases and program music. Among the best performances, the conductor - 'Mass in B Minor "by Bach, . 'Stabat Mater' Pergolesi, . 'Requiem' by Verdi, . 'John of Damascus' Taneyev, . 'Requiem' by Mozart, . Kursk Songs', . 'Pathetic Oratorio' Sviridov, . Mozart Symphonies, . Beethoven, . Brahms, . Tchaikovsky, . Rachmaninoff, . Shostakovich, . Myaskovsky, . program works P,
. Strauss, Debussy, Ravel, Gershwin.

Performing Arts Veronica Dudarova zhizneutverzhdayusche and optimistic. It was dominated by high romantic spirit, an atmosphere of mutual trust with the public. Interpretations conductor attract fresh concepts, a burning feeling, convincingly dramatic decisions.

Art V.B. Dudarova is a whole epoch in the national musical performance and is based on the high ideals of Russian democratic culture. Creative longevity is combined in a musician with a great artistic form and spiritual youth, breadth of interests - from self-development and purpose.

In the years 1940-1960 in. Dudarova emerged as an artist, open, genuine art, as an outstanding educator. In 1970-1980-e, not breaking with the former artistic aspirations, the conductor becomes an apologist for a romantic, full of momentum and impulse performing. In 1990-2000-ies in the work of conductor ever more clearly appear the classic trends, features the art of philosophical depth, restrained simplicity and clarity.

With the name in. Dudarova associated formation and development of symphonic festival traditions in the cities of Russia. Conductor on numerous occasions from concerts to festivals Tchaikovsky in Izhevsk and Votkinsk, . Glinka - in Smolensk, . Rachmaninov - in Tambov, . Shostakovich - in Volgograd, . in festivals, . concerts, . competitions in Rostov-na-Donu, . Irkutsk, . Kostroma, . Ryazan, . Vladikavkaz, . Sochi, . Kaliningrad, . Ivanovo, . Kaluga and other cities.,

. Excellent interpreter of contemporary music,
. Dudarova actively promotes the works of local authors. Especially fruitful collaboration with the composers, conductor, r. Sviridov A. Khachaturian, T. Khrennikov, A. Eshpai, P. Shchedrin, M. Tariverdiyeva, A. Schnittke, C. Gubaidulina, W. Chalaevym, A. Tchaikovsky, and Golovin, etc.

In. Dudarova - a sensitive ensemble. In her concerts were and are famous soloists, world stars such as O. Kagan, L. Kogan, AND. Kozlovsky, T. Nikolaeva, IN. Viardot, A. Gavrilov, N. Gutman, L. Isakadze IN. Krainov, D. Kremer, T. Milashkina, M. Pletnev, T. Sinyavskaya, A. Slobodyanik, D. Sokolov, V. Spivakov, L. Timofeeva, V. Tretyakov et al

Conductor recorded music for some 50 films, including 'The Forty-first', 'Idiot', '6 July ',' Daily Star ',' Nahalenok ',' Crane '. Implemented in. Dudarova recording of Russian and world classical music composed in the golden fund of the state radio and television, has repeatedly been recognized by experts the best in the market of world music audio products.

. From the first days of artistic career in
. Dudarova seriously engaged in musical enlightenment and education of the younger generation. Sunday symphony concerts in the Great Hall of the Conservatory, . concert hall 'Russia', . evenings for young people in the Column Hall (Moscow), . children symphonic lectures in cities of Russia, . performances of young musicians - these are the main forms of diverse and serious work of a conductor with the youth,
. An exceptional pedagogical gift conductor is manifested in the daily work of rehearsal with the orchestra and soloists. V. Dudarova brought hundreds of highly skilled orchestral musicians.

Veronika Dudarova repeatedly toured Europe, Asia, Latin America, to the delight of the audience and critics. Here are some press reactions to her performances in different countries.

'The very presence in the Moscow Chamber Orchestra has become an event, especially because of the control female authority, strength and temperament ... Veronika Dudarova leads the orchestra meticulously, with complete dedication to their profession. Brushes her hands so respond to music that seems to have it they draw the melodic line. It does not just lead, it controls every step, every movement on the decomposition of the score in front of her, that no detail of the work did not escape the attention that was not the slightest falsehood. Most clearly volitional top conductor's baton Dudarova evident in Shostakovich's Sixth Symphony '(' Van Guardia ', Barcelona, 1986, 7 March).

. 'The concert of the Istanbul State Symphony Orchestra under the direction of the Soviet conductor Dudarova: wearing the nature of educational seminars, not only for members of the orchestra and the musicians, but also for all students
. We Dudarova have a magical talisman, which we so far seen a small number of conductors. I had the opportunity to attend rehearsals of such great conductors as L. Bernstein, T. Beacham, T. von Karajan, K. Abbado, B. Haitink. They conduct the orchestras of world-class. Each of them has his own handwriting, his method and approach to the unification of the orchestra. Dudarova has a special kind of magnetism, which does not even have these great conductors. That is why it is closer to us than all the other '(Turkey,' Cumhuriyet ', 1985, 24 April).

. "For a great rendition of the concert of the highest word recognition is due the entire orchestra, and especially Veronica Dudarova, which in his own person combines the best features of an artist, musician, sculptor, film director and conductor of sounds' (from the Yugoslav press).

. 'Conducting' waltz 'Ravel, she sought the desired sound of the orchestra, as an artist, which parses the various shades to capture their vision on canvas
. An excellent conductor! " ( 'Cuba', 1969, July).

'Seц¦or Dudarova appeared as a sensational event in the history of music in our country ... Dudarova led the orchestra in an excellent manner, setting off the tiniest details, allowing you to achieve excellent performance '(Mexico,' El Nacional ', 1975, 29 July).

. 'Applause from the audience showed a full understanding of the interpretation and recognition of Dudarova game orchestra
. Veronika Dudarova - a conductor of high class, impressive musician, reaching into every step of the score actually a piece of music. The manner of conducting, a very beautiful and original, eliminates bad game of the orchestra '(Poland,' Glos robotnitski ', 1985, 16 March).

. 'Interpretation Dudarova' Francesca da Rimini 'refers to the highest artistic achievements of the Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra' ( 'Policy Express', 1975, April 3).

. 'The work of Veronica Dudarova with the orchestra can be compared with the interpretation of Mahler, Herbert von Karajan and the orchestra, Mr.
. Odense played so consistently and at the same time, peculiar, that it can be argued that no Danish band is not reached before such an understanding of Mahler. Dudarova with its ability to pass the psychological state in the sound of the orchestra has made his voice almost visible '(' Yullandsposten ', 1976, 28 February).

. 'Gewandhaus concert provided an opportunity to get acquainted with a dazzling conductor woman ..
. Veronika Dudarova was described by critics as' fiery 'conductor, and indeed, its conductor, gestures have something in common with sparkling flames of fire' (from the press reviews of the GDR. Op. by: 'Socialist Ossetia', 1979, 28 July).

'This music city hears the first time. Wednesday 15 October will be forever recorded in history Esterzunda. That evening, a woman conductor orchestrated elite orchestra, with more than a hundred. Her name is Veronica Dudarova, and she has reason to carve her name in letters of gold '(Sweden,' Lestidningen ', 1986, 16 October).

. Veronika Dudarova - People's Artist of USSR (1977), . People's Artist of Russia (1960), . People's Artist of Udmurtia (1964), . People's Artist of the Republic of North Ossetia-Alania (1996), . Honored Artist of the RSFSR (1958), . North-Ossetian ASSR (1949), . Laureate of State Prize of Russia (1980), . State Prize to,
. Khetagurova Republic of North Ossetia-Alania (2001). Veronica B. awarded the Orders of October Revolution (1986), 'Honor' (1967), 'For Service to the Fatherland' III degree (1996), the medal 'in the glory Ossetia' (1996). She - Academician of International Academy of Art (1999). Honorary Citizen of Buenos Aires and Vladikavkaz. Name V.B. Dudarova named one of the minor planets of the Solar System (1999).

Lives and works in Moscow.

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Dudarova Veronica B., photo, biography
Dudarova Veronica B., photo, biography Dudarova Veronica B.  People's Artist of USSR, photo, biography
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