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Gotcha Frank Alvin

( Wrestler)

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Biography Gotcha Frank Alvin
photo Gotcha Frank Alvin
st 1: Introduction

"Ladies and gentlemen, I have not seen once in my life such a wrestler, like this guy. If he would follow me, I will make him the new champion of America for several months, "Farmer Burns of Frank Gotcha, December 18, 1899. The man from Humboldt, Iowa - one of the most famous people ever stood on the wrestling ring. He is rightly considered a real pioneer in wrestling. Before, . as wrestling became a TV-show, . before, . as a host of different promotions, . in those days, Frank Gotcha already been a professional wrestler and wrestled from Alaska to New York, . from Chicago to Vancouver, . in small Championships, . that, . unless, . collected up to 30000 spectators,
. He fought with George Hakkenshmidtom in Chicago in 1908 in the very first wrestling-match, which was recorded on film, it is generally the oldest record wrestling, which exists at the present time. He held the world title from 1908 to 1913. Throughout his career he lost only 6 games. He was familiar with such personalities as U.S. President Teddy Roosevelt, champion of world boxing champion James Corbett and White Erpom - real prototype of the famous hero of Westerns. Gotcha participated in the first ever match against a boxer wrestling. He became a real myth wrestling. Here is the story of the village boy from Humboldt, who became a great American hero and tragically passed away in the age of 39 years.
. Part 2: A simple guy from Humboldt ...

. Frank Alvin Gotcha born April 27, 1878 on a farm in 3 miles south of Humboldt, in the central part of Iowa
. He was the ninth and last child of Frederick and Amelia Rudolph Gotcha. His parents were originally from Germany, where in 1855 they were married and where they emigrated to the U.S. in 1863. Frederick entered into a joint army and fought under the command of General Grant in the 1864-65 years. In 1865 he was seriously wounded and was discharged from the army. As a child, Frank worked on a farm of his parents, in the winter when farm work was not much to do, he went to school. Frank did not like school, he was constantly in conflict with other students, and often beaten. His biggest idol was heavyweight boxer champion John L. Sullivan. Frank dreamed of one day becoming a professional boxer. However, being a teenager, he began to get involved in the fight and already at the age of 16 years, triumphed over 23-year and more senior opponents. Gotcha was a very strong physically as he worked on the farm, he weighed 195 pounds, and later reached a weight of 210 pounds. His first professional match took place on June 18, 1899, but, unfortunately, he lost his. In his second match he won the Marshall Green.
Part 3: Meeting

Dan McLeod, a former U.S. champion, this time staying in the vicinity of the farm Gotcha, and he spoke about the phenomenal boy from Humboldt. During one of the festivals McLeod led all comers to a fight, offered to Frank, who did not even know that before him, former U.S. Champion, as McLeod was made not by its real name, but as Dan Stewart. They fought for more than 2 hours, the winner came McLeod. Gotcha was angry that I lost $ 50, but all the anger was when he learned that his opponent was one of the greatest fighters of the time. McLeod was shocked at that, what a 21 year old guy, to such an extent that, immediately got in touch with Martin Farmer Burns and told him that he had found a future World Champion and he needs a good coach. Burns was a legendary wrestler and coach, . He was the first man, . wrote a textbook on the fight in the 19 century, . which is still used, in his era, he was clearly the best, . Although, . that weighed only 165 pounds, . was called Master Zakhvatov (Master of Holds),
. "Ladies and gentlemen, I have not seen once in my life such a lover - wrestling as this guy. If he would follow me I will make him the new champion of America for several months "- then said Burns ...
Part 4: Education

They started training, Gotcha learning fast, very fast. They were engaged in handball, to develop speed, Gotcha never trained with weights, as did Hakkenshmidt and others, but he ran 5-10 miles a day every day in the mountains of Humboldt. Scott Miller became the first wrestler, kotorog Frank forced to surrender on the first version of its corona receiving "Toe Hold". Gotcha defeated every wrestler in Iowa, before heading to Alaska. At this time in the Yukon was a gold rush and gold mining towns of Alaska boxing and wrestling were favorite and profitable attractions. Gotcha fought there under the name of Frank Kennedy, and soon became the Champion of the Klondike, defeating Silas Archer. For 6 months in Alaska Gotcha earned $ 30000 - unthinkable in those days money. But Gotcha got the experience that changed his view of wrestling. Frank Salvini - Champion of the Yukon Amateur Boxing Gotcha summoned for the match. Was appointed a boxing match between them, not boxing / wrestling match. Boxer knocked out and Gotcha soul at the end of the second round Gotcha bleeding. But in the third round Gotcha rallied and grabbed Salvini and threw it in the auditorium. Gotcha was disqualified. But he got a good lesson from this game, years later, he would say that this game has taught him the main thing: I never set foot on foreign territory - boxing - boxing, wrestling - wrestling and force the enemy to act in your style. Philosophy, developed by Gotcha successfully used until now.
Part 5: American Champion

Another happened that can not be considered otherwise than by fate, this time by chance escaped death Gotcha. Gotcha wanted to leave Alaska on a ship, his things were already on board, but then came to him friends, just want to. Together, they drank, and Gotcha missed the boat. A few hours later the ship sank and all 26 people who were on board were killed. People then said that the fate favorable to Gotcha. Returning to Iowa, Gotcha began preparations for the match with Tom Jenkins, then the Champion of America ( "American" Heavyweight Wrestling Championship) - the most important title in America at that time. Tom Jenkins - inventor chopov was known as a cruel and dishonest wrestler. Despite that, Jenkins was named the best wrestler of the time. He won the title since 1899 several times, mostly to the meeting with the already above McLeod. In 1903, Gotcha and Jenkins met in a match, and Jenkins won dishonestly. Rematch held on January 27, 1904 in Bellingame, Washington. Gotcha won the first foul after deduction, then for a long time, no one could prevail. Finally, Jenkins panicked and tried to foul to win the match, but was caught and received a disqualification. So Gotcha, and for the first time became the Champion of the U.S. on Feb. 1, 1905 in Cleveland Gotcha defended his title. March 15 at Madison Square Garden, after much persecution in the press, Jenkins has rematcha and ten and a half minutes to win two fouls, taking away the title from Frank. May 23, 1906 Gotcha and Jenkins met again. The first foul Frank lost on the 26 th minute of the battle, but then rallied and 14 minutes and 17 seconds, winning two fouls, taking away the title from Jenkins.
. Part 6: Hakkenshmidt

. Total Gotcha and Jenkins met 8 times, three times winning Jenkins, and five times Gotcha - the last two matches were held in October and August in Vancouver, and both also won the Gotcha
. By 1906 Gotcha became known not only in the United States, but around the world. December 1, 1906 in New Orleans, Fred Bell defeated Frank Gotcha and took from him the title of Champion USA. Bell won because of the fact that during the match Gotcha, fell, hit his head on turnbukl and lost consciousness. This was the last defeat Frank Gotcha. After 16 days Gotcha played the title back in Kansas City, Missouri, winning two fouls in a row. Gotcha was the last time U.S. champion in the heavyweight division, as the title later became part of the world title. In early 1906, the U.S. has arrived, the then World Champion (Undisputed World Heavyweight Champion) "Russian Lion" George Hakkenshmidt to meet with the American champion. It was not just a meeting of two world stars, it was a confrontation between two styles: Gotcha fought in the style of "catch as catch can", but Hakkenshmidt studied Greco-Roman wrestling. Gotcha was a strong fighter, but next to Hakenshmidtom any opponent look like polutyazh. This match is still considered one of the best in the history of wrestling, followed not only in the U.S. but around the world. Hakkenshmidt was the clear favorite, because by that time was not nepobezhden once and won most of Jenkins' catch as catch the match.
Part 7: Match All Matches

Match all matches took place April 3, 1908 in Chicago in the Dexter Park Pavilion. This was the first match, shot on cameras. Tactics Frank described very simply - Gotcha knew that with such an opponent he has no right to make mistakes, and fought very cautiously. Gotcha was quick as a cat and would not let Hakki impose Greco-Roman style of combat, he kept wringing enemy limbs. Haqq started to become slower, because he had no experience of such long matches. Gotcha applied corona Toe Hold, and surrendered Hakkenshmidt. On 2nd hour 3rd minute Frank Gotcha won the match, when Haqq refused to continue the fight and lost the fight by decision of the judge. Svershilos incredible - invincible was defeated, but the result of the match is still considered controversial, as many witnesses claim that Gotcha cheated during the match. In particular, he anointed with oil, so Hakkenshmidt could not grab hold of him, it was not prohibited, but not quite frankly. Others argue that the referee was bought by Edward Smith Gotcha. However, the result of the match was that the April 3, 1908 Frank Gotcha for the first time became the world champion in the heavyweight division and joined the title with the title Champion of the U.S.. The news of the victory over the Gotcha Hakkenshmidtom was on the front pages of newspapers the next morning around the world.
Part 8: megastar

Frank was a true megastar. In his homeland he was perceived as a true American hero, and he always met with standing. He was invited to the White House by U.S. President Teddy Roosevelt (Hakkenshmidta also invited). In the East Hall Gotcha met in the match with a Japanese expert in Ju-Jitsu, which forced the surrender. In Chicago, Gotcha often seen at a baseball game with the Cubs, and baseball players asked him for autographs. Gotcha went on a world tour, and wherever he appeared, people wanted to see him. The first boom in wrestling was made by Frank Gotcha. In early 1910 Gotcha met with Stanislav Zbisko in Chicago. Zbisko was as strong as Hakkenshmidt, and before the match with Gotcha scored nearly 900 victories. However, the match ended quickly, as the first foul Gotcha already earned at 7 seconds and at 27 minutes and 33 seconds pinned Zbisko and got the second foul, winning the match. Gotcha caused any human being from all over the world. He promised $ 100 reward to those who hold out against him 15 minutes. But he never had to pay ...
Part 9: Rematch, which does not become legendary

Fans want only one thing - rematcha Gotcha and Hakkenshmidta, and they got it. It took place on Sept. 4, 1911 in Kominski Park Chicago. Before the match Gotcha spent the night in the Morrison Hotel, the night crept up to the hotel about a thousand fans, and started chanting the name of Gotcha, and they calmed down only when he leaned out the window. The next day, in Kaminski Park 33000 spectators gathered in order to see an epic game. Charges tickets were 89 000 dollars - a record for that time. However, later in 1938 it became clear that this match was supposed to be pre-specified. Before the match Haqq and Gotcha met and agreed that the Gotcha win with a score of 2:1, a rematch in Europe will have to win Hakkenshmidt. Gotcha, however, thought differently, he was going to be the sole and undisputed World Champion. A few weeks before the match Hakkenshmidt admitted that he has serious problems with the knee. Gotcha paid $ 5000 Ed Santel - Hakka partner for training, as well as very dangerous and experienced wrestler, for the fact that during training increased the trauma Ed Hakka. However, in 1931, Jack Kurlya said he did not believe in this story, because the injury was not a strong Hakka, and the doctor gave him permission to speak, and Santel then do not participate in the training Hakka. But let us return to our sheep: September 4, 1911 it was again 23 match on 27 minutes earned the first foul Gotcha Toe Hold'om, and after six minutes to finish the match retention. "Disappointed as I was at Hack's defeat, I was pleased with the way the match had been conducted. I could see no fault with it. I had thought Hack would win but I had been wrong. The better man won. "- Said later, our hero ...
Part 10: End of Legends

Gotcha continued to fight until April 1, 1913. In Kansas City, he defeated George Luriha - very strong Russian fighter. This was to be his last match. He said: "Boys, I am done. This is positively my final appearance on the mat ". He finally finished with wrestling in late 1914. Between 1906-1913, he was invincible. His official account of 154 wins to 6 lesions. With his departure ended an entire era in wrestling, wrestling ended the first boom that will revive years later, Ed Lewis. After retiring from professional wrestling Gotcha performed in the circus, defeating renowned circus wrestlers Jack Johnson and Jess Willard. In 1916 he returned home in Humboldt and severely ill, even stopped to get out of bed, but on doctor's advice, he went to Colorado and Arkansas, to be treated with mineral baths. The last two weeks of his life, Frank held in his home in Humboldt, with each day it got worse, he could not tear his head from the pillow. Evening, December 17, 1917 he died at his home, according to the official version - from kidney disease. A few years later it became known that the cause of death, Frank was syphilis, but the family of Frank denied this. He was 39, he died four weeks before the fortieth. He is survived by his wife and two children - Frank Jr. and Catherine. Mac Davis, the famous writer of the time, wrote: "When the news of his death reached his hometown of Iowa, the entire state was plunged into mourning. A chilly December evening from all over the U.S. men came to Humboldt, to lay flowers at the grave of a simple country boy, who was the best World Champion in the history of wrestling. "

. However, neither the ridiculous, from the perspective of the modern world, death, or a small list of titles, from the perspective of the achievements of the current stars, can not pray to the value of what the Gotcha
. He first made the whole world to talk about wrestling, thinking about wrestling and dream of wrestling. He showed how the will and perseverance can make an ordinary person a star, which will tell all. He first made a solid and undeniable step to ensure that the wrestling entertainment of the few has become a recognized sport. And descendants is appreciated. In 1996 his name appeared in the Hall of Fame WON (WON Hall of Fame), and Frank Gotcha for a long time was almost the only wrestler of his era, which was awarded this honor. In 2002 the Professional Wrestling Hall of Fame (The Professional Wrestling Hall of Fame aka PWHF) took his Hall of Fame Pioneers of Wrestling (Pioneer-era Division). Incidentally, a year later there were also a teacher, Frank Martin Burns and opponent Gotcha Stanislav Zbisko.
. Part 12: Legacy

. In honor of Frank in half a century after his life described himself as another, no less than legendary and talented wrestler, Karl Gotcha (Istaz)
. In 1923 he published a book "How to wrestle, instructions of Frank Gotch" with his memories and descriptions of matches. George Barton, wrestling journalist of Frank Gotcha: "He was a remarkable physical specimen. He was tremendously strong, amazingly fast and catlike in movements. Frank was master of all holds on offense and blocks for these holds on defense. He also mastered leverage to the nth degree and was the last word in courage. "George Robbins, . Leading sports section in the newspaper "The Chicago Daily News", . then wrote about Gotcha: "There are four properties, . which should have a great wrestler, . to hold the title for many years without, . that his shoulders were pressed to the floor: the power, . endurance, . speed and ability,
. Almost no one in the annals of wrestling did not have these properties in such a balance, as Frank Gotcha. "Then, Mike Chapman wrote a book about career Gotcha" Gotch an American Hero ", which enjoyed no less popularity than the previous one.

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Gotcha Frank Alvin, photo, biography
Gotcha Frank Alvin, photo, biography Gotcha Frank Alvin  Wrestler, photo, biography
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