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Napolitano, Janet Ann

( Future of Homeland Security, U.S.)

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Biography Napolitano, Janet Ann
photo Napolitano, Janet Ann
Janet Ann Napolitano was born in New York on November 29, 1957. In childhood and lived in Pittsburgh (Pennsylvania) and Albuquerque (New Mexico). It was Girl Scouts, earned the right to become a life member of the Scout Movement.

In 1979, Napolitano graduated with honors from Santa Clara University, a Bachelor of Political Science. In 1983 he received the degree of Doctor of Law at the University of Virginia Law School.

In 1983-1984 worked as a secretary Napolitano Judge Mary Schroeder (Mary Schroeder) appealed to the Ninth Circuit U.S. Court. In 1984 he began working in the law firm Lewis & Roca in the center of Arizona in Phoenix. In 1989, being engaged in the Lewis & Roca appeals and resolution of economic disputes, became a partner of the firm.

In 1993, U.S. President Bill Clinton appointed Napolitano, U.S. federal prosecutor in Arizona. In this position she remained until 1997 (according to other sources - to 1998). In this capacity, she was in charge of more than 6000 court cases on immigration. From 1997 to 1998 Napolitano once worked at Lewis & Roca. In 1998 was elected chief prosecutor in Arizona. According to some sources, occupied the post since 1999.

. In 2002, Napolitano, speaking from the Democratic Party, won the gubernatorial race in Arizona with a margin of Republican candidate Matt Salmon (Matt Salmon) only 12 thousand votes
. Officially took the post of governor and left the post of public prosecutor in January 2003 (according to other sources, Napolitano was a prosecutor before 2002). In 2006, Napolitano was re-elected as governor of Arizona for a second term by typing 63 percent of the vote.

As Governor Napolitano of Arizona was positioning itself as a centrist, respecting the views of both right and left. It primarily focused on the formation. Thanks Napolitano in Arizona, earned a special program that makes available to the public kindergartens for all children of the State. In addition, with the participation Napolitano was raised teachers' salaries. Another priority Napolitano as head of the state border was the fight against illegal immigration. Napolitano advocated the participation of the National Guard in the protection of the Arizona border with Mexico. In July 2007, Napolitano signed a law (enacted in 2008), directed against the use of illegal labor. Finally, even during the first term of the Governor Napolitano, the state budget, which had the 2003 deficit of about $ 1 billion, acquired in 2006 a surplus of about $ 300 million. In 2005, The Time magazine included Napolitano among the five best U.S. governors.

. According to some, . 2004, John Kerry, . candidate for the U.S. presidency from the Democratic Party, . Napolitano, considered as a possible candidate for the vice-presidency but she still Napolitano in February 2004 stated that, . that is not going to participate in the campaign.,

. In 2006-2007, Napolitano chaired the National Governors Association
. Since 2007, she was part of the Executive Board of the Association.

In January 2008, Napolitano was one of the first democratic governors who have supported Barack Obama in his fight for the nomination for President of the Democratic Party. Even then it was seen as a potential vice-president or a member of the U.S. government. Once Obama wins the U.S. elections in November 2008 it became known that he intends to appoint Napolitano new Minister of National Security. Obama's election has been supported, in particular, his main opponent in the election of Senator John McCain of Arizona. Officially, Obama announced his choice of December 1, 2008.

Napolitano was approved by the Senate as Minister of National Security January 20, 2009. The same day, she took off her gubernatorial powers (the successor Napolitano as governor of Arizona was won by Jan Brewer, Jan Brewer).

. Napolitano enjoys rafting and mountain tourism (among its achievements in sports is referred to the conquest of Kilimanjaro)
. Napolitano have no children, she had never been married.

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Napolitano, Janet Ann, photo, biography
Napolitano, Janet Ann, photo, biography Napolitano, Janet Ann  Future of Homeland Security, U.S., photo, biography
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