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Biography Epidemic
photo Epidemic
During the summer, Andrew collected his first group of his friends to give, calling it an "epidemic". He was going to sing and found the two guitarists and a drummer, one of whom was named Andrei Ananiev. He helped find the Laptev and drummer in late summer 93 years before the start of classes in the Via, the drummer could not play in a band Laptev, and came in autumn 93, in a circle, Laptev had to sit down at the drums, in consequence of which he spent 10 years behind them. While the boys played a cover of Cinema and Civil Defense. With rehearsed for several months, due to musical differences the band split. Later, Andrew collected the other part. It has already had its own songs, though in the style of Cinema. By giving a single concert, the group again dissolved.

In 94, in the same circle as the group played, which was an acquaintance of Andrew, nicknamed 'John'. While Andrew was looking for teammates in the group. John Andrew suggested a classmate at the institute to place the guitarist in his group, promising that some of his friend Andrew calls. Two days later, Andrew phoned and with the young guitarist Yuri, who took the nickname later Melisov. The first meeting of Andrew and Jura occurred at the metro station Sviblovo. Yuri brought a bass player Dmitry Shcherbakov and the guys immediately at the first rehearsal began to play cover songs of Metallica. Later, Yuri Andrei parted and a year later, gathered again.

Andrei Laptev and Yuri Melisov started work in early 1995. The four songs written previously, added another one - "Less us". Andrew found the studio and in April and May was recorded the first demo under the name "Bullets" ( "Bullets"). The lack of bass the bass parts had to prescribe Jure. In August, the guys came up with a name for the group - "Epidemic", and in October, Andrew found a new bassist. They became - Artem Smirnov. Rehearsals are frequent, and by December the epidemic has matured for the first concert, Artem asked friends to organize a concert, which took place on Dec. 20, 1995 in d / to MEI. At the concert, in addition to their songs were played cover versions of groups of Metallica 'Fade To Black', Helloween 'I Want Out' and Nirvana 'Smells Like Teen Spirit'. Group members at that time was:

. Andrey Laptev - drums

. Yuri Melisov guitar, vocals

. Andrey Manko guitar, backing vocals

. Artem Smirnov-bass

. In winter, 96-second were written two songs: "Will to Life" and "Shadow of Love", and in February, and March 96 th guys gave a few concerts
. In the spring of Andrew with Yura decided to record two songs in the studio - "New Day" in the accelerated version, and the ballad N.A.S.T.YA. , Which was written in the summer of 95-year. After the guys came up with another song - "Be With You Again". Winter 96-year group was the beginning of club activities. The guys gave a series of concerts with the Moscow group Legion. At one of the concerts Jura met with the frontman of future epidemics - Pavel Okunev, and later Andrew found a new bassist, Nikolai Turunova. In August 97-th Yura wrote the song "One Ring", then the guys got into the studio to record their debut album 'will to live'. At this point the group decided to leave the guitarist Andrey Manko and Kohl led a group of Roman Zakharov. In October, Andrew made a concert epidemics in the new composition:

. Pavel Okunev - vocals

. Andrey Laptev - drums

. Yuri Melisov guitar

. Roman Zakharov - guitar

. Nicholas Turunov - bass

. Along with concert activities continued work on the album "Will to Life"
. Recording was given hardly, . However, in November 1997, work was completed, . and release of the album took place in February 1998, the company 'Moroz Records', . which heavy and persistent efforts of Andrew's talks with the management of the company reck, . released their first album,
. Output of the plate does not serve as the subject for the joy of musicians. Admittedly, the guys were not ready for his record, both technically and spiritually. Not very competent data only highlighted the disadvantages of recorded material. However, the subtleties of recording could not affect the nature of the songs and the material in general. High-quality Russian-language heavy-speed-metal, in principle, a rare phenomenon for Russia, lyrical text, melody - all this has captured the hearts of many people. But after the album was a question for Andrew: a totally unknown group itself can implement the circulation? Laptev began with the, . that gave a free distribution of the new album at the concert arias, and made two free concerts and a half a year the entire circulation Andrew managed to realize,
. At the same time Andrew was able to release the company 'Spica' two-sided t-shirts, organized a fan club, and Melisov opened a web-site.

. By the end of spring 98-th concert attendance soared, and for the summer team went into full combat readiness to gather strength to record a new album
. Soon, due to musical differences, bassist Nikolai Turunov left the band and his place was invited by Ilya Knyazev. In the updated composition of the group held a series of percussion concerts in Moscow clubs, speaking on equal terms with such collectives as the Master. To improve the perception of music at concerts and keyboards have been used periodically by keyboardist Andrew: September to December they played Love Nazarova, January - Catherine Usanova, and then - Ekaterina Gladkova.

. In February 2000, the group has a new keyboard player Oleg "Beavis" Pokhvalin
. Finally, in late August 1999 came a new, more successful album, epidemics, entitled "On the edge of time". He became the second creation "epidemikov", released again on firm Moroz Records. Fourteen of things will not allow anyone to be bored during the seventy-four minutes. 'On the edge of time' - this is the sixteenth barrels, original guitar riffs, modern sounding in the best traditions of the leaders of power-metal and Helloween Stratovarius. In the summer of 2000, there were a number of reasons for the decision to dismiss Paul Okuneva from group. After a long search found a talented vocalist Maxim Samosvat. One evening, sitting in Andrew's House, Roman Zakharov and Andrei Laptev called Maxim, and offered to join the group, in response, he agreed to play with the boys for one season and later agreed to a permanent job. His concert debut on October 6 in the 'R-Club', where he was admitted to cheer as fans and journalists from various rock publications.

. In the summer of 2001 the group completed work on a new album "The Mystery of the Magic Country", which was another step in the development of the collective
. The album received the highest scores in Russia's music press. After recording the album, guitarist Roman Zakharov left the group - he was replaced by Jurin friend, Paul Bushuev (ex-Stonehenge), a new keyboard was Roman ValцLrien. December 15, 2001 a presentation of the new album 'Magical Mystery Countries', in which the team was able to collect a large number of listeners.

. The composition was as follows:

. Maxim Samosvat vocals

. Yuri Melisov guitar

. Roman Zakharov guitar

. Ilya Knyazev-bass

. Anrey Laptev-drums

. Also in the summer of 2001-second clip was shot for the song 'I prayed to Thee', which later, together with Andrew television channel MTV has organized hit epidemics in the rotation
. In summer 2001, Andrew at MTV accidentally discovered among the nominees for EMA epidemic began to conduct all sorts of advertising. In consequence of which the epidemic has hit the vote to participate in the prestigious awards ceremony MTV Europe Music Awards 2002, and then in the top five nominees for awards. The media is more likely to mention the group, and MTV - to invite to capture the various TV. In one of the gears epidemic collaborated with the legendary Alice Cooper.

In November 2002, Mr.. Guitarist Paul Bushuev gene. Cen. Moroz records Sergei Morozov went to Barcelona at the award ceremony MTV Europe Music Award 2002 c participation of such world stars, . as Robbie Williams, . Moby, . Whitney Houston, . Christina Aguilera, . Pink, . Bon Jovi, . Enrique Iglesias, . Eminem, . Royksopp, . Coldplay, . Wyclef Jean and Foo Fighters, . where the team won the 4th place among the Russian artists,
. Thus, the epidemic has become Russia's first serious team, who are in EMA nominees. This group has opened new opportunities and great prospects. Soon the band released the compilation 'The highest quality' with the songs of the best Russian rock musicians, where she Arrangement epidemics 'I prayed to Thee'. In late 2002, the group's epidemic during a quarrel with Andrei Laptev and Yuri Melisova split into two parts. Laptev was going to build the new composition of epidemics and lay it on the main site of the group, as unexpectedly, on the same site, he found the information where it was stated about his departure from the band, although Andrei Laptev nowhere and did not leave. Calling Melisovu, puzzled Laptev received from Melisova ambiguous answer, 'that, say, the password of the site not from me, and at Bushueva'. To avoid a long legal hassle while leaving the name 'epidemic' in their, . Andrei Laptev gathered new members and a bit of difference to change the name of Andrei Laptev and epidemic (Alepidemiya) Andrei has quickly found a new team and was soon made a concert in the new composition, . which were played as well as old hits, . and new songs,
. The new composition was as follows:

. Alex Tyszkiewicz - vocals

. Jan Khalaman - guitar

. Krainov, Mikhail - bass

. Andrey Laptev - drums

. Roman Nagin - Keyboards

. Group existed half a year and was raspuschena.Seychas epidemic remains in the same composition:

. Maxim Samosvat - vocals

. Yuri Melisov - guitar

. Ilja Mamontov - Guitars

. IVN Izotov - Bass

. Dmitriy Ivanov - Keyboards

. Dmitry Krivnkov - drums

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Epidemic, photo, biography
Epidemic, photo, biography Epidemic  Group epidemic, photo, biography
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