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Defrans Jean Marie Antoine

( Major-General)

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Biography Defrans Jean Marie Antoine
photo Defrans Jean Marie Antoine
Educated at military school in Reba. At the end of July 1789 came as a volunteer in the National Guard Reba. Sent to America, with August. 1798 served on the San Domingo. After returning to France 10/6/1792 acted as a volunteer in the 3rd Battalion of the National Guard, from subleytenant 25/7/1792. Distinguished in the battles of Valmy and Jemappes. In 1792-93 fought in the ranks of the Northern Army. 10/4/1793 transferred to the 7 th Cavalry Regiment of sub-lieutenant. From 6.4.1795 Captain 16 th cavalry regiment of Chasseurs in Alencon. On 13.6.1795 adjutant brigade headquarters in the internal Army. Since February 1799 the army of Mainz in gene. 20/4/1799 Zhurdana.S Chief of General Staff of the division in the Danube and the Helvetic armies. Member of the Battle of Zurich. 29.11.1799 temporarily appointed commander of the 11 th horse-hunter team. On 12.3.1800 Adjutant General to the Commander of the Italian Army. On 14.3.1800 the commander of the 12 th horse-hunter teams. Since April, fought in the Cavalry Reserve gene. Nansuti in the Army of the Rhine. Member battles at Shtokkahe, Messkrihe, Memmingen. In May 1800 fighting in gene. Lorzha in Italy. Distinguished in the Gothard and Marengo. July 31 transferred to the 2-S reserve army. Since December. 1803 consisted in the division of light cavalry in the Army Oceanic Coast. On 17.7.1804 equerry imperial cavalcade in the rank of regimental commander. 1/2/1805 promoted to brigadier general. During the 1805 Campaign was accompanied Napoleon in Austria. On 21.9.1806 the brigade commander Carabinieri 1-th division of heavy cavalry gene. Nansuti. Participated in the battles of Jena, Villenberge, Guttshtadte, Friedland, in the 1809 campaign - in Landshut, Ratisbonne, Wagram. 19/7/1810 withdrawn in France. On 18.3.1811 commanded a mobile column of the 11 th and 20 th of military districts. In late March, sent to Spain to King Joseph. S1.6.1811 inspector cavalry depot. 9.1.1812 appointed commander of the 4-th Cuirassier division, which, on 15 Feb.. became part of the 2 nd Cavalry Corps gene. Monbrena. He became famous during the battle of Borodino, where he headed the famous French attack. cuirassier. Fought at Vinkovo, then commanded a squadron of personal escort of the Emperor. 15.2.1813 took command of 3rd (dragoon) Division 3rd Cavalry Corps at Metz. He participated in battles at Arridzhi (25.3.1813), Leipzig (7.6.1813 and 16-19.10.1813), Dennewitz, Dessau. 29/11/1813 appointed Inspector-General reconditioning cavalry. From 3.1.1814 the division commander in the Army Honor Guard Champagne. He fought at La Rothiere, Montmirail, Chateau-Thierry. On Feb.. under the command of Marshal Mortier. He participated in battles at Berry-au-Bac, and Reims. In March, handed Marshal M. Ney and fought under his banner of Arcis-sur-Aube. After the abdication of Napoleon stood on the side of the Bourbons and 3.6.1814 he was appointed Inspector-General of 12 th Military District. 3.1.1815 resigned. During the 'Hundred Days' only 12.5.1815 has been appointed to the post of commander of a minor cavalry depot in Troyes (from 23 June Giyene). In 2-nd Restoration 1.9.1815 removed from service. In 1816-17 the inspector general of cavalry. He was a member of various committees. On 20.1.1819 the commander of the 1 st Military Region (Paris). From 26/11/1820 equerry royal cavalcade. Later served as inspector general of cavalry various districts. On 31.3.1825 the commander of 2 nd Cavalry Division, then the inspector general of the cavalry camp in Luneville. After the July Revolution of 1830 was enrolled in the reserve, but later again became the Inspector General.

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Defrans Jean Marie Antoine, photo, biography
Defrans Jean Marie Antoine, photo, biography Defrans Jean Marie Antoine  Major-General, photo, biography
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