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Dean Charles Mathieu

( Major-General)

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Biography Dean Charles Mathieu
photo Dean Charles Mathieu
27.7.1787 entered gunners in class 2 in the artillery division of Brest. 14.9.1792 entered sergeant-major in the 4 th battalion of the National Guard Calvados. 1/5/1793 sub-lieutenant and adjutant of the gene. Kleber. On 26/11/1793 adjutant of battalion headquarters in the Army Brest coast. Participated in the siege of Mainz. Then participated in the hostilities in the Vendee, on the Rhine. He was famous for the fact that under heavy fire crossed the Rhine. On 12.9.1795 adjutant brigade headquarters, then 5 th Division. 12.11.1795 captured in Flankenhale in April. 1796 Traded. 3/7/1796 promoted to brigadier general. Participated in many battles, was wounded several times. On 16.6.1798 the commander of the sub-division in scorifier. In March 1799 the brigade commander at the gene. Suama. Wounded in the Battle of Shtokkahe. 5/4/1799 transferred to the division gene. D. Vandama, then served in various divisions of the Rhine and 25.4.1800 headed 1-brigade division gene. Suama. 16/5/1800 promoted to major general commander of the Army of the Rhine (approved 7/8/1800). Participated in the battle of Hochstadt. On 12.11.1800 the commander of the 3rd Division in gene. Moro. His actions at Hohenlinden, and then the capture of Munich were highly commended. On 24.7.1801 the inspector general of infantry 8 th Military Region. After the victory at Hohenlinden appealed to Napoleon's request to send him to India, 18.6.1802 and was appointed captain-general, Franz. Colonies Ile-de-France and Bourbon in India. In 1803, at 6 courts (with 1 800 pers.) Sailed from Brest. Hardly had not been captured by the British in Pondicherry, but managed to escape and get to the Ile-de-France, where the fortified islands and organized privateering, causing considerable damage to British trade. Almost 8 years of D. able to defend the islands from the British troops, but in the end 2/12/1810 he was forced to capitulate. 16.4.1811 returned to France on Oct. 3. was appointed commander of the army instead of the Catalan Marshal Macdonald. Defeated the enemy in Altafille, Saint Feliu and Vyacheyu. Successful actions D. forced the British to lift the siege Taragona, and then defeated them in the Pass d'Ordale and Villafranca (13.9.1811), but then was forced to start the transfer of troops to protect Bordeaux. 2/11/1811 withdrawn in France. On 2/12/1813 Chief troops in Holland (1 Corps). He was forced to evacuate Villelmshtadt and Brad and December 16. was withdrawn. On 15.4.1814 chief Franz. troops in the Dordogne, in 10 days - in the Haute-Garonne. After the abdication of Napoleon went over to the Bourbons and 21.6.1814 appointed by the Governor 11 th Military Region in Bordeaux. During the 'Hundred Days' 2/4/1815 passed Bordeaux gene. Clausel. On 28.5.1815 Commander 9 th and 10 th of military districts and observational corps commander in the eastern Pyrenees. After the second abdication of Napoleon 13/12/1815 arrested and imprisoned, but pardoned 23/2/1817. 30/12/1818 enlisted in the reserve of the General Staff. He returned to active service after the July Revolution of 1830, held positions in various committees, was chairman of the Board of colonial legislation.

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Dean Charles Mathieu, photo, biography
Dean Charles Mathieu, photo, biography Dean Charles Mathieu  Major-General, photo, biography
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