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Degayev Sergey

( Narodovolets)

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Biography Degayev Sergey
photo Degayev Sergey
Degas, Sergey. Genus. in 1857. The captain of artillery Kronstadt. Stud. Inst Railways. In 1880, Mr.. an intermediary between the members of the military organization and I. K. "People's Will". In 1882, Mr.. was adopted. N. Figner membership and. K. Arrest. December 18, 1882, Mr.. and concluded in the Odessa prison, where he Sudeikin was arranged sham escape. Entering as an ally of the St. Petersburg chapter of the secret police Sudeikina, again in the ranks of the revolutionaries, Degas gave even his closest friends. Concentrated in the hands of the significant connection, he destroyed all the plans of the People. After a year of work in the police department admitted to the Executive Committee of the People's Will and on his behalf, together with B. Konoshevich and H. P. Starodvorsky killed in his apartment Sudeikina in December 1883. After the murder he emigrated to London, came down with the revolutionary horizon. Then he moved to the United States, where American-made sensational career from porter to professor of mathematics, where he died in 1920

NP Makletsova (Degayev) about Degayev:

Mother Degayev was the daughter of a famous writer N.A. Field and the widow of a senior doctor of the Moscow Cadet Corps. It was good for their time, education in boarding school, knew foreign languages and loved to read ... On the infinite kindness of her and she said Ms. Korb: My mother actually offered to take care of their child Hessia Helfman, . and at that time it meant not only to encumber the care of someone else's child, . but incur persecution by the government, . and alienating relatives, . connection with which my mother was very proud.,

. Family in general is only a small part of the environment, . which rotates man, . and the family of Sergei did not represent his environment completely, . even in terms of education: he was not yet 9 years, . when he entered a closed training zavedet, . Second Moscow Cadet Corps, . where, . as the best pupil and the pupil, . moved to artillery school, . where he graduated from the course in the first three, . award winning, . cadets, . then he left an officer to serve in Kronstadt,
. Consequently, the environment in which trained and rotated Sergei, was first among the private school, then the military and, finally, among the revolutionary parties.

. The most pure and beautiful period in the life of Sergei, I think his two-year tenure in Kronstadt
. I remember it there before the beginning of his acquaintance with the revolutionary circles. At that time, he was passionately interested in political economy, he studied Marx, Mill, and, as usual, had a lot of mathematics. Ability Sergei were brilliant mind and a great original, the character while he was merry and gentle, but there's always noticed a peculiarity: that he started, he certainly conveyed to the end, to the extreme. This property and ruin him. Despairing after 1 March in the triumph of the revolutionary party, he tried to reach the coup in a different way, through the government, and, of course, broke his head ... "

. EA Serebryakov on Degayev:

. "Degayev - while recently retired artillery captain, who had at that time to have a lot of services to the party, and therefore enjoy the confidence and affection of many of its members
. But at the same time some of its members do not really dolyublivali its. Characterize it in that time it would be difficult. Obviously intelligent and very capable person - not without tricks. Certainly a devotee at the time of the Party, . he, . Despite all these qualities, . Some (very few) are not inspired confidence:, . Not, . to expect from him something dirty, . no, . this, no one thought, all thought he was an honest man and, . I think, . rightly,
. At that time he was really such, and I am sure that if he was arrested on a serious matter, it would have kept themselves well, and his life would have turned out quite differently. But it somehow affected that the dedication and the party had only headache, but my heart if, and takes part in it, then at least very little, and instinctively felt that he co-thinker, not a friend.

. In this view, incidentally, met Sophia Lvovna Perovskaya and Sukhanov
. The same impression he made on me. "

VN Figner on Degayev:

Figner Vera "With Degayev and his family I met in St. Petersburg in the autumn of 1880, when for my comrades in the Committee he was already his own man. They recommended it as a very capable, intelligent man, devoted to her party and useful. Short, broad-shouldered, he had a homely appearance, but the person did not have that stupid and repulsive expression, which were sealed in the photographs published by the Government in the search for him after the murder Sudeikina.

. In general, the person was a friendly, good-natured and active, manners and soft voice
. Business relations with him were many: Zhelyabov, Kolodkevich, Korba, Al. Mikhailov and Tikhomirov, who found his sister Degayev, Natalya Petrovna, a very talented and interesting. Degayev was not well received in our illegal apartment and never knew their addresses, . but not to distrust him, . and therefore, . what about this in our organization complied with the strictest secrecy, the Committee members themselves knew and went only to the flat, . which were related to business necessity,
. Such were the rules. Moreover, Degas was counted by the police, as unreliable, and spies could be interested in where and to whom he goes. Saw him at any of those neutral or from him, because he lived with his family, who all belonged to the sympathetic and the most cordial manner has all the People. It was accepted and I. Natalya Petrovna, I did not find in Petersburg - she went with her husband Makletsova in Kharkiv, where later I met with her. Also very good-natured mother, other family members were: sister Degayev - Lisa, a girl of 19, and Volodya, a young man about 18, for the development and nature are a very Baby. The family was united, there were all high opinion of each other: Sergei Degayev greatly appreciated sisters, and they in turn, praised the ability of his brother.

. He, . really, . was a very workable: successfully taking exams at the Institute of Railway Engineers, . served on the board of a railroad, . devoting time clerical occupations from 10 tons to 4, . gave lessons in mathematics and some with all the honor sang revolutionary dating, . maintained contact with his comrades on the Artillery Academy, . from which he was expelled for disloyalty, . and carefully executed all requests and orders of the Committee,
. Degayev lived modestly - as they say, to spare. The mother, apparently, had a pension or some savings, absolutely, but not sufficient for life, and material assistance Sergey any kind of earnings was the main source of livelihood. In all modesty home environment, prospects for the future of the family painted bright. Lisa, Tamara, as I called her, very pretty brunette, with regular features, a completely different type than the rest of the family, was engaged in a conservatory, and all were hoping that it will come from a great musician. In these types of the mother was concerned about her hands, carefully guarded her daughter from small chores, and Lisa herself often sat at home in a gloved hand that have not suffered from the cold in the apartment. Her sister, Natalia Petrovna, studied and recited, it seems, thought to act on the clasped. She herself and her family expected great success of her artistic performances. However, in St. Petersburg on the evening of a literary and art circles and in Kharkov, these performances did not differ luster, and its recitation, unnatural and mannered, not liked, and then her marriage is plunged into an ordinary family life. About Natalya Petrovna spoken of as a poet, and she actually wrote poetry. Speaking of Paris, of acquaintance with P. L. Lavrov, she told friends that he considered it the Great French Revolution to the archives and this study has suggested it no thought of writing a drama of this era. We read it written in blank verse passage from this drama, the theme was the scene bye Robespierre, Marat and Danton, but for this, of course, any public archives need not be. The family generally noticeable tendency to exaggerate, for effect, and even to extravagance. Lisa many times stated that marry just for the rich, but it was the phrase: I heard later that she fell in love with his brother-the man without means. Natalya Petrovna is pleased to tell about the sensation that she and my sister called one day in the theater, appearing in a bed - in white, the other - all in black.

. On the day of execution Pervomartovtsi Lisa certainly wanted to be on Semenovsky Square, although it was surprising to withstand the sight, when she personally knew and Zhelyabova, and perovskite, and Kibalchicha
. Indeed, she became ill, and first aid she had 'pea coat', obligingly escorted her home and became a visitor to the family until he was asked not to visit, learn from lists Kletochnikov what a gentleman.

. Volodya, kind, gentle man, was expelled from Naval College as unreliable
. With childish simplicity he questioned me: when will the revolution? He waited for an answer that she will be in three months at most - six months later, and was very disappointed to hear that no one can determine the time when it comes. A year later, I was surprised to learn, . what, . with the blessing Zlatopolsky and Sergei Degayev, . Volodya became an agent Sudeikina, . putative agent, . which was a clever spoof, . shrewd and experienced detective, and, . not giving revolutionaries, . notify party details on the activities of Sudeikina.,

. As for the Sergei Degayev, then, despite the general opinion of him as a very intelligent man, I definitely did not find this
. The main thing that catches your eye, it is - complete lack of individuality: it was not anything original, strong and characteristic. The softness, pliability - these are the main features that I noticed at first acquaintance. Along with this standing admiration for those members of the Committee, with whom he had an affair. This admiration was expressed even in the insensitive way that bothered because hymns were sung in the face. Due to the softness Degayev, he had a good relationship with all who knew him. Not know, . how it could influence others, . but for the establishment and maintenance of relationships was expensive man: the Institute of Communications, he organized a circle, . one of whose members was Kunitsky, . then who took a prominent place in the Polish 'proletariat', . and the organization of military groups in St. Petersburg and Kronstadt, Degas was one of the most useful intermediary between the officers and the Committee.,

. Petty vanity and ambition in Degayev I did not notice, and only later from Korba, I learned that he had twice started to talk about his admission to membership of the Executive Committee
. It is very rare in revolutionary circles, and was not considered a feature worthy of sympathy. "

. NM Rogachev on Degayev:

. "... His personality, producing an impression of some boiled rags, not only did not yield the energy circle, and it struck deathly sleep."

. NP Makletsova (Degayev) on Degayev:

. "I remember he was very fond of in the circle of fellow officers, our extended family and friends in general, Sergei was ugly, but fun, witty, and always ready to come to the aid of every word and deed
. Ms. Korb 'do not know any of the revolutionaries, who would have treated him ever with love, friendship or affection'. I come to remember the names of two or three revolutionaries, . have a friendly attitude to Sergei, . but I do not dare to say: the actual evidence I have no, . as currently recognized in the former friendship and attachment to such a criminal, . as Sergei, . go beyond the ordinary courage. ",

. LA,
. Tikhomirov on Degayev:

tihomir_la.jpg (5547 bytes) "This was already around the cast of character truly revolutionary - an intelligent, with great will, with a strong imagination and deeply imbued with the conviction that the end justifies any means. In the best time he could play a major revolutionary role, . but the insignificance of the environment and frantic self-conceit pushed him to a different way and led to the same terrible betrayal, . who had disgraced himself the same samomnitelny, . Although sheepish Goldenberg.,

. I knew him, and partly of his family for a long time, since the first years of the People
. He himself was an artillery officer, his brother was, I think, in the Cadet Corps, a sister (forgot her name) was married to a certain Makletsova. The whole family is distinguished by an ardent revolutionary movement, but in any serious revolutionary affairs did not participate. Brother (I think Volodya) was still a boy. Makletsova portrayed themselves as an artistic nature, bad singing, it seems, studied declamation and mercilessly bored its guests reciting various monologues, such as speech Demon Tamara. "

. LA Tikhomirov on Degayev:

. Sergei Degayev not included then seriously in the revolutionary cause
. He helped us get acquainted with the officers. Conducted between them and himself propaganda. On it were all a good opinion. But perhaps he has not yet overdue commitment to jump into the maelstrom of revolution. He certainly was intelligent, energetic and with great character, but also with boundless self-conceit. I think that the shoulder he considered himself only great things and, perhaps, thought that what happened then terrorist struggle is not big enough for him. Then, after March 1, 1881, when I was about to leave work, he plunged into it with his head. Probably, he was gripped by a gust, which lured many to this point the success of terrorists. Maybe not left him without the influence of Vera Figner, with which he very friendly. Whatever it was, he threw himself into the revolution and quickly took first place among its leaders. "

. NP Makletsova (Degayev) on Degayev:

. How Sergei became a revolutionary party, through whom he first became acquainted with the People, "I can not remember well
. I remember one that he passionately interested in the affairs of the party, was given to them selflessly, to the revolutionary leaders the first time he treated with rapturous adoration. He once told me: 'I would have felt the happiness to kiss Morozov'. It was a honeymoon revolutionary life of Sergei. "

. VG Korolenko Degayev:

. Little growth, broad-shouldered, with a slim waist, a very lively and nervous, he was inclined to paradoxes and easily catch fire. "

. NP Makletsova (Degayev) on Degayev:

. "I had to live in a remote village about two years in 82 and 83-m i.i
. Autumn 82-year Serge and his wife came to visit us. I have already said that at that time I was very friendly with Sergei. He was frank with me and since then all his thoughts were concentrated on the activities of the revolutionary party, he often talked to me about it. Incidentally, . I remember, . he lamented the complete breakdown of the party and after March 1, he spoke, . that after the successful assassination of the king, . revolutionaries like mad, . ceased to take any precautions and, . kept, . fall into the hands of the government, . like birds in the network,
. Then he complained about the lack of energy in the party that now did not start any extensive plans, and the party is engaged in its 'small farm', "quarreling, and they dig at one another ...

. I saw that Sergei greatly disappointed in the revolutionary movement, and several times tried to persuade him to leave the ranks of the party, to go abroad to do mathematics, which he passionately loved, but then I ran into an unconquerable tenacity
. 'I can not leave the case, he answered all of my arguments, you know, I can not ... Perhaps I'll die, and maybe find a way out '. So we parted: for his arrest in Odessa, I learned only from the fact that we have in the village was searched on the eve of Christmas.

. I thought Sergei died, suddenly, - I do not remember how, "receives word that he was running and asked me to come to Kharkov to meet him
. Of course, I immediately went and we met with him in. hiding place and he invited me to accompany him to the bath, so as not to arouse suspicion, to talk to him all at liberty.

I remember a long time we sat in the waiting room on the couch. silent ...

- I very much changed? Suddenly asked me. I really thought that he was not the same as he was, and I told him. "

. - Why do not you ask, . I was running?, "he said, . smiling, . and began to tell me .- night took a policeman at the station, we sat together in a cab, when we began to move to the area - in Odessa before the station a huge area, . - Gendarme my gape, . I jumped out and ran,
. Then I arranged with friends.

- Do you believe me? "He suddenly asked me. I believed him, but the tone of the story seemed to me unnaturally sluggish. I told him that he probably had a lot of time talking about his escape, and that he was tired. He looked at me, thought, and suddenly said:

- I keep lying to you, I'm not running, they let me out, listen ...

Sergei began to talk. It turned out that he had previously been acquainted with Sudeikin in St. Petersburg ... But in Odessa, after his arrest, Sergei was not a little surprised to see during the interrogation of his old acquaintance of the gendarmerie. Then it turned out that Sudeikin purposely arrived from St. Petersburg for questioning Sergey. He was left alone with Sergei and began to persuade him not to ruin themselves in vain, and it is better to change tactics and to the same goal to go the other, more faithful ways. Sergei told me then, . Sudeikin that struck him as rather revolutionary, . What policeman, . because frankly acknowledged the complete unsuitability of the existing system and the need for radical change, but he added, . that the 'revolutionary party fighting futile and only saps their strength in vain',
. 'You know, . "added Sudeikin, . - How weak the party now: every day it loses more and more of their talented members, here you will die, . but with your intelligence and abilities to what you could get, . if the venture - not to act against the government, . and with him for one '! Sergei told, . Sudeikin that he has developed a detailed plan to seize power by the combined forces of the revolutionary party and its, . Sudeikina 'Government, . one hand, . be intimidated by successful assassination, . I can help you arrange, . on the other - I'll be able to convince someone to be in their need and introduce you to, . as his assistant Sovereign, . Now you can own.'ll act '.,

. Later, I realized that it was between them was just not the dictatorship ...

. - And you think that things would turn out without casualties, without handouts? "I asked.

. - All this will be arranged by mutual consent, "answered Sergey.

. I do not remember then or later he told me that acting with the consent of the Executive Committee ..
. But remember that after this meeting, I continued to take Sergei faithful member of the revolutionary party.

- After all without sacrifice people can not do no revolutionary enterprise - he said. I just could not understand a victim indifferent people, but while I have long been completely separated from the revolutionary party, or rather, has lost all acquaintance, because the active revolutionist has never been. Sergey is in conversation with me, relied on the authority of the Executive Committee and I think he was at that time as a member.

. I asked Sergei if he knows his wife about his plans? He replied that he said Sudeikin from the outset on the need to talk to his wife
. Sudeikin Degayev ordered to bring his wife into the room where the interrogation took place, and left alone.

Sergei's wife was the most unpretentious woman, indeed, undereducated, although she underwent a course of high school. She completely believed her husband and, without thinking, I loved it. She probably did not play any role in the 'Decision of the bloody issue of betrayal', in the words of Ms. Korba. Sergej one decided the matter ... However, strangely enough, no question of betrayal among Sudeikin and Sergey at the time, it seems, was not I noticed that Sergei was absolutely fascinated by the personality Sudeikina, and is convinced that an alliance with him will bring great. Favor of the party 'People's Will'.

. Here I must add that from Sergei, I did not hear at that time and in the following interview that he gave someone
. Therefore, after the murder Sudeikina a long time I believed all such rumors vile slander on the part of those who wanted to shield themselves. Later I learned that I was sadly mistaken ... "

IP Yuvachev:

"Not very tall, in a warm coat with lambskin collar, in the same hat - with a small beard and mustache, the outside is nothing special about him, he could not imagine. In contrast, gray plain face, with a scowl, the first time cause even unpleasant impression. "

. M. Oshanina:

. "The activities Degayev only know that he gave all and all, hoping, he said, on the ruins of the past to create something much more lasting
. Seeing that he can not, he was abroad to bring repentance and offer himself fully available to those who repent. Degas, in my opinion, a megalomaniac, and even talking about his meanness, it seemed, was waiting for admiration or at least surprising resistance to his character, consistency, ability to wear a mask, etc. "

. MP Shebalin:

. "Seemed to me Degayev very clever man, who can recognize people and use them
. In practical life this was a remarkably resourceful and clever. When talking about politics I met him talking soberly staring into Russian life, the challenges of the revolutionary party and who believed, for I thought in the invincibility of the revolutionary movement and the ultimate triumph of the revolutionary ideal.

. Later I heard from his comrades on the revolutionary work that many plans and projects Degayev smote them, their impracticality, a sort of futility
. I think this is not due to stupidity of the Degayev, but rather his skill. After all, he, . provocateur, . committed a second betrayal, . had deliberately keep people in inaction and that such people, . which he is more afraid, . initiative and energy which could soon find his role or an agent provocateur, . or just destroy it in the eyes of the government,
. So he confused these people. I did it was not dangerous: I was busy in a special case, in other cases I had no right even to intervene and was isolated from his comrades. Therefore, in conversations with me, he seems to me that could be Bole sincere, not touching the concrete revolutionary private affairs, but only expressing their views on the general course of revolutionary work.

. In everyday life, in everyday conversation Degas, it seemed, was a man of courteous, gentle, handsome
. A certain degree of selfishness and sybaritic in his character threw me in the eye and then, but at least not to such an extent that it could spoil the overall impression. One unsympathetic quality I noted even then, it is cowardice. Then, when I learned that Degayev traitor and a traitor, I had to, of course, to check their impressions, review, so to speak, his understanding of the nature of. I had to admit that great and fateful role in the representation of the character she played Degayev flattering recommendation of him as a prominent revolutionary figures, which I was told when getting acquainted with him. But I could still recognize that it is wrong to characterize this person. 'What! - Perhaps tell me a traitor, who ruined so many lives - and a nice, gentle nature? Is not a gross error! " But I think, this compound may. The fact is that a nice, gentle nature, is the external quality, not on the depth of human soul. Therefore, people often differ in the definition of cute: one man seems likable, others - no. I think this issue is more divisive than the question whether a person is worthy of respect. Often, in fact, you hear: 'I respect this man, but he was not agreeable to me'. This external cute, I think, helped get the confidence Degayev revolutionaries, hiding in a deep, of course, unsympathetic traits that have made him a traitor and a traitor. Degayev done traitor deep selfishness and cowardice terrible. The depth of his egoism, of course, I then could not see. On his preceding our acquaintance revolutionary activities in which there were many dangers and needed a willingness to sacrifice, I heard the most rave reviews. Therefore, I attributed to him only a certain, . so to speak, . small, . worldly selfishness, . in this, . sure, . wrong, . but the cowardice of his astonished me at the same time, . and I was unable to connect her with the idea of revolutionary, . What is for me Degayev,
. It is manifested in several cases.

. Talking about different subjects, we touched upon as something of terror, and Degas told me that he was convinced of a terrorist, nonetheless, could commit a terrorist act, because the sight of blood it scared at the sight of blood it can fall into a swoon
. He said he was indirectly involved in terrorist acts, he may take, but so that he could not see the inevitable with the suffering and blood of people. Such recognition of themselves, of course, do not point to cowardice, they showed only a weak, sensitive nervous organization, but so nervous could serve a physiological basis of cowardice.

. On another occasion we had a debate about death
. Degayev said that death by hanging him very afraid of what he would prefer to be shot. I replied, . that the kind of death, the best, . which involves the least suffering, . and that, . I read, . when hanging unconsciousness occurs almost instantaneously, . suffering, . hence, . briefly, . whereas in the shooting, . in most cases, . unconsciousness, . apparently, . are no, . but death does not occur immediately,
. Degayev not agree with this and with such horror and hotly defended his view that it seemed to me at the same time, that he is afraid of death, feels the panic in front of her. This gave me reason to have suspected him of cowardice. Soon some of the facts again, it prompted me.

Once the 12 hours of the day, when our work was going on, and Degas was just opposite me at the machine, the phone rang. Praskovya Feodorovna went to open the door, and here we are, sitting in his locked and hung with curtain shop, heard in the next room came in, that is talking loudly, several people. Degayev scary face changed, it had somehow twisted; some reason he climbed into the side pocket of his jacket, fumbled it, and how would like to rush to the door, but stopped ... Generally, he found a strange and terrible anxiety that I whispered to him: 'if there was danger, she had warned would be'. He replied: 'Of course!', Grabbed an awl, which lay on the machine, and, clutching his fist, took a defensive position comically -. This trick, apparently, was made in order to mask the preceding cowardly and strange movements. Degayev came, so to speak, in themselves, but all the same, although this scene lasted only a few moments, an expression of cowardice, it was so bright that I was puzzled and could not get rid of a very heavy experience.

. Other times I had to watch at Degayev expression of a rabbit cowardice
. Once, during a break in service to us has gone completely peaceful friend, a military cadet school, my former student. After sitting for a while, he began to say goodbye, we went out to him in the hall.

I have already unlocked the door, she opened a little bit, but we still stood in the front, ending a conversation. Suddenly the door swung. Turning, I saw Degayev who came to the brink of admiring and we look, made a movement as if about to run back, then pulled himself together, took off his cap, put it on again. On his face was the same expression of cowardice., I shouted to him: 'Welcome, Peter A.! " Then Degayev has shut the door and I saw how his hand trembled, and he could not get a hook into the loop. Still, he instantly recovered so much that even at the door said: 'What have you got the door not only locked, but not even shut?' - 'And here we see to the guest', I replied.

. When the cadet left, Degas admitted that seeing his uniform beside me, he imagined that I had taken away the arrested
. Why, in such cases, frightened by Degas, as an agent Sudeikina? It is difficult to answer positively. It is possible that our printing only knew Sudeikin; know that Degayev with him were such secrets from the Police Department. It is even possible that Sudeikin not know or do not know everything about our printing; Degayev very cleverly deceived Sudeikina. In short, the discovery of our printing house, obviously, was threatened by some trouble, frustrate Degayev and must have put it, at least, in the awkward position. It should be noted that at this time, as then I became aware, he had already made back the treason and gave the floor to become personally involved in the murder Sudeikina.

. Be that as it may, his cowardice, I then ran into his eyes, and then, upon learning of his betrayal, cowardice, and I have this fear of death, and explained his betrayal
. How clever and intelligent man, he managed not only to buy his life at the expense of the lives of others, but took a very prominent position in Sudeikin. Last fully trust him, became close to friendship. Degas, betraying all the largest organization in the then 'People's Will' and entrenched in their positions. thought to be that he could save his life, hiding their treason, or when she finally found out by removing from its path all those people who were able to take revenge on him. But soon he saw with horror that his betrayal can become famous if not today, tomorrow, even the St. Petersburg organization, where he is stronger than all, so to speak, barricaded. He became convinced that, despite the defeat, the new growing revolutionary forces can put any number of avengers. Furthermore, even making their betrayal, it seems to me that continued to believe in the power of the revolutionary movement, he hoped to crush it as a purely police measures and executions. And so, knowing that there are revolutionaries and will continue to exist in Russia, his treachery became known, he again felt panic in the face of death and decided to make a second betrayal, no less despicable and outrageous than the first. With his usual cunning and intelligence he deceived Sudeikina. Only in recent days Sudeikin began, as if, doubting Degayev; before he fully trusted him, having, apparently, a more direct nature of. It was not easy Degayev play the role of Judah.

. Now, . where it is now many, . years from the time, . possible without burning hatred sorry, . that gifted and even sympathetic nature Degayev did not have the internal fabric, . that give people the courage to look death in the eye and did not allow him to put up with life, . purchased price of treachery and betrayal. ",

. NP Makletsova (Degayev):

. "My last meeting with Sergei in Russia there was no more than a month before the murder Sudeikina (I do not remember a good number and the month is in November or late October)
. That winter we lived in Kharkov. Sergei was suddenly struck me as very pale, gloomy, over dinner, he asked for a vodka and said that now can not eat anything, not drunk before this. Left alone with me, he said he wanted to kill Sudeikina: 'This rascal has deceived me round about the king he introduced me, and showed only Plehve Pobedonostsev; think he wants me to make an ordinary spy, and for that I may avenge him' ... Then my questions Sergey again repeated that he acted with the full consent of the Executive Committee ...

. Determined to lure Sudeikina in order to kill him, Sergei told him that such a day forward to his apartment, the mistress of the province with very important documents
. . Sudeikin previously visited Sergei, so there was nothing strange in the fact that Sergei had asked him to attend in person when we meet with the newcomer from the provinces. Meanwhile, Sergei hid in his apartment two terrorists while he was supposed to meet Sudeikina and send a signal to attack a shot. Sudeikin came with his nephew. 'But where is your mistress, Sergei Petrovich? " asked Sergei. Sergei says something to him and led him into the back room. When they sat down at the table, Sergei drew a revolver and shot and wounded Sudeikina. 'Degayev! What are you doing? " he shouted and rushed into the hall, where at that time had already killed his nephew. Sergei together with other members beat Sudeikina during the struggle in the water closet ... Then, as the case was over, he put on his coat and slowly descended the stairs. In his ears all the time was a cry Sudeikina, . but on the face, . probably, . not affect the horror, . no confusion, . as, . when he had to pass the doorman, . that, . usual, . rose, . bowed to him and missed by, . not noticing anything special in it. ",

. At the border he had to spend two days, waiting for him to bring a passport
. Then he went to Paris for trial of his former comrades. We may add another feature: his wife Degayev lived at that time in Paris, and every day went to dinner at the L. Tikhomirov.

Sergey also came to Tikhomirov, and reported the death Sudeikina, offered himself to bring on themselves the execution of death sentence, if the People find this action useful for the party. L. Tikhomirov promised to talk with other members of the 'People's Freedom' (their names I can not remember) and to inform the court's decision to Sergei. Sergei waited 3 days ... 'If you were sentenced to death, you would execute it? " I asked. 'Of course', he replied without hesitation.

. But the sentence he was given another name of it was consigned to infamy, he was expelled from the party, and he was forbidden to ever have been, under pain of death, to participate in party politics.

. It was brutal, but a just verdict. "

. Degayev judged in winter 1884 in Paris
. Court consisted of In. A. Karaulov, D. A. Lopatin and L. A. Tikhomirova. Promise Degayev Tikhomirov, the Executive Committee of the Party 'People would not comply. Degayev with his wife in the presence Tikhomirova boarded a ship, departing from England to South America. Swimming was completed successfully. Constantly changing place of residence, they moved from South America to the U.S.

. I. Genkin:

. "Quite by chance I had to get acquainted with the woman doctor A, who, while living in, nine years abroad, was well aware of Vladimir and Sergei Degayev
. Since the last family she was even linked for many years.

A Citizen. first became acquainted with Sergei Degayev in Paris, where he arrived on a visit to his brother Vladimir, once naive and enthusiastic revolutionary, but at that time already clever speculators have grown fat on various speculations. Received from Sergei Degayev invitation to come to America, A. settled in 1901. at his home in g. Verminione (South Dakota), and fairly close to lived with him and his wife, thanks to them (it should be quite generous) financial aid she was able to obtain higher education and become a doctor.

. According to A., to America Degayev wife moved back in the nineties
. The first time they are in deep poverty, he worked as a loader and a manual laborer, and she - a laundress and cook. However, being a mathematician by education and in general differs a great work ethic and perseverance, Sergey Degayev soon set about continuing his education. Turning to the financial support of his wife, does not shun the darkest work, just to help my husband 'to go out to the people', he was for several years, graduated from the university and obtained a diploma mathematics teacher, and then the title of professor and dean.

G. Verminione (Vermingtone) 'Mr Alegzender Pall' - under this name Degas and lived in America - a well-earned, . had their own house and kept in their position in care of a poor scholarship student, and two young girls - the daughters of some poor American farmers,
. On one of them, also make the mathematics, Degas in his old age married.

In addition to mathematics and 'kulturtregerskoy' philanthropy (such as feeding the said five pets), Mr. 'Alexander Pell' does not strongly interested. True, he considered himself a supporter of ultraburzhuaznoy 'Republican' Party and always voted for its candidates, but the policy issues have become completely alien to this former 'activist' and a member of the Party 'People's Will'.

. Living in America, Professor A
. Pall decided not only does not recall his past, but even tried to make everybody think that it and the living is no longer. He did this with all the same his brother Vladimir, . which, . serving under the name of 'Field' in the Russian consulate in New York, . placed (under the transparent pseudonym 'Filds') in the 'Voice of Moscow' correspondence with the message about the death of Sergei Degayev somewhere in New Zealand,
. The famous traitor, though before his death had left some 'well-known American professor' manuscript, intended for the said 'Fildsa'. In this manuscript describes the history of 'degaevschiny', but presented so that the grains of truth are drowning in a sea of fiction designed to burnish the reputation of C. Degayev.

Winter 1915. Deitch met in New York with a certain Dr. P. P. Popov, who exposed Deitch meaning a hoax, started by two Degayev in 1910: while L. Menshikov and with his assistance in. Bourtsev strongly revealed in the light of all kinds of provocateurs, not only among the Social Revolutionaries and Social Democrats, but among the former People's. Obviously, Degas was frightened, as if among Russian immigrants in America could not think of any Julius Grunberg and shot from Browning did not have his revenge for his past foulness ...

. From the same Dr. Popova Deitch learned some details about the then living in America, 'professor of mathematics'
. Lev did not mention the town or the name under which C. Degayev lived in America, and generally allow some inaccuracies, as is evident from the more accurate the information we received recently from the said A.

. Incidentally, according to A., in the house of Mr. Palley 'no one ever used the single Russian word
. Interest in his former homeland 'Professor Pall' never nothing showed, except for the following two cases. During the Russian-Japanese war Degayev definitely favored the victory of Japan, . but much later (in 1918), . immediately after the beginning of the Red Terror (after the assassination attempt on Lenin), . it in one letter, . written, . as all his letters, . in English, . insert the following phrase in Russian: 'cursed Russia, . even liberated, . it does not live a man '..,
. In these words Degayev expressed their extreme bitterness against Bolshevism.

In 1920, Mr.. Mr. 'Alegzender Pall' is dead, having 66 years of age. In this case even the most close to him standing colleague at the university and the inhabitants of the city Verminion (Vermington) never guess who at one time it was completely Americanized, and forever in a vicious professor of mathematics. "

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