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Devier Anton Manuilovich

( State and military leader)

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Biography Devier Anton Manuilovich
photo Devier Anton Manuilovich
no. In one reportedly was born in Portugal in 1673 or 1674. According to other sources, was born in 1682 in Amsterdam, a poor Jewish family who moved to Holland from Portugal. The latest version is a more proven. After his father went as cabin boy on the Dutch fleet. In 1697 a young man was brought by Peter I in Russia, the ministry which has devoted his life.

In July 1708 - the captain, in the autumn of that year, raised to the rank of Major, and later - to lieutenant colonel of the Grenadier Regiment. In July 1711 got together with Paul Yaguzhinskii rank of Adjutant-General, which was specially established for them.

Devier was in love with an older sister Menshikov, Anna Danilovna. Menshikov Deviera did not like, and when he asked for the hand of his sister (Anna was waiting for the firstborn), very angry and beat Deviera. Devier complained to Peter and he ordered Menshikov give his sister married Deviera. The wedding took place in July 1712.

November 12, 1715 Peter sent Deviera Revel in overseeing the construction of the seaport.

May 27, 1718 was appointed the first chief of police in St. Petersburg-general, was in charge of all matters urban. Devier formally subordinate to the Senate and the Governor-General Menshikov, but actually - Peter himself. Initially, the state police force consisted of the Deputy General of Police, 4 officers and 36 of the lower ranks. Paperwork in the main office of the chief of police were deacon and ten clerks. The new structure not only followed the order in the city, but also serves a number of economic functions, involved in the modernization of the city - paving streets, drainage of swampy areas, garbage collection and t. n. Through the efforts Deviera in 1721 in the capital were put first lights and benches. It was organized by the Fire Service. In addition, the police have powers to court and had the opportunity to impose penalties in criminal cases.

. In June 1718 Devier participated in the investigation of the cause of Tsarevich Alexei Petrovich, along with others signed the death sentence.

. January 6, 1725 Devier was promoted to Major-General
. After the death of Peter I lobbied for the transfer of power to the Empress Catherine I. May 21, 1725 awarded the Order of St.. Alexander Nevsky. October 24, 1726 was elevated to the Count's dignity, on 27 December the same year granted the rank of lieutenant general.

In 1727, Mr.. commissioned by the Empress, he traveled to Kurland, the reason for which the complaints were kurlyandtsev on Menshikov, who was trying by hook or by crook to seize the ducal throne. Report of the empress was not in favor of Menshikov. Later that same year Devier actively opposed the Menshikov's intentions to give his daughter Mary to the heir to the throne of Peter I (the future Emperor Peter II). This episode has further aggravated the hostility Menshikov to his son-, and April 24, 1727. in the presence of 'light' Devier was taken under guard. By decree of 27 May 1727 charged with the intention to eliminate from the succession to the throne of Peter II and trying to obstruct the implementation of the spiritual testament of Empress Catherine I, deprived of the nobility and the title, rank, name, bit of a whip and sent to Siberia.

. In St. Petersburg Devier owned site on the shore of a nameless Erik (now the Fontanka river), which is Anichkov Palace
. After his arrest Deviera in 1727 land was confiscated. Wife Deviera children were told to 'live in their villages, where they wish'. Anna Danflovna chose the village Torhovo Tula district and Povetkin Venevsky County, died and was buried at the family crypt of the village Povetkin. The estates passed into the possession of his eldest son - Pyotr.

Twelve years spent in Devier Zhiganovskom cabin 800 miles from Yakutsk. Initially, the company he was the former commandant of Saint-Petersburg Gregory Skornyakov-Pisarev, appointed in 1731, Mr.. for lack of qualified specialists on hand collector tribute to Okhotsk. However Skornyakova constantly going complaints from local residents, and eventually the Empress Anna of Russia has decided to replace its 'kind and conscientious man'. Suitable candidate found Deviera. April 13, 1739 he was appointed head of the port of Okhotsk. Described and sold assets of its predecessor, Devier garrison paid in arrears for several years, salaries. Vigorous pace, he finished second Kamchatka expedition equipment Behring, has completed construction of the port of Okhotsk and along the way found a school turned into later in Sturmanskie College Siberian Flotilla. December 1, 1741 followed by a nominal decree of Empress Elizaveta Petrovna on the release of Deviera links 'with the absolution of guilt'. The decree came into the Okhotsk in June 1742, and early next year Devier arrived in St. Petersburg. An imperial decree of 14 February 1743 Devieru were returned to the Order and the title of count, as well as an estate in the county Valuiskaya Belgorod province with 1600 souls of the peasants.

. July 15, 1744 Devier was promoted to commander in chief, and December 17, 1744 was the newly appointed police chief General St. Petersburg
. However, advanced age and severe trials have indicated a multiple diseases. April 24, 1745, Mr.. sick Devier retired to resign 'until recovery'. But the recovery did not come. June 24 (July 6) 1745 g. He died three days later and was buried in the cemetery Lazarevskom Alexander Nevsky Monastery (the tomb was not preserved).

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Devier Anton Manuilovich, photo, biography
Devier Anton Manuilovich, photo, biography Devier Anton Manuilovich  State and military leader, photo, biography
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