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Olga Rodionova

( She leads a program on television, acted in films, directs boutique)

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Biography Olga Rodionova
photo Olga Rodionova
Supermodel and TV host fell in love with deputy chairman of the Central Bank of Russia on the day of his dismissal.

Olga Rodionova called single socialite, fully justifies this definition. She leads a program on television, acted in films, directs boutique and poses for the world's most famous photographers. During the breaks, this superwoman has time to raise her daughter and husband to prepare home-made noodles. The reason for our meeting was the beginning of the book Bettina Rheims 'Book of Olga'. Such explicit pictures themselves are not allowed neither Russia dame.

Olga Rodionova, we agreed to meet in a cafe on Rublevke. Where else to meet with the very wealthy TV host country? When she came out of the car, traffic cop saluted her, and glamorous ladies stopped whirring and stared out the window. Only at the end of the conversation I realized that Rublyovka she was just uncomfortable to drag, as I do.

Olga, you simply shoot nude. Your photos are exhibited in the Museum of Fine Arts. Pushkin and printed in magazines, but about his personal life, except that you are married to Sergei Rodionov, nothing is known. It turns out some banal story about a model that has managed to marry a banker. Looking at you, I think that everything is different.

- I am not in his youth working as a model, or rather, by casting not run and walked the catwalk rarely. At a time when I was finishing school, worked as a model has been undervalued, there was no 'boom' in the profession. From childhood I dreamed of becoming an actress, . for this grandmother opened the trunk, . and grandmother, . must tell, . was a great fashionistas, . wore boots with heels, . five sizes of more, . throw over the old curtain and sang in the hose from the washing machine, . introducing a minimum Alla Pugacheva,
. When I finished ninth grade, the profession of an actor's died, not rented movies, and I dreamed only of cinema. Then my dad, a lawyer by training, police officer, said: "The country needs lawyers and economists', and the family council it was decided - to enter the Moscow Institute of Law. All tenth grade, in the rain and snow, I went on training courses, accompanied by a lover mate, who, in solidarity, too, decided to enter the lawyer. I was not lucky - could have collected points. Here again intervened strict father and said: 'For the future lawyer a good experience - work in the prosecutors', . and two days later, . preliminary agreement with someone on the phone, . We went to one of the central city prosecutor's offices to arrange for me as Secretary-typist,
. Print the way, I did not know how. They accepted me with joy, but my mother's friend intervened, saying that the girl can not work in the prosecutor's office, she needed more and more promising work environment. She called her brother in the Central Bank of Russia, and happily spend the rest of the summer, I went to work referent deputy chairman of the Central Bank.

. In dress, personally sostrochennom on patterns from the magazine 'Slops', I felt irresistibly, as they say, how much do you feel, exactly as you evaluate the surrounding
. While raising his nose, I walked the corridors to the office of the chairman of the Board, feeling: at last I entered into adulthood. So, on high heels and cocked nose, I almost stepped on one of the deputy chairmen of the Central Bank - Sergei Rodionov, who had left the day. Later he admitted that it was love at first sight.
Rublyovka for the unemployed

- A year later I went to college, though not legal, and economic, but the work did not leave. Sergey, as in the cases of the Central Bank, often came to me in the waiting room to drink tea. And a half, our tea grown into a tempestuous affair, and six months later we moved in together.

Parents, I said it was the love of my life and if they let me go, I still run away. They believed in the threat and were released. I was 19, he 32. So, as practice showed, the princes live not only in Rublevke, but sometimes they stroll through the corridors of reputable organizations! Above all, be at the right time in the right place and above the nose up. This, of course, a joke.

One way or another, but Rublevke you still find ourselves.

- Not immediately. Gradually life changed, the money began to appear, we really have moved on Rublyovka. By the time I successfully graduated from university, had a daughter and realized that upon receipt of the specialty work anyway I will not.

And rightly. Why beloved wife of the oligarch's work. In books about Rublyovka write that need to find yourself a little pesika and walk with him to shop. Oksana Robski many such instructions cooked.

- Robski writes about the mythical women who only yesterday were churned up the mud in rubber boots in their cities with little-known names, but now flooded Moscow and sat down on the highway Rublevskoe. They discuss the servants, drivers and rags from the feeble mind, because they no longer something to talk about. Unfortunately, the image of Rublyovka was created by the example is not the best representatives of the new society. Personally I do not live in Rublevke since then, as the daughter went to school - very hard to Moscow because of traffic jams get. Many of my friends also returned to the city. It seems to me to live there can be only a person who is not working and not having children of school age. Myth of Rublevke in film and literature, was often created by people completely ignorant of this life, or simply earn their fictional manner.
. The figure does not change

. So, you still go to work?

. - Yes, on one of my friend, simply store manager in fashion
. Having worked with him six months, I realized that I wanted the same shop, and he, absorbed in the film industry, just left for permanent residence in America. I offered to buy out his business. Sergey helped me take out a bank loan, and so I became a full owner of a large store. In the crisis of 1998, it had to close. But later I managed to open a tiny, but exclusive boutique designer Vivienne Westwood in Stoleshnikov Lane. Prior to that in Paris, I met with the most Vivien. She shook my imagination wisdom and accuracy of judgments, intellect, her clothing sold well, and we 'hit on his hands'. Boutique lasted nine years, but this summer I said goodbye to him. Understand that I have no time for them to do and running out of control conscience does not allow. Daughter during this time managed to grow, it has awkward age - to my mother's attention. Her husband also began to tire of the endless my absence, he wants to see me next.

. Nevertheless, you have the time to shine on the third channel in the business talk show 'The price of issue'.

. - By the way, here's where I fully useful the knowledge institute
. But with the fashion industry, with this world of eternal glamor, I do not broke. At the same time I'm on the transmission channel 'World Fashion', take an interview with fashion designers, photographers ...

Why do not they talk to old friend. Probably no one really fashion photographer, who would you not working not as a lead, but as a model.

- And continue to work. As a model, I was in 2002. When my pictures were published in Russian and Western journals, I was 27 - 28 years, thus dispels another myth that models are in 15. Never too late to start anything.

Let shat and third myth. Envious people say that you shoot only for the publications owned by your husband.

- In Russian 'FHM' and 'XXL' I was long before their purchase of a husband, and 'Playboy', 'L'Officiel' and about 20 others, where were my photos, to him are irrelevant. By the way, my 'naked' shooting began with the French 'Vogue', and not with the Russian 'Playboy', as they say.

Well, what about shooting a nude, you have started the. I'm straight from the shoulders of the mountain:

- Generally, all the photographers love to shoot nude models. This, in their opinion, best fits the embodiment of naturalness in art. I never specifically demanded that such shootings, but never argue with the wishes of photographers, especially if it is Helmut Newton, Peter Lindbergh, La Chapelle, Bettina Rheims. Work 'nu' means extremely high demands on the model: no photoshop can not hide the flaws of the body, you can disguise wrinkles, remove moles, smooth contours, but the figure does not change. A, . example, . Newton, Lindbergh took off on the film and never retouching their photos! I remember shooting La Chapelle in Moscow in January, . when I carelessly thrown on the shoulders of a coat unbuttoned hour standing in the cold at minus 17 and then was sick for two weeks,
. But these photos were published in 15 magazines around the world.

It was always interesting to know how to react to these shooting Sergei Rodionov.

- Male me to fotoobrazam not jealous. He likes how I support the physical form. He believes such survey show that beauty - a privilege not only of youth and eternal category.
I live from hand to mouth

The beauty of you is difficult or easy?

- See for yourself. Three times a week fitness and pilates. Plus a good hand massage, hardware cosmetology, guidance of an experienced dietitian: hungry - Drink some water, if you go to a late dinner, order a green salad and a glass of white wine. Always chew some grass, and sometimes feel like a sheep to mountain pastures. I live from hand to mouth. Once a week, arrange fasting days. I can not do only one recommendation Dietician - sleep. Do not mix products unless the fish or meat, only vegetables, do not eat the potatoes, almost never eat bread and drink a lot of plain water and green tea, no fizzy drinks and alcohol prefer a dry white wine. Due to lack of time beautician, causing a perpetual surprise her husband, comes to my house usually seven in the morning. In the days when there is no shooting, ten in the morning at my door is already knocking on the teacher in Arabic. In the last year I sat tight for his study. It is necessary to keep pace with the times. Behind him a great future.

. Say something in Arabic:

. Olga something fluent, then translate.

. - Usually, when I work a lot, come home and I can not talk to the home, they ask: 'What are you silent? " - Answer that without money I do not talk!

. Around the house you are doing? Laundry, iron, go shopping:

. - Sometimes I go in the supermarkets and markets
. Markets allocate particular. As a person always hungry, I love and know how to choose foods, sometimes I try to home cook something delicious, the house is very welcoming Russian cuisine. Specialty - herring under a fur coat, her adored my father in law, and when she left, he always asks permission to take her home. Perfectly cook soup and noodles in Tatar, which I do myself, but unfortunately, this is not my vocation, and, thank God, now I have people and cooking, and cleaning, washing, and then get you in the interview superwoman. Sometimes it comes over to visit mom and pies, that's awful! She did all the pancakes and cakes, in which, believe me, knows what's what, according to dietary and usually after a week of such scales are beginning to sharply 'lie' to two pounds.

. You have arrived at the 'Hummer'
. This is to emphasize the image of such a monster beauty?

- What are you? This dream machine. I cajole her from her husband on one of the birthdays. Thanks to Moscow's traffic jams 'Hammer' became my second home. There and dressing room, and wardrobe, and everything else.

Now many stars riding on the subway congestion. Not tried?

- I was in the subway two years ago, late for a live broadcast in the 'Ostankino'. I think the people who rode with me in a car, remember me for a long time - in a TV make-up, with full hair, snow-white fur coat on the floor and shoes in the mud and a terrible cold, accompanied by a tall man guard. Stumbling in the metro and pestering with questions, driving directions, we got all the same to the studio. 'White Raven' I felt myself in the full sense of the word. That was my only trip over the past 12 years.

Olga, you're on the formation of a banker, your husband, too, banker. Given these circumstances, I simply can not ask about the economic crisis. What are the forecasts?

- Disappointing. The crisis will be long and hard, it touches all. Our family, he also touched. We few shave their costs. By the way, 'Book of Olga' does not bring us a penny. Publisher Benedikt Tashenov just liked the photo which showed him Bettina, and he signed a contract with her. Neither I nor my husband is nothing to do with this contract do not have. I gave permission to publish free. Tashenov not mistaken. The entire print run, despite the crisis, was sold for three weeks.

* Olga Rodionova, Muscovite.

* In 1996, Mr.. graduated from the Institute of Economics, Management and Law, specializing in 'Banking'.

* In 2001,. opened its first boutique in Russia 'Vivienne Westwood'.

. * Is the owner of the French award 'The Best' in the category 'Most Beautiful People of the Year'.

. * She starred in films and serials 'Elevator', 'Everything Else', 'Treasure hunter', 'gossip', 'Orel', 'The Fifth Angel', 'Totalizator'.

. * Married to the Chairman of the Board of Directors' Diners Club Russia ', Director General of Media Holding "Publishing House Rodionova' Sergei Rodionov.

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    Olga Rodionova, photo, biography
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