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Julius Litta

( statesman)

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Biography Julius Litta
photo Julius Litta
Educated at College of St.. [Clement of Rome, in 1780 entered the Order of Malta, in 1782 commanded the galleries of the Order of the fleet. From 1789 to Russia's service as a captain-general major's class. During the Russian-Swedish War of 1788-1790 is one of the founders of the rowing fleet in the Baltic Sea, commanded the vanguard of the rowing fleet Duke K. US-Nassau-Siegen, with the difference in Rochensalmskom sea battle (1789) made a rear admiral. From 1792 he left Russia to leave 'pending demand'. In 1795 sent to St. Petersburg for talks on the return of the proceeds of the Order of Malta Ostrozky Priory, logged into Russia after the partition of the Commonwealth (a successful conclusion after the death of Empress Catherine II). Using a special arrangement of Emperor Paul I, Litta in January 1797 signed a convention on the 'establishment' of Malta in Russia. Appointed Ambassador Extraordinary of the Order of St. Petersburg, Litta soon elevated to the Count's Russia and the dignity of the empire made vice-admiral. Thanks to his efforts, the Emperor Paul I in October 1798 declared the Grand Master of the Order of Malta, he Litta appointed as his deputy (lieutenant), and in fact was in charge of all affairs of the Order of. Together with his brother Lorenzo (papal nuncio in Russia) and the Neapolitan ambassador in St. Petersburg, Duke A. de Serra Caprioli acting as a Catholic influence in Russia. At the request of Emperor Paul I, Pope freed from the vow of celibacy Litt. He married in October 1798 at the Countess EV. Skavronskaia (7-1829; nee Engelhardt, niece of Prince GA. Potemkin), Litta entered the circle of the court aristocracy. 1/11/1799 Litta appointed chief formed on his initiative, the Horse Guards Corps. As a result of the intrigues of Count F.V. Rostopchina and other representatives of the so-called Russian party at the court Litta fell into disgrace in March 1799 dismissed the petition without and banished to his wife's estate. In the same year returned to St. Petersburg, but the former effect was no longer. Later Litta enjoyed the favor of Emperors Alexander I and Nicholas I, in 1810 complained to the chief Schenk, was appointed Comptroller, in 1810-1817 glavnonachalnik of Gough intensity dantskoy office. Since 1811 member of the State Council (since 1830 Chairman of the Department of State Economy), supported the policy of MM. Speransky, and projects changes in the field of finance, the proposed NS. Mordvinov. In 1814, Litta insisted on the presentation to the Emperor Alexander I the name of 'Blessed' (instead of the title 'Great'). He was married to the widow PV. Skavronskaia, Catherine nee Engelhardt (1761-1829), niece of Prince GA. Potemkin. Without legitimate children, Litta bequeathed his vast fortune granddaughter of his wife - the Countess YU.P. Samoilova, nee Palen (1803-1875). He had been born out of wedlock and children: a son, who bore the name of Attila, and a daughter.

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Julius Litta, photo, biography
Julius Litta, photo, biography Julius Litta  statesman, photo, biography
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