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Ligin Valerian

( Doctor of Technical Sciences)

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Biography Ligin Valerian
photo Ligin Valerian
Not wanting to leave the doctor's marriage and at the same time, waiting for the birth, Kozlova, went to Odessa, where she gave birth to a son. The doctor also had to leave the yard and go abroad. In Odessa, maid of honor Kozlova settled on the outskirts of the city, founded the monastery of St. Michael, who is now almost in the center of Odessa. She lived near the monastery, leading the life of almost monastic. ': His mother's devoted, one might say, his whole life to him and Michael's Monastery. When Ligin was a boy, his tutor, and then the teacher was someone Korystelev, who later became a professor of theoretical mechanics at the University of. (He and I taught theoretical mechanics and the integration of differential functions - and taught a very mediocre.): '(P. 62 Chapter. V, Count S.YU. Witte, Memoirs, Izdatel'stvo 'word', Berlin, 1923).

Mother son, ': of course, beautifully brought up, not sparing him any money, but, nevertheless, on the documents he was listed as' philistine Kozlov'...' (ibid.).

In 1864, Mr.. her son entered the Richelieu Lyceum in 1865. students was enrolled in the Novorossiysk University, which was transformed Lyceum.

. At the university we all knew it ': the surname Kozlov, all the while he was a student, he was known to us as' Kozlov', but, at the end of the course became known that he was given a certificate, where he was named Liginym
. (If you turn the word Ligin, it will 'nihil', t. e. 'nobody'): <:>: Ligin differed among the students that knew languages: '(ibid.).

. ': His father Ligina (who was a young doctor at the palace), who moved to Vienna, is famous there as mentally ill and the doctor later in his custody was handed a huge, one of the best in the world of hospitals for the mentally ill
. He was a very famous professor at the University of Vienna on the above mentioned diseases. Ligin recognized him by his father, and he admitted his son Ligina. I remember, . When I finished the course at the university and the first time went abroad for, . to be cured of the disease, . which I was sick and so far (namely,, . of sore throat, . larynx and nasal cavity), . I asked Ligina give me some assistance,
. Ligin written me two words about his father, . and, . As soon as I sent this last note Ligina, . Although, . that at the time I was young, . not known, . no money man, . Ligina father received me very cordially and gave me a letter immediately to all Viennese celebrities, . and all these celebrities and take me with special attention to me were: '(p,
. 65 - 66), ibid).

': After completing the course Ligin went abroad, listening to the lectures in Karlsruhe, t. e. preparation for the professoriate. Returning to Odessa, he wrote a thesis on the new geometry. (I was already finishing his course at the university, but also to study mathematics.) And Ligin had to defend his dissertation on a Master's degree. At this time, the university professors were: Mechnikov - Zoology, Sechenov - physiology, Sokolov - chemistry Tsinkovsky - Botany, t. e. All persons, . or who had already enjoyed great scientific authority (as, . eg., . Tsinkovsky), . or were then still young (63) professors, . subsequently been popular (as, . eg., . Sechenov, . which now has a reputation universally celebrities), . but they were all the scientists, . and were slightly contaminated with the spirit all, . at that time prevailed in the university, . a is: does not give any benefits were students from a good family, . or have the means,
. Sure, . this principle is perfectly valid: it is clear, . that such students should not be given special advantages in terms of teaching and markings, but the fact is, . that the desire not to give benefits for the most part came down to injustice in the opposite direction, . to the injustice done to those young people, . who have the means or, . or were more or less well-known names,
. At this time Korystelev was dean of the Mathematics Department of Physics and Mathematics Department, . - And that's why the scientists these scientists then got it into his head, . that thesis Ligina be consistent to protect the master's degree in mechanics, precisely because, . that Korystelev was his closest teacher and educator,
. Once this rumor was started - gentlemen naturalists professor decided to fail, although none of them decisively knew nothing of mathematics or mechanics, but because they are in any degree could not be judges of the Ligina.

. Remember, . that during the thesis defense, they all attacked him, . but the attack was quite childish, in turn, each of these professors simply argued, . Ligina strongly that thesis is now useless, . but did not give absolutely no evidence,
. But - as I said earlier, naturalists and professors could not present evidence because of the subject they did not know. Only between, . who could judge the dissertation, . He was a young professor Usov (now a professor of mathematics and physics at Moscow State University), . Usov, but was not an expert on the mechanics and, . besides, . some twisted soul, . because he was infected with precisely the direction, . who were infected with all the universities of the time, . t,
. e. 'democracy' - which is expressed in fear of being in any degree was the patron of the student because of his name or because of his. Since then the Faculty of Mathematics was not (and still at university it is not), . but was in physics and mathematics, . which examined all the natural sciences, . hence, . professors naturalists were fully-fledged members of the Faculty Council, . then, . eventually, . majority, . thesis (64) Ligina was found unfit.,

. Then I, . - Although not a member of the board of professors, . so as soon as the recently completed his studies at the University, . - Still intervened in the matter and said one of the professors (who do not remember: or Mechnikov, . or Sechenov), . that the solution to their extremely unfair,
. They answered me that before they got information that all the professors of the Mathematics Department gave an excellent review on Ligina only for personal reasons. Then I advised them to send the thesis Ligina - being naughty in Paris, which, strictly speaking, and was the creator of the new geometry, which is currently all the universities subject of a special science. Shawl, . receiving this thesis (which was translated into French), . After some time, gave feedback, . it is 'excellent work' and that, . because he knows, . that there are two degrees: Master's and Doctorate, . and can give the doctor other than Master, . it, . Shawl, . with his party for such excellent work done would be directly Ligina Dr. Mechanics, . bypassing the rank of master of arts Mechanics,
. After such revocation, Department immediately met and recognized Ligina worthy of a master's degree in Mechanics: '(p. 62 - 64, ibid). Thus, in 1872, Mr.. Ligin defended his master's thesis: "Geometric theory of absolute motion of the system unchanged 'and was approved by the lecturer, most likely, on the faculty of mechanics.

. Then, . in 1874 Ligin in Kharkov University defended another thesis: 'Generalizations of some properties, . motion systems' on a doctorate in mechanics and was approved by the extraordinary, . and in 1879 - full professor of the University Novoroissiysk,
. Since 1884. He was dean of physical and mathematical faculty.

. Working in the Novorossiysk University about 25 years':. Ligin created, one might say, a particular school of Russian scientists, working mostly akin to the kinematics and with it science: many of his students are now professors, as for example
. Zanchevsky, Gokhman, Seeliger and others. Of the numerous works of his call: "Geometric theory of absolute motion of the system unchanged" (Odessa, . 1872), . "Geometric theory of relative motion of the point and unchangeable system" (Odessa, . 1872), . "Sur le lieu des points d'un systeme invariable mobile d'une maniere generale etc." ( "Bulletin de la Societe Mathematique de France", . t,
. I, 1873), "Sur quelques proprietes geometriques du deplacement d'une figure plane dans son plan" ( "Nouv. Annalen de Mathematique ", t. XII, 1872). "Generalization to the case of finite displacements of a theorem on the conjugate Shalya axes" (Mat. Compilation ", t. VI, 1872), "Generalization of some geometric properties of traffic systems" (Odessa, 1873), "Kinematics" ( "Zap. Imp. Novor. Univ., t. XV, 1874), "Essai d'une classification des engrenages" ( "Nouv. Ann. de Nathem. ", t. XIII, 1874), "Sur les systemes des tiges articulees" (ibid., t. XIV, 1875), "Note relative au theoreme sur la composition des accelerations" and pr. ( "Comptes rendus de l'Acad. des Sc. de Paris ", t. 87, 1878), "Sur les aires des trajectoires dans le mouvement plan d'une figure de forme invariable" ( "Bullet. des Scienc. Mathem ", t. II, 1878), "Sur les aires des courbes anallagmatiques" ( "Builet. des Sc. Math. "T. V 1881), "Sur les systemes articules de M. Peaucellier, Hart et Kempe "(" Nouv. Ann. de Math. ", 3rd series, t. I, 1882), "Sur quelques proprietes geometriques du mouvement d'un point" ( "Nouv. Ann. de Math. ", t. I, 1882), "The direct application of solar heat (insolatory)" ( "Zap. Matt. Dept.. Novor. Total. Estestv., T. IV, 1883), "On bestopochnyh steam engines Gonigmana" (Odessa, 1884). "New construction Maurice d'Okan to determine the velocity ratio in guiding mechanisms Possel and Hart (" Zap. Matt. Dept.. Novor. Total. Eats. ", T. VI, 1885) and many others. others: '(Article H. Delaunay Ligin, Valerian Nikolaevich Collegiate Dictionary Brockhaus and Efron, CD: (P) 2002 IDDK, (C) 2002 Multmedia-publishing "Adept").

. ': As Ligin was quite a wealthy man (he had a property in Odessa), he was elected mayor of Odessa:' (p
. 64, ibid). In Encyclopaedia Brockhaus and Efron mayor was elected in 1895. It is more accurate than Witte's because, in this case, he could not work out the mayor for more than three years. ': He was mayor for three years and then was elected mayor for the next three years:' (p. 64, ibid). At the same time he relinquished the post of Dean.

. ': When, . after the death of Count Delyanov *, . was the question: whom to appoint as his successor, . then came to me somehow Konstantin Petrovich Pobedonostsev and began to ask me, . so I went to the Emperor and begged the Emperor not to appoint a trustee district (Minister of People,
. Pros.?) one person not having a training department and nothing, really, quite inappropriate; Pobedonostsev thought that this person will be appointed by the special patronage of high officials. I declined this offer Pobedonostsev, . saying, . that go to the Emperor and not interfere in his case - I can not, . that would be much better, . If you go, . because you were a teacher not only of the Emperor, . but his father, . and your relationship may be very different, . than mine.,

. Then, Konstantin Petrovich Pobedonostsev decided himself to go to the Emperor
. When he went away from me, . I told him, . that should not go only to, . to dissuade the Emperor to appoint such a person, . but to, . to alleviate the plight of Sovereign, . he must point to someone, . and if it turns, . that he, . whom he wants to appoint, . - Not suitable, . we should recommend a suitable person,
. Then, Konstantin Petrovich began to discuss with me the question: whom should be encouraged. And so we agreed to push in front of His Majesty on the appointment of someone from a professor's environment, to appoint a person who has a great experience. At the same time we stopped at two faces: on the one hand, Bogolepova - it was a candidate, which mainly Pobedonostsev insisted, on the other hand, Ligine, is a candidate, which mainly I insisted. It provides that if Konstantin Petrovich can persuade the Emperor not to appoint the person who was supposed to be, then he (Pobedonostsev) will recommend a candidate for two persons: Bogolepova and Ligina.

. Pobedonostsev reached the, . that the person, . which is expected to appoint, . was assigned, . and the two candidates focused on the Emperor Bogolepova, . because Bogolepov at this time was a trustee of the Moscow school district and that he personally knew the Grand Duke Sergei Alexandrovich, . which naturally had a great influence on the Emperor, . because he was married to the sister of the Empress,
. Thus Ligin very nearly became the Minister of Education. General, after this emperor (66) Liginu treated more kindly: '(p. 65, ibid).

': At this time I was Minister of Finance and the Warsaw Governor-General was His Serene Highness Prince Imereti, which to me was a beautiful relationship. Trustee of the Warsaw district after the death of my uncle, Senator Witte, it was Apukhtin, which left a bad memory in Warsaw, as well as in educational institutions of the Kingdom of Poland, he pursued a very narrow national objectives.

. Of course, get on with the Prince of Imereti Apukhtin in this direction could not, and therefore resigned as
. Was the question: who to appoint a trustee for the school district of Warsaw? Prince of Imereti asked me for advice, . I pointed him to Ligina, . the then mayor, . and previously a long time consisted of Novorossiysk University Professor,
. Prince of Imereti Ligina not know, but it is trusted to my instructions, and (65) Ligin, at his request, was appointed trustee of the Warsaw school district (p. 64 - 65, ibid). In accordance with the chronicle encyclopaedia Brockhaus and Efron, it could be no earlier than 1898.

Ligin died from cancer in 1900. ': When Ligin was a young man, shortly after his graduation from the course at the university on his lip, suddenly appeared a little pimple, which more and more grew. When Ligin arrived in Vienna to his father, and there he underwent surgery, the pimple was cut and he has remained high on the lip scar. Subsequently, after several decades have Ligina again on the same spot a pimple appeared, turned out to be cancerous, which it has ruined.

Ligin was married to a local Odessa girl, the daughter of a merchant Parputi, which is still alive. We Ligina had two sons, one now the vice-governor in one of the provinces of the Kingdom of Poland and the other - the main military hospital doctor Nicholas, (they say he's a good doctor): '(p. 66, ibid).

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Ligin Valerian, photo, biography
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