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Shishkov Ratmir

( Singer)

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Biography Shishkov Ratmir
photo Shishkov Ratmir
April 24, 1988 in Moscow at the light there was a future star Ratmir Shishkov. Like all Taurus, Ratmir inherent: dedication, perseverance, diligence. Ratmir always wanted to get on 'Star Academy', in the end he was able to exercise their desire.

By nationality RATM - Roma, which explains his enormous talent. Love for music was passed on to him as a child from his mother, Ratmir first appeared on stage with just her. But RATM - not only a gifted child in the family. He has a brother, one of the soloists of the group 'Prime - Minister' Jean, who came to support Ratmir the first nomination. Our favorite little man combines two main qualities that an artist must possess: the ability to move well and a beautiful voice.

What else would write? Ratmir very interesting personality, as it blended tranquility and mischief. I think that RATM sincere, kind man with a huge heart and soul, because not for nothing that he said that more than anything else does not like betrayal. He also cares very close friends, is why the question: 'What do you most will be missed in the' Star home '?' - Ratmir replied: 'My friends'

. -------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------

. March 23, 2007, on Friday evening it became known that in a major car accident crashed graduate of the fourth "American Idol" Ratmir Shishkov and rapper Deema, a project participant VIP77 and TV shows "Yappi for pick-up"
. About an hour or two nights the car in which were Ratmir Shishkov, Deema and 3 other people crashed into Foltsvagen and died.
About two o'clock in the night from Wednesday to Thursday on Sadovaya-Spassky street opposite the 20 th house head-on collided Jeep Volkswagen Touareg and Mercedes-Benz 350.

32-year-old driver of the jeep "Volkswagen", a native of Ukraine, was traveling in the direction of Butcher Street. After waiting for a green traffic light, left lane to Orlikov Lawn-Spassky street. At this point, "Mercedes" overshot the intersection at a red light and collided with the SUV. "Mercedes" of the collision spun, he hit the curbs, the petrol tank car detonated petrol, then exploded and the car caught fire. The driver and four passengers were unable to get out of the twisted car and burned.

Nearly two days later revealed that the car is Ratmir Shishkov and his girlfriend, member of the VIP 77 Deema, Sergei Zaikovskii (a talented electronic musician) and a driver.

According to some reports, the bodies of victims of the accident is so burnt, that while difficult to identify them. Burnt a Mercedes owned by a native of Chechnya Timur Baisarov.

Recall after teleproject Ratmir among other members of "American Idol 4" Nastya Kochetkova, Dominica and Timati Joker joined the group "Banda".

The last two days have turned to relatives and friends of the talented 19-year-old rapper in hell. Every hour of typing your mobile Ratmir hoping to hear a familiar cheerful voice, the parents and relatives of people have heard only of indifference: "The device subscriber is temporarily unavailable". They have until recently refused to believe that in the "Mercedes", which exploded and burned in the center of Moscow, was their favorite son, friend, brother.

Ratmir spent his last evening with friends. He and four other youths went on the Garden Ring and did not notice the "Volkswagen" was in front of their "Mercedes". As a result of the collision the car exploded and caught fire. As told later operatives, they had no chance to escape ...

Close Ratmir that and the next day and the next day could not get through to him, tried to convince myself that it's cruel coincidence that Ratmir is about to find himself and his call. But time passed, and news of the boy had no. Yesterday afternoon a friend and colleague Ratmir Pasha came to the morgue, but failed to identify the body. Do not want to believe in the terrible and Timati, who considered Ratmir younger brother. He learned about what happened on tour in Irkutsk.

- I am so shocked that it is difficult to convey in words, - told "thy DAY" rapper. - Ratmir always have and will be in my heart.

Friends could not muster the strength to tell it like it is, parents who Ratmir - the only son.

Close still can not believe that there are no more Ratmir. Who knew that the lyrics written by Timati, will prove to be prophetic to his best friend: "They cry to heaven for you, about you ..."

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Shishkov Ratmir, photo, biography
Shishkov Ratmir, photo, biography Shishkov Ratmir  Singer, photo, biography
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