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Kenneth Lee Salazar

( Minister of the Interior U.S.)

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Biography Kenneth Lee Salazar
photo Kenneth Lee Salazar
Kenneth "Ken" Lee Salazar was born March 2, 1955 in Alamosa, Colorado. He is often considered to be Hispanic-Americans, but his Spanish roots: Salazar's ancestors settled in North America even in the XVI century, before the formation of the U.S.. Salazar's childhood spent in five hundred miles from Denver - on a ranch in the valley of San Luis, which belonged to his parents: Henry and Emma Salazar, a former professional soldier. Salazar grew up with seven brothers and sisters. At the ranch there was no water, telephone and electricity but the parents were able to give children a good education: all of their sons and daughters to college.

. In 1973, Salazar graduated from high school Centauri High School and entered the seminary of St Francis (St
. Francis Seminary) but then transferred to Colorado College (Colorado College), where in 1977 he received a bachelor's degree in political science. In 1981 he defended a doctorate in law at the University of Michigan Law School (University of Michigan Law School). Later, he received the honorary degree of Doctor of Laws Colorado College in 1993 and the University of Denver (University of Denver) in 1999.

. From 1981 to 1986, Salazar has practiced law in the firm Sherman & Howard in Denver, specializing in water law
. In 1986 he became the chief legal adviser to the governor of Colorado Roy Romer (Roy Romer). In 1990, Salazar has been appointed executive director of the Ministry of Natural Resources of Colorado. In 1994, Salazar returned to practice law, and until 1998 worked in the firm Parcel, Mauro & Spaanstra.

In 1998, Salazar was elected Attorney General of Colorado, was re-elected in 2002. In this position, he paid much attention to the fight against criminal offenses, and was engaged in land and water law and environmental. At the Attorney General Salazar has often clashed with the Republican leadership of the state because of the appointment of judges.

. In 2004, Salazar was running for election to the U.S. Senate from the Democratic Party in Colorado and won in November of that year, Republican candidates, the beer magnate Pete Course (Pete Coors), taking the post in the Senate in January 2005
. He became the first senator with Spanish roots, which is chosen in the Senate is not in the state of New Mexico. In the Senate, Salazar has worked in the finance committee and was a member of the Committees on Agriculture, Energy and Natural Resources, Ethics, Veterans Affairs and the elderly. Salazar earned a reputation as a centrist, pragmatic. He skillfully maneuvered between the interests of organizations to protect the environment and companies involved in mining: thanks to its cautious stance, he enjoyed good relations on both sides. In the Senate, Salazar, as a Democrat, avoided the conflict and with the Republicans. Salazar support rehabilitation programs for veterans of the war in Iraq, . voted for the issuance of additional subsidies to farmers and for the reform of immigration laws, . advocated a gradual build-up of oil and gas in the state of Colorado with a condition of taking measures to protect ecology and conservation of land, . are state-owned,
. In addition, Salazar has called for a speedy withdrawal of troops from Iraq.

In the Senate, Salazar became friendly with a senator from Illinois Barack Obama (they were my neighbors). Salazar has actively supported Obama during his presidential campaign, and campaign for him in Colorado and New Mexico.

. Obama's victory in the presidential election in November 2008, Salazar has worked as an advisor to his transition team, . and then was named a candidate for the post of Minister of the Interior United States: the agency responsible for land use, . particularly, . Parks,
. Salazar was approved without debate by the Senate as minister on Jan. 20, 2008, immediately after the inauguration of Obama. Among the main objectives of Salazar as Minister of press calls the fight against global warming and energy independence U.S.. Since taking office, Salazar said he was going to change for the better image of the ministry, which criticized the fact that it deals only with western regions of the United States.

. It is known that Salazar called the reduction of dependence on foreign oil supplies crucial task for the U.S. as well as supported the development of alternative energy sources.

. Salazar is married, his wife called HOPE (Hope), they have two daughters, Andrea (Andrea) and Milinda (Milinda) and one granddaughter Mireya (Mireya)
. Before his election to the Senate Salazar and his wife owned a chain of laundries Dairy Queen and two radio stations in Colorado. Salazar's older brother - John (John) is also well-known politician, Congressman. There were rumors that Obama will nominate him for the post of Minister of Agriculture, but the post went to Tom Vilseku (Tom Vilsack).

Among the hobbies Salazar press called basketball.

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Kenneth Lee Salazar, photo, biography
Kenneth Lee Salazar, photo, biography Kenneth Lee Salazar  Minister of the Interior U.S., photo, biography
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