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Helene Segara

( Singer)

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Biography Helene Segara
photo Helene Segara
Helene Segara was born February 26, 1971 in C-Fours-Les-Plage, a small town in the department of Var, on the Mediterranean. Her father, Bernard, an Italian by birth, was a clerk in the office shipyard September Sur Mer, and an Armenian mother, Teresa worked in the tax office. It was from his father, who adored opera, Elen and inherited his passion for song. After his parents' divorce in 1979, then had eight years Helene continued to live with his mother, with whom she maintained a rather conflicting relations. Teresa did not share the aspirations of his daughter to become a singer, in the future she saw Helen working in the City Hall. But the girl claimed the mother: "No, Mom, I'll sing". But Grandma and Grandpa kept Helen in her dreams of singing. In the eleven years she participated in the contest, which was won on the song "L'amour en heritage" by Nana Mouskouri. Head of events saw a future star, and Helen told her parents about. But they treated this disapproval, citing the fact that it is still too young to start a performing career.

At age 14, Helen left the house mother and moved to live with her father. A year later, she broke down and dropped out of school, so good-bye to their ambitions, and began performing in bars, restaurants and other clubs in CцЄte d'Azur. She has created for himself repertoire, consisting of about 1,200 French and Anglo-Saxon lyrics. In 1993, Ellen released the single "Loin", but the song did not achieve any success.

Only in 1996, Helen decided to leave his dear Azur and move to Paris, to give yourself a real chance to achieve something more in their profession. Helen was not able to get used to her new life in the capital. She returned to the south to go back some time later. After a few plays in the various studios, she met Fabrice, El Salvador, who introduced her to Orlando (Dalida's brother and producer), on which the voice of Helen made a strong impression. He decided to take her career, starting with the fact that caused her to lose weight by 6 kg, and completely change the appearance. Her first single, "Je vous aime adieu" became very popular and even won an award Rolf Marbach, SACEM award in spring 1997. This song was included in her first album "Coeur de verre", with "Les vallees d'Irlande" and "Vivo per lei", a duet with the famous Andrea Bocelli. The album was sold more than 600 000 copies.

In 1997, Ellen tried to get the role of Esmeralda in the musical "Notre-Dame de Paris" by Luc Plamondon and Richard Cocciante. The role went to Ellen, after Noah refused to participate in a tour performance. Participation in Ellen "Notre-Dame de Paris" really helped her professionally, as well as her solo career. She was invited to record a song "Loin du froid de decembre" to the animated film "Anastasia".

However, in 1999, Ellen had to leave the musical "Notre-Dame de Paris", as a tour of Quebec, she lost her voice. "During the tour I did not sleep more than three hours per night, whereas I need eight to ten to give to rest my voice, I lost 6 pounds, my friend left me and eventually I lost the vote". She found a cyst on the vocal cords, and it urgently needed an operation. Doctors told Helen that if she wants to again someday to sing, she should not speak at least three weeks, and she especially needs rest. To restore his voice, it is long lived in New York.

While Helen was gathering strength and its musicians recorded the music for her second album, although she was not sure that will be able to perform songs from the disc. But her fears were misplaced: the single "Il ya trop de gens qui t'aiment", released in late 1999 and heralded the return of the great Helene Segara on the scene, immediately took first place in the charts in France, Belgium and Switzerland.

. During 2000, Helen continued to accompany the success
. Her second album "Au nom d'une femme" enjoyed enormous popularity since the release and it has sold more than 650 000 copies. Helen received the award in the nomination NRJ Francophone Opening of the Year, and subsequently award Victoires de la Musique in the category Artist of the Year. In October 2000 the Helen gave three concerts in Olympia, the past with great success. One of them, held on 24 October, was recorded on video and audio. DVD and video tape out in the summer of 2001, as a double disc - in the autumn.

2002 also began to Ellen quite well - with the release of the single "Donner tout". In this year also released Spanish-language album, Helene, which included her best songs performed in Spanish.

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Helene Segara, photo, biography
Helene Segara, photo, biography Helene Segara  Singer, photo, biography
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