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Elena Paparizou

( Greek singer)

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Biography Elena Paparizou
photo Elena Paparizou

Helen was born Dec. 31, 1982 in Borцгs, Sweden in an immigrant family Euphrosyne and Georgis Paparizou. Helena's father was born in the Greek town of Volos and mother is from Karditsa. She also has a brother and sister, Rita Dinos. Since childhood she had breathing problems from which she suffers and is. At 7 years old began playing the piano, and 13 knew that he wanted to be a singer. In the 14 years she was a member of 'Soul Funkomatic', in which it was composed of more than three children. When she was 16, the band broke up and Elena decided to leave the parental home. But the mother said that she too ying to leave the house. In 1998, when 13 of her friends were killed at a party in Gothenburg burned, she again asked his mother about moving. And once again was denied. Having lost all his friends, she decided to stop singing.

In 1999, one of the DJs asked her to record a demo version of the song 'Opa-Opa'. Since the words in the song were written for men, she recorded this song together with childhood friend Nikos Panayotidisom.
. Antique: 1999-2003

. After a very successful release of their debut single 'Opa-Opa' (which later received the status of "golden) seventeen Elena Nikos join together in a group of 'Antique'
. They conclude a contract with the Swedish record label Bonnier. With obrektaet popularity in Greece and Cyprus, performing songs in the genre of modern Laiki. In 2001, they became the representatives of Greece at the Eurovision. With a song '(I would) Die for you' takes 3 place that before the victory of Helena in 2005, is the highest position for Greece in this contest. Only Sakis Rouvas in 2004 was able to repeat the success of Antique. The single from the song contest has become a platinum. Also held a promotional tour for many countries.

Having success in the group, Helen decides to leave the group and start a solo career.
Solo career
2003-2004: Protereotita

Elena concludes a contract with Sony Music Greece. Some time later, she released her first solo single Anapantites Klisis in December 2003 (he was later re-recorded in the English version I Don't Want You Here Anymore). This song was written specifically for the Greek singer Helena Christos Dantisom. The single later received the status of gold.

Winter 2003-2004 performed in nightclubs with Antonios REMOS. In the spring of that year released their debut album 'Protereotita' many songs from which became hits, and the album received platinum status. In 2004-2005 vystpuala in nightclubs with Sakis Rouvas.
2005: Eurovision. Second Chance

In 2005 she was again invited to represent Greece at Eurovision. At this time solo. Nationally, she presented a selection of 3 songs: My Number One, Let's Get Wild, and OK, My Number One won by televoting. Was also the song The Light in Our Soul, but she was disqualified, as has already been played earlier.

. It has to rewrite his debut album Protereotita, a new edition which included songs with the national selection, and the ballad version (Ehis Kero na Mou Feris) Louloudia 16-track album was released in many countries under the title My Number One.

. May 21, 2005 Elena won the first prize in the Eurovision Song Contest 2005, by dialing 230 points.

. In the autumn of the same year she released the single Mambo!
. He is 10 weeks was 1 Greek charts and went platinum. In April 2006, he was also released in Sweden and sold over 25,000 copies. It also re-released their debut album for the third time. On the third disc are English and Greek version of Mambo! and three new songs in the Greek language.
. 2006: Iparhi Logos and The Game of Love

. April 12, 2006 Elena has released a second album under the name of the Greek 'Iparhi Logos', which later became a platinum
. It includes 11 tracks and the song Mambo!. Three tracks were released as singles.

May 20 ones made on the Eurovision stage singing My Number One at the opening and Mambo! in the interval act, and was awarded the group Lordi. A little later the single Mambo! was released in Sweden, which entered the chart 5. He was also released in Switzerland, Poland, Turkey, Austria and Spain.

Also, Mambo! was released in other countries, including China, Japan, Canada, Belgium, United States. Aug. 10 single My Number One, containing 10 remixes was released in the U.S..

Debut album in English 'The Game of Love' also issued in South Africa. 6 songs on it were translated from Greek, and 6 were written specifically for the new album. Song from the new album by naming To All The Heroes was elected anthem XIX European Championships in Athletics.
. 2007: Iparhi Logos: Platinum Edition

. In early 2007, Helen became the face of the company Nokia in Greece.

. January 21, 2007, in Cannes, Elena received an award as one of the artists who received success immediately after the first album
. In the spring she released saundrtek Mazi Sou, who became a big hit in Greece. In May overwrite Iparhi Logos as Iparhi Logos: Platinum Edition. It included a new CD-single and hit Fos Mazi Sou. The second single from the album Min Fevgeis was released on April 23. Elena also released a separate CD-Fos single. CD-single Fos took 2 place in the charts for 12 weeks and went gold.

Elena nominated for 5 awards Mad Video Music Awards. Including Best Pop Video (Gigolo), Best Female Video (Gigolo), Video of the Year (Gigolo), Artist of the Year and Best scenery in the video (An Eihes Erthi Pio Noris). She won Best Female Video and Best scenery in the video.

. She also was nominated for 4 awards Cyprus Music Awards including Best Singer, Album of the year, the Greek album sales and international sales of albums.

. Also, Helen has recorded a cover version of Swedish songs, released in 1996 under the name of 3 is a magic number.

. Autumn Helena recorded a song To Fili Tis Zois, which became the soundtrack to the movie the same name
. He stayed several weeks in the first place the Greek chat iTunes. Also, this song won first place in Nielsen Greece Top 20 Chart. She also sang a duet with Agialisom Nicolis for his album of Nikos Aliagas & Friends: Rendez-Vous.

. As a promotion Nokia She also recorded a song called Ola Ine Mousiki.
. 2008: Vrisko To Logo Na Zo

. June 12 released its new album Vrisko To Logo Na Zo, also in support of the album Elena started a promotional tour of major Greek cities
. The first single, Gia Ton Ourano released April 8, 2008 Second, I Kardia Sou Petra, began to be heard on radio by June 2, 2008. December 22 released their third single Pirotehnimata.

In five nominations Mad Video Music Awards nominated Helen. Song To Fili Tis Zois in three categories: Best Pop Video, Best Artistic game, and Best Video from female singers. Song Mazi sou and Zilia Monaksia Feat. Nikos Aliagas' in the category 'Best Artistic game' and 'Best Duo' respectively. Ona has won the 'Best Video' and 'Singer of the Year'. The album went gold in Greece, a week after release.

December 25 for Christmas died Georgis Paparizou, Elena's father.

Elena is fluent in Swedish, English and Greek. She also taught French and ispasnky. In one interview she said her dream - to sing a song that included the words in all languages. She also teaches Finnish and Persian.
'Elena' and 'Helena'

Correct version - 'Elena', as in the original Greek spelling of the name looks like 'нTн¦н¦н+н¦. In the Swedish language there is a version of 'Helena'. Many Swedes write her name with 'H' in the beginning. At Eurovision 2005 is the same variant was more common. Now it exists only for the world's releases.

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Elena Paparizou, photo, biography
Elena Paparizou, photo, biography Elena Paparizou  Greek singer, photo, biography
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