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Sakis Rouvas

( Greek singer)

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Biography Sakis Rouvas
photo Sakis Rouvas
Born January 5, 1972 on the Greek island of Corfu in the family Rouvas, Kostas and Anna Maria Panaretu. There is a younger brother Tolis. His father worked as a driver, mother - in the duty free at the local airport. In 10 years, took part in theatrical productions 'An I Karharies Itan Anthropi' (If the thieves were men), often appeared in local theaters in Corfu. Later, he learned to play guitar, listening to foreign music.

Unfortunately Sakis family troubles began. In 1984 his parents divorced, and he and his brother is forced to move to another part of the island, where his father's parents lived: Elpiniki grandmother and grandfather Anastais (in his honor was named Sakis). His father soon married again. Sakis was forced to go to work to help the new family of his father.

In sports, in 16 years hit the Greek national team in pole vaulting. But, despite this, he decided to devote himself to music. He performs with the hits of Elvis Presley and the Beatles in front of their classmates. After studying, he worked in hotels and nightclubs, a singer in 17 years, one went to Patras.
Creative Career
1991-1993: First albums

First time Sakis made in 1991 in Show Center Athens. It was then that he and the 'Open' record company PolyGram and offered a contract to write songs. Within a few months Sakis Rouvas made his debut in the competition 'Thessaloniki Song Festival' with the song 'Par' ta '(Take them), placing first. Around the same time, released their debut album 'Sakis Rouvas', which won first place in the Greek charts. Categories Recent singles have also become very popular. The second album 'Min Antistekesai' (not sporotivlyaysya), released in September 1992, also becoming popular, and Sakis Rouvas is gaining in popularity.

. In November 1993, comes the third album 'Gia Sena Sakis Rouvas' (For you by Sakis Rouvas), who became the gold
. Single 'Kane Me' (Sotvroi me) became a big radio hit. 'To Ksero Eisai Moni' (I know you live) and 'Ksehaseto' (Forget) also had success.
. 1993-2000: Further success

. The winter of 1994 in collaboration with Nikos Karvelas and Natalia Herman writes the fourth album 'Aima, Dakrua kai Idrotas' (blood, tears and sweet), who later became a platinum
. Songs 'Ela Mou' (Come to me) and Ksama (again) have become very popular, and no concert is complete without their execution. Later Sakis was drafted into the army. In 1996 he released a new album 'Tora Arhizoun Ta Diskola' (now start hard times), which became the gold. He again works with Nikos and Natalie, and later in a nightclub acts with Anna Vissi. In the same year was opened fan club Sakis 'SRFC', which became one of the biggest fan clubs in Greece. In 1997 with Anna Vissi writes song 'Se Thelo, Me Thelis' (I want you, you want me) for her new album 'Travma'.

. May 19, 1997 Sakis participated in the rally for peace and reunification, will perform together with the Turkish pop singer named Burak Kut at a concert organized by the UN in Cyprus
. After this concert Sakis was even accused of treason. But in the end for participating in this concert, he was awarded the international prize 'Ipeksi prize' for their understanding and support. Along with this prize was awarded to prominent public and political figures.

Having released 5 albums, Sakis began to cooperate with the record company MINOS EMI. Release of the album in 1998 'Kati apo Mena' (Something from me) was presented live concert in one of the largest music stores in Athens and went gold, and later - platinum.
. 2000-2004: 21st Akatallilos, Ola Kala, and To Hrono Stamatao

. In March 2000 he released the album '21st Akatallilos', became a double platinum and has long occupied the first places in the charts
. October 25, 2000, he began to speak with Antionisom REMOS and Peggy Zina.

In the same year he became a 'person' for Pepsi for their new summer campaign. Cooperation continued in 2001, he appeared in television shows in maei participated in the Pepsi Tour 2001.

. Later worked with Foebosom and Desmond Childom, in collaboration with them released a single 'Disco Girl'Singl became a big hit in Hertz, having received a platinum
. The CD was a notebook and a French version of the song. Winter appeared with Despina Vandi.

In March 2002, received the award Pop Singer of the Year for the single 'Disco Girl'. In awarding sang 'Ola Kala' (Everybody).

In June 2002, released eighth album 'Ola Kala' (Everybody). He again works with Foebosom and Desmond Childom and his album was released in France. This album went gold in 11 days, platinum in 4 months. Later he became a double platinum. In September, reappears in the air in the Pepsi promotion. In April 2003, together with Rouvas and Antonis REMOS Nana Mouskuri perform at Arion Awards. In the same year became the representative of the cellular company Vodafone Greece. In the summer he goes to a great tour of Greece, culminating in a big concert on Mount Lycabettus October 11, 2003. Almost immediately after the tour leaves ninth album 'To Hrono Stamatao' (I ostanvalivayu time).
2004: Eurovision

Initially, a national selection, which were selected 3 finalists. But later it was stated that they will go to Eurovision only as backup singers. TV ERT gave the honor to represent Greece Sakis. During the song 'Shake It' he received Arion Music Awards, and 'Best Pop singer' for the album 'To Hrono Stamatao'. In mid-April, the single was released on CD for the promotional tour of Europe. Album 'To Hrono Stamatao' has also been reissued, along with the single. In Greece, he became a 4-s platinum. May 12 Sakis sang in the semifinals, and then, on May 15, and in the final of Eurovision Song Contest 2004. At the Eurovision Song Contest Sakis won the third place, worthy of submitting to Greece.

Later, speaking at Olimpiskiyh Summer Games 2004 in Athens, where he performed several Greek folk songs. In late 2004, he sang a duet with Philip Kirkorov song 'Se Thelo San Trelos' (I want you like crazy). The song became popular in Russia. Several episodes of the video were filmed in St. Petersburg. Fall of 2004 Sakis was a special guest at several concerts Nana Mouskouri. Two months later, speaking with Giorgos Mazonakisom and Elena Paparizou.
2005-2006: S'Eho Erotefti & Iparhi Agapi Edo

April 5, 2005 received the award 'CD Single with the Highest Sales of 2004' for the single 'Shake It'. April 6 leaves his tenth studio album 'S'Eho Eroteftei' (I'm in love with you), which is over 5 months went platinum, and later 3x platinum. With sponsorship Vodafone Greece on the same day, Sakis gave a presentation of the album in Heraklion, Thessaloniki and Corfu. Songs 'S'Eho Erotefti', 'Hilia Milia' (thousand miles), 'Mila Tis' (I say it), 'Na M'Agapas' (Love me) and 'Cairo' once again became a radio hit. In the same year Sakis won the award for biggest-selling Greek singer. In winter, he decided not to speak to clubs, and otdohnt in Los Angeles. February 14, Valentine's Day, he gives a concert at which bskb filled ballads. Later this concert in support of Vodafone Greece goes to DVD and CD called 'Live Ballads'. The disc also included two new studio tracks: 'Horis Kardia' (without the heart), and angloyazychnyuyu version of the song 'S'Eho Eroteftei' entitled 'I'm in Love with You'.

. April 3, 2006 performed 'Horis Kardia' on the show Arion Music Awards, where he received awards for 'Best Pop Vocal Album' and 'Best Pop singer' for the album 'S'Eho Eroteftei'
. In the same month extended the contract with Vodafone Greece, and the company Village Roadshow has announced that Sakis will be removed in the new movie. In May 2006, together with Maria Menounos has become a leading Eurovision Song Contest 2006. In the semifinals, he performed Love shine a night with Mary, but in the final I'm in love with you.

. June 14, 2006 performed 'Agapa Me' and 'Na M'Agapas' on the show MAD Video Music Awards, received the award for 'Best video of the singer' for 'Na M'Agapas' and 'Best selection of costumes in the video' for the 'Mila Tis'
. In the summer of that year bylinachaty a film Alter Ego, which Sakis played a role.

December 6, 2006 came eleventh album 'Iparhi Agapi Edo' (Love is). Song 'Ego Travo Zori' (I have a hard time) and 'Iprahi Agapi Edo' became radio hits, and the song 'Ola Giro Sou Girizoun' (Everything revolves around you) became a dance hit # 1. Later this album was 2 paltinovym.
2007: Alter Ego and This is My Live

In May 2007, was released the film Alter Ego. This film became one of the most expensive production in Greece. Soundtrack 'Zise Ti Zoi' for the film was recorded Sakis, later he became a radio hit.

In March, together with Despina Vandi acts in the club Boom in Thessaloniki. In late April, speaking at the main square of Athens in the promotion Vodafone Greece.

September 10 gives a concert on Mount Lycabettus, which was issued on December 12 on CD and DVD entitled 'This is my live'. Winter 2007-2008 goes on tour to Australia and North America together with Antonis REMOS.
C 2008: Eurovision Song Contest 2009 and Irthes

May 19, he began to sing with Peggy Zina club Politia, located Thessaloniki. A month later, on June 17, at the opening of the show MAD Video Music Awards 2008 was premiered a new song 'Kai Se Thelo' (And I want you). Sakis also received an award as the best singer of the year. In July, the single became available for download on the Internet. This dance hit quickly won the first position of the Greek charts and iTunes. Later the song was included on the album Irthes.

In July Sakis gave an interview to Nitro Radio, in which he said that would represent Greece in the Eurovision Song Contest 2009 again. July 15, it was also confirmed by the television channel ERT. It also became known that Dmitris Kontopulos become a composer songs.

. Also became known that Sakis will lead the program 'Factor X' (the Greek version of the television program "The People's Artist ') on the Greek channel ANT1.

. In winter 2008-2009, it will act in a musical show with sisters Magri.

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    Sakis Rouvas, photo, biography
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