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Agnetha Fltskog

( Swedish singer)

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Biography Agnetha Fltskog
photo Agnetha Fltskog
Agnetha Fltskog was the first of two daughters, Ingvar Fltskog, worked for a department store manager, and his wife Birgit Margareta Johansson. Sister Agneta, Mona was born in 1955. Ingvar took a great interest in music and show business while Birgit was calm and careful woman who devoted himself entirely to children and husband.
. Solo career

. Before you join a group ABBA Agnetha has been fairly successful solo artist in Sweden
. Several of her songs hit the charts, and albums were selling well. As she said in an interview, her songs were very romantic, and melody to them pleasant and memorable. Some of them were popular in the summer 'song parks'. For example, the romantic melody of "Mina ?gon" or French "Som Gladije" with words written by Stig Anderson, who later became manager of the group ABBA.

. In fifteen years, Agnetha became a soloist with the orchestra "Bengt Engharta" (Bengt Engharts)
. In 1967 she wrote the song "Jag var s? kr" (I Was So in Love), which hit number one in Sweden. This was followed by other hits and albums, mostly written by herself. She became one of the most popular singers in Sweden at that time. Agneta also released several singles in German and worked in West Berlin for several months with a German producer and songwriter Dieter Zimmermann.

. In 1972, Agnetha took the role of Mary Magdalene in the Swedish production of the musical Jesus Christ Superstar.

. In 1975, when he was a member of the group ABBA, Agnetha released an album in Swedish "Elva kvinnor i ett hus" (Eleven Women in A House).

. After the collapse of the group ABBA Agnetha released in the 80's several solo records as in Swedish and English languages
. The last English album released in late 1987, she completed her way in the world of music.

. In 1996 in Sweden went her autobiography "Som jag r", and next year the book was published in English "As I Am".

. In April 2004, Agneta unexpectedly returned to after 17 years of silence to release their new single "If I Thought You'd Ever Change Your Mind" (cover version of British singer Silla Black), . which reached the 2 nd place in the charts of Sweden and 11 th in the UK Single Chart (UK charts),
. A few weeks later came the album "My Colouring Book", made up of cover versions on the singer's hits 60-ies. Album entered the Top-10 of several European countries and was warmly received by music critics. After releasing another single from the album and plans to release a third, no further steps in the world of music while Agnetha was not done.

. In January 2007, Agnetha appeared at the final show Monty 'Mamma Mia!' in Stockholm during the celebrations which took place after the presentation.
. Life

. July 6, 1971 Agnetha married Bjrn Ulvaeus
. Romantic relationship with him during the shooting occurred on the Swedish TV in May 1969. They had two children. Daughter Linda Elin was born Feb. 23, 1973, son of Christian - December 4, 1977. Agnetha and Bjrn parted in 1978 and Agnetha moved out of their shared home on the night of Christmas. Nevertheless, they decided that their troubles in family life should not be any way affect their work together in a group. Agneta later married again, albeit briefly, for the surgeon Thomas Sonnenfeldom.

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    Agnetha Fltskog, photo, biography
    Agnetha Fltskog, photo, biography Agnetha Fltskog  Swedish singer, photo, biography
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