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Ruslan Chagaev Shamilovich

( Honored Master of Sports)

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Biography Ruslan Chagaev Shamilovich
photo Ruslan Chagaev Shamilovich
Nickname White Tyson

Height 185 cm, left-handed

Best weight 104-106 kg

Trainer Michael Timm, Manager - Klaus Peter Kohl

Lives in Hamburg, Germany

Before (and after) the transition to professional Ruslan was a wonderful lover. During his amateur career Ruslan had 85 fights, 82 of which won.

. Asian Champion 1995 in Tashkent.

. Member of 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta in the (first) heavyweight, losing on points to German Turk Luan Krasniqi with a score of 4-12.

. Bronze medal Junior World Championships 1996 in Havana.

. Two-time world champion in the amateurs: 1997 in Hungary and 2001 in Belfast.

. Its strength is evidenced not only these bare statistics, but the fact that he managed to become a world champion amateur heavyweight in the age of 19 years.

. And in the World Cup final in 1997, he won not just anybody, . and one of the greatest amateur boxers of all time, Felix Savon (with a score of 14-4), . who was at that time at the peak of a career (three years Savon easily win gold in the Olympics for the third time),
. Ruslana won over Savona was convincing - 14:4.

. Savon, incidentally defeated such boxers as Ray Mercer, Shannon Briggs, David Tua, Kirk Johnson, Andrew Golota, Dennel Nicholson, David Ayzon, David Defiagbon and others who have achieved success in Professor
. ring.

. But gold at the World Cup Ruslana away - because until then he had two fights in the professionals.

. In 1998, won the gold medal at the VIII Asian Games in Bangkok.

. In 1999, lost to Felix Savon PTS (1-9) struggle for the championship title in Houston.

. In 1999 won the Asian Championships in Tashkent.

. In 2000 at the Sydney Olympics has lost PTS (12-18) Vladimir Chanturia.

. Another top amateur career Ruslana became World Cup 2001 in Belfast, where this time he served in the heavyweight division
. He easily won the World Cup, defeating all his rivals early.

In the final, he defeated a very strong Ukrainian Alexei Mazikin, seconds which refused to continue the fight after the second round, referring to the trauma. Previously held Mazikin future Octane Alexander Povetkin, a good addition patting, and made to stand-up knock-down and a huge 215 centimeter Cuban.

. Immediately after the World Cup Chagaev becomes completely professional, and having assets 5 wins, meets with Rob Kalloueem (43-3)
. Ruslan easily won and gave Kalloueyu standing knockdown seemed to KO is a few seconds: but! Referee stops the fight and counted a technical draw because of the gashes in Kalloueya caused by unintentional clash of heads.

. After that, Ruslan Chagaev defeated undefeated con TKO3 Graham, Daniel Franck KO2 and met with rchen inconvenient Cedric Fields
. It was the second fight, held for Ruslan Universum. The battle was equal, and the audience booed the result - a decision in favor of Chagaev.

. But after two combat Ruslan wholly rehabilitated, purely KOs Fields in the second round.

. In the next fight Chagaev again impressed everyone with his punch, knocking a staunch fighter Geringa Lane in the fifth round
. The decisive role played in the victory of blows to the liver, and because Lane is very well kept bombing on the body from the David Tua!

Among these victories Uzbek fighters to celebrate the victory of good dzhornimenom Sherman Williams on points. In his last fight, which took place yesterday, Ruslan knocked Mark KRENS in the fifth round.

Despite his short stature (185 cm), 27-year-old left-hander is, in my opinion, one of the best avenues Division. Boxer, whose idol is the great Mike Tyson, in the fighting puts on a knockout, but the blow for that he has.

How did he beat? Ask betonnogolovyh (and chgunnokorpusnyh) Cedric Fields and Geringa Lane. In my opinion, Ruslan is the most promising boxer from the former Soviet Union.

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  • Emily for Ruslan Chagaev Shamilovich
  • Correct his name in the article. it's not Ruslana it's Ruslan. Ruslana is a women's name.
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    Ruslan Chagaev Shamilovich, photo, biography
    Ruslan Chagaev Shamilovich, photo, biography Ruslan Chagaev Shamilovich  Honored Master of Sports, photo, biography
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