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Marie Fredriksson

( Swedish singer)

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Biography Marie Fredriksson
photo Marie Fredriksson
Marie was born in Esshe and was the youngest of 5 children in the family. Later her family moved to a small town estra Yungbyu. Marie's parents were poor and always working, often leaving the youngest daughter alone. At this time she discovered her passion for the speech, she liked to stand at the mirror and be like a star. Together with her sisters and neighborhood children Marie started playing music and singing. Her mother often asked Marie to perform something in front of their house guests, who came to the delight of her voice and manner of singing, so resembled the style of Olivia Newton-John.

. Being already a teenager, Marie discovered artists such as Joni Mitchell, The Beatles and Deep Purple - when her interest in music grew even more
. At age 17 she enrolled at the College of Music and served there in the local theater. However, the actor's art soon she was tired. Marie firmly decided that would be a singer - "I want to be a singer. I - a singer! ". Participation in the theater has helped her, and soon she moved to Halmstad, where the city began to act on stage. Together with his friend Stephen, she organized a group of Strul, who played in halmstadskih clubs and even recorded a single. After that band broke up, and Marie and her new boyfriend Martin Shternhyusvud (Martin Sternhuvsvud) began to act as MaMas Barn. Together they recorded a full length album 'Barn Som Barn'. After the plate Per Gessle, lead singer of Swedish pop group Gyllene Tider, suggested that Marie used to work their acoustic studio, so they became friends. Per believed that Marie was too talented to hide behind a synthesizer of small groups that act in pubs and invited her to meet with influential and famous Swedish Lindbomom producer Lasse (Lasse Lindbom). He was impressed by the singer's voice and offered her a contract. Marie's family did not support it, except for nurses Ulla-Britt and Tina. Mother Marie felt that her daughter should get an education and get a serious work that the music inevitably lead to drugs and the failure. With the support of nurses and Pera Marie decided to sign the proposed contract and will start backing vocalist.

. Lasse Lindbom invited Marie to sing a duet with him and record a song 'S nra nu', after which Marie could become a member of his project, 'The Lasse Lindbom Band'
. Per Gessle persuaded the singer to start a solo career, she hesitated but finally recorded her first solo album 'Het vind', which produced Lindbom.

. 'Lnnu doftar krlek' became the first single and has achieved great success on the radio
. The album itself received a very different assessment. One newspaper wrote: 'This is the best thing you can do, Mary? ". The singer has been suppressed, arguing that the article in this newspaper was to her as 'a knife in the heart'. She went on tour with the group Lasse Lindboma because they do not feel confident enough to give a recital. Lasse, Marie, Per Gessle and Mats MP Persson organized a new group and named it 'Spnnande Ostar' (Exciting cheese), which played in various clubs for several months. In the same year, Marie and Lasse went to the Canary Islands to write songs for a second solo album Marie. Soon they returned to Sweden to perform and record songs composed.

Album released in 1986 under the title 'Den Sjunde Vgen' (Seventh Wave). Singles were 'Den bsta dagen' and 'Silver i din hand'. The album received very good reviews from critics, and then Marie decided to go on tour alone - as a solo performer.

Over the years, Per and Marie talked about how to begin to work together. Marie sang backing vocals in many songs the group Pera Gyllene Tider, they worked together in Spnnande Ostar and other projects, including an attempt Gyllene Tider to release an English album in the U.S.. Career Fredriksson went uphill in Sweden, while in Pera, former boy-band singer, solo career, just the same with the mountains rolling. Friends and colleagues had warned her to work with Gessle. His own idea was to establish a duet, singing in English and try to achieve success in Europe. While among Swedish musicians, was not accepted to sing in English, and this venture could result in a failure to successfully began a career Marie, but she took the risk, which later materialize in full.

. In 1986 it merged with a pen in a duo called Roxette - Gyllene Tider is the name used when you release the album 'The Heartland Cafe' in the U.S.
. Their first single, 'Neverending Love' became popular in Sweden, and the debut album by Roxette 'Pearls of Passion' has breathed life into flagging career Gessle and Marie adopted more as a serious artist.

. New project has been very successful in Sweden
. However, Marie did not want to lose, and fans of his solo works. Therefore, immediately after the tour 'Rock Runt Riket' with Roxette she decided to record a new solo album. And this time in the work she was assisted by Lasse Lindbom, producer and author of many songs. The work took place in two sessions in May and September 1987. 'Efter Stormen', the third solo album, has become even more popular than the previous two. For the release of the plate followed by a promotional tour in Sweden, but this time the songs were performed in a more acoustically than previously, thereby creating a new atmosphere in the statement.

. In February 1989, Marie recorded the song 'SparvTga' for a Swedish television series
. This composition, the title theme of the show, became one of her most favorite and one of its most recognizable songs. Since then, Marie has become one of the most popular singers in Sweden.
The worldwide success with Roxette

In 1989, Roxette returned to the studio and recorded their second album 'Look Sharp!', Which the duo re-entered the local charts. However, in the same year, the group have appeared unexpectedly hit? 1 in the USA - 'The Look'. Almost overnight, Fredriksson and Gessle was a worldwide celebrity, touring on the planet, selling millions of albums and receiving various pieces of awards. Album 'Look Sharp!' become very popular, two singles from it reached the first position of the American charts.

In 1990, the Motion Picture 'Touchstone pictures' invited Peru to write a song for the upcoming film 'Pretty Woman'. Musicians at the time were very busy working on another album, and Per just rewrote the words of one of his Christmas songs and called it 'It Must Have Been Love'. The song heard in the film, now? 1 in the U.S. and still is one of the most famous songs Roxette.

In 1991 he released an album 'Joyride', the group has another hit? 1. For the album's release was followed by an extended tour 'Join the Joyride', during which they visited more than 100 cities in the period from 1991 to 1992.

. In the years of active work with Per Gessle of Roxette Marie found time for personal life and for work on a solo album
. In 1992, she recorded a CD 'Den stndiga resan'. This work became her musical self-portraits and was written as a diary, containing very personal songs about her life, feelings and relationships. Unusually personal album affected the difficult period in her life. 'Album reflects the period of four or five years ago in my life' - Marie said in an interview on the disc. 'In my life there was a crisis with hellish side effects, but I'm glad that everything is behind'. The song 'Ett enda liv' was written about a good friend Marie, who committed suicide. Mother Angelica has not approved the creation of the daughter, not understanding why she decided to share with the general public such candid and deeply personal feelings.

. During the world tour 'Join the Joyride Tour' in Australia, Marie made friends with another music group, Mikael Boioshom
. Three days after they met they had held an engagement, and a year later was pregnant Fredriksson. Being in the situation, she gave several concerts in Sweden in support of the album 'Den stndiga Resan', and also made a Roxette on MTV Unplugged. April 29, 1993 at her daughter, Inez Yusefin.

In 1996, Marie recorded the album best ballads in Spanish with Roxette and his new solo album, 'I en tid som vr' (In times like ours). In the same year her second child was born, the son of Oscar Mikael.

In 1998-1999, Roxette in Spain recording the album 'Have a Nice Day'. In 2000 Fredriksson released a compilation of their greatest hits album titled 'Lntligen - Marie Fredrikssons bsta 1984-2000'. For output drive followed by a very successful summer tour in Sweden. The concert in Stockholm was shot on video and released the same year on DVD, along with audio-CD in a cardboard box 'Lntligen - SommarturnL'. The album was issued in more than 350 000 copies. Since the CD were released two singles - 'Lntligen' and 'Det som var nu'.

In 1998, Marie's mother died, Ines, but this event only written Swedish newspapers and many fans of the singer did not know about it for several years. Later, Marie accidentally let slip that fact in the interview and told that his mother suffered from Parkinson's disease for several years and the singer calls up with her almost every day.

. In 2002, the deluxe edition comes out (box set) 'Krlekens Guld' (Love - Gold)
. Five album with improved sound quality were complemented by the previously unreleased songs, as well as the new booklets and the new design.
. The current stage of life

. September 11, 2002 Marie returned home from jogging and being in the bathroom, I felt bad
. Fainted, hitting his head on the sink. A few hours later she arrived at Stockholm's Karolinska Hospital, where the singer was detected brain tumor. Carried out in a few weeks of operation to remove it was successful. For several years, Marie was on the rehabilitation. During the treatment (doctors set at 1:2, . that the tumor can be fatal), it received some damage to the brain and related restrictions, . such, . as the loss of opportunities to read and write, . complete loss of vision in her right eye and partial loss of motor activity of the right side of the body.,

. Owing to illness, the singer was unable to participate in the scheduled recording album Roxette 'The Pop Hits'
. Her colleague, Per Gessle himself performed all the songs (from the written specially for this collection), but Marie still found strength to perform back-vocal in the only single 'Opportunity Nox'. There were also canceled all scheduled concerts from the series The Night of the Proms, which were held in Belgium and the Netherlands in early 2003.

. At the end of January 2003 King of Sweden Carl XVI Gustaf awarded the Marie (and Per Gessle) Royal Medal at the blue ribbon
. At the ceremony, Mary first appeared in public since the operation.

Six months after the operation, while still in the process of rehabilitation, she participated in the recording of Per Gessle's solo album 'Mazarin' (2003). Marie has recorded backing vocals for the song 'P promenad genom stan' (Walking in the city) in the studio Vinden, in his own home in Yurshholme. From there the material forwarded to Peru in Halmstad, where he had been kept ready composition.

Around the same time, work has begun on a solo album Marie, songs in which she first decided to perform and write in English. The disc is called 'The Change' (Change). Single '2: nd Chance 'debuted in the Swedish charts on the first line, and a year after its release on Nov. 26, 2004, according to the IFPI, the album became the' gold '(20 000 copies sold in Sweden). In connection with the release of records, Marie and her husband Mick Boiosh announced the creation of a new recording studio MaryJane Music, which, according to the official website, will be written all the solo albums the singer. The site also says that the creativity of musicians 'evolves', so it is not excluded, and releases some music projects with friends Marie and Mick.

. October 21, 2005 was officially stated that Marie was recovered and no longer exposed to treatment.

. In February 2006, Marie returns with new album 'Min bste vn' (My best friend), on which she recorded a cover version of the favorite songs of his childhood
. Light saw only two singles: 'Sommarng' (by John Holm) and 'Ingen kommer undan politiken' (only a promo single).

At that time, as Marie held a course of chemotherapy, she rediscovered her passion for drawing. Since she could not read or write, drawing has become a unique, what she could do and that she really did with all the passion. All her previous image creation has never taken out of the house, . but from 21 to 30 October exhibition 'After The Change' (after the change) is still opened doors for visitors - the gallery Doktor Glas Kungstrdgrden were exhibited in 24 sketches in charcoal,
. Later the same name was released a book with all 24-name reproductions.

28 November 2007 published an album compilation of the best ballads Marie 'Tid fTr tystnad' (Time of Silence). The album featured two new songs: 'Ett bord i solen' (translated into Swedish song 'A Table in the Sun') and 'Ordet r farvl'.

. February 8, 2008 in Stockholm gallery 'So Stockholm' opened the second exhibition of works by Mary under the title 'Ett bord i solen'
. The exhibition also sell books, published exclusively in 300 copies. The book can be found 6 portraits of Marie, a description of all her works, as well as reproductions of 37 paintings from the vernissage. Singer said that of all the 'arts' is now prefers painting, as charcoal, and pastels. In an interview, the opening of the vernissage, the singer admitted that as a result of brain surgery in 2002, it completely lost sight of my right eye and it will never be restored.

. In mid-2008, Marie recorded the song 'Dr du andas' (where you live) (songwriter Niclas Stresmtedt and Anders Glenmark) for the Swedish movie 'Arn - Riket vid vgens slut' (Arn - The Kingdom at the end of the path)
. August 28 for the first time in the career of this singer's debut single, the official music charts of Sweden at 1 place. A week later, the single dropped to 3 rd place, behind first place Katy Perry with the single 'I kissed a girl', and the second - Ole Svensson with the single 'Feelgood'.

From September 20 to October 5, 2008 in Gothenburg was another exhibition of paintings by Marie. Hall 'Lilla Galleriet' was open from Tuesday to Sunday, from 12 to 16 hours.
. Guest critics and other musicians of Marie

. Many famous musicians in his interviews more than once gave estimates creativity Marie, especially since it still remains one of the most famous and successful Swedish singer.

. Frida from the group ABBA, which has often collaborated with Marie, said her excellent taste in music
. Both singers - Joni Mitchell fan creativity and Ella Fitzgerald - recorded several songs in duet in the style mentioned musicians.

. Swedish blues singer Totta Neslund (Totta Nslund), who died in 2005, wrote in his 2001 album 'Duetterna'
. Two songs, . performed a duet with Marie, . 'Ett Minne Battre Glomt' and 'Sommarens Sista Servitris', . came to the plate, . which Totta in an interview confessed, . it was very 'unusual and interesting experience writing songs', . because he thought Marie 'world-class stars. ",

. Per Gessle, Marie's colleague in the group Roxette, in many interviews admitted that Mary - 'best friend, which you can only dream', despite the fact that 'it is not very sweet character. "
. Interesting facts

. Marie - the only winner of 5 awards 'Best Rock singer of Sweden'.

. Marie received a prize of 1,300 interviews, data for 8 months.

. In the Swedish town of Halmstad hotel is located Tyulosand (TylTsand), co-owner who is a colleague of Marie duo Roxette, Per Gessle
. 17 September 2008 it opened two conference halls, one of which bears the name of Pera, and another - the name of Marie. The walls of rooms are decorated with photographs of the participants Roxette, performed by Swedish director Jonas Akerlund and T+-++ and the Netherlands photographer Anton Korbeynom.

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Marie Fredriksson, photo, biography
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