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Dimmu Borgir

( Norwegian black metal band)

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Biography Dimmu Borgir
photo Dimmu Borgir
Group name comes from the Icelandic. dimmuborgir, which translates as 'dark fortress'. This name attractions in Iceland - lava formation, which, according to legend, is the gateway to the underworld. In addition, in the 3rd book of the trilogy J. R. R. Tolkien's 'Lord of the Rings' - 'Return of the King' in chapter 2, immediately after the funeral scene of Aragorn and Eowyn, referred Dimmorborg - Mountain Spirits in Rohani.
. History

. Musical Band Dimmu Borgir was founded in 1993 by three men - Shagrath (Shagrath), Silenosom (Silenoz) and Todalvom (Tjodalv)
. Already in 1994 the band recorded a seven-inch records Inn I Evighetens MTrke (translated from NOK. In the darkness of eternity), which was released on Necromantic Gallery Production. However, the material has not brought the band great success. The next release of the debut full-length album For All Tid, which was recorded with two new members - Brynjard Tristan (bass) and Stian Aarstad (keyboards). In 1996 came to Stormblst Cacophonous Records. Some consider the album one of the most important in the history of black metal. After the release Stormblst lyrics album began to sound in English (before that all songs are in Norwegian). In the same year released mini-album Devil's Path on the Hot Records where he worked Shagrath. There has been a change of: replacing Tristan came Nagash (known to participate in groups, The Kovenant and Troll), Stian Aarstad responsible for keyboards, resided at this time in the army.

. In 1997, out Enthrone Darkness Triumphant, was produced by Peter Tgtgren
. Album sold over 150,000 copies. After recording and release of the album, the group added Astennu to play the guitar at the concert performances, resulting in Shagrath could do just vocals. After a tour in support of latest album, the band have Todalv, the place which came Aggressor. Also, was fired keyboardist Stian Aarstad, in his place, as a session member, came Kimberly Goss, known to participate in the Ancient, Therion and Sinergy. A few months in its place came Mustis. In the same year was re-released their debut album on Nuclear Blast, as bonuses were added two songs from the Inn I Evighetens MTrke. That same year saw the release of the compilation Godless Savage Garden, contains two new songs, two re-recorded old and three live tracks. Release was nominated for a Norwegian Grammy nomination in Spellemannsprisen 'Best Metal Album of the Year' (an award taken from the album The Kovenant Nexus Polaris).

. The next full-length album - Spiritual Black Dimensions - was released on March 2, 1999
. After his record went Nagash, to be replaced ICS Vortex. Two meyasyatsa after the release was issued on a split with Old Man's Child called the Sons of Satan Gather for Attack. Also from the group left Todalv and asthenia, to replace them came Nicholas Barker (formerly of Cradle of Filth) and Halder (from Old Man's Child).

. In 2001, an album Puritanical Euphoric Misanthropia.

. Album Death Cult Armageddon was released in 2003
. Some parts of the album recorded with the Prague Philharmonic okrestrom. However, in multiple interviews Shagrath noted that there had been many problems when recording with orchestra. Two weeks of work in the studio went to the correction of errors. Panel decided not to use the orchestra in the upcoming album and shifted the responsibilities on the keyboard, Mustis. In 2004, Dimmu Borgir have been headlining the festival Ozzfest.

. In 2005 Silenos and Shagrath, with the participation Hellhammer (of Mayhem), released the album Stormblst MMV, which is a completely rewritten version of the album Stormblst, released in 1996.

. April 24, 2007 the band released the album In Sorte Diaboli
. Special edition (Leather Book Edition) was released in book form, inside which there is DVD, lyrics, printed in mirror and mirror. In the album features drummer Jan Axel Blomberg of the group Mayhem, who had to leave the band due to neck injuries, which limited the movement of his right hand. Album In Sorte Diaboli is the first in world history album in the style of 'black metal' to climb the first line of the national charts (in Norway).
. Composition
. Current Members

. Left to right: Galder, Hellhammer, ICS Vortex, Shagrath, Silenoz, Mustis

. Shagrath (NKr
. Stian Tomt Thoresen) - vocals (since 1993)

Silenoz (NKr. Sven Atle Kopperud) - guitar, vocals (since 1993)

Galder (NKr. Thomas Rune Andersen) - guitars (since 2001)

ICS Vortex (NKr. Simen Hestns) - bass, clean vocals (since 2000)

Mustis (NKr. ?yvind Johan Mustaparta) - keyboards (since 1998)

Daray (Pol. Dariusz Brzozowski) - Drums (c 2008)

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Dimmu Borgir, photo, biography
Dimmu Borgir, photo, biography Dimmu Borgir  Norwegian black metal band, photo, biography
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