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Mgaloblishvili Grigol Mr. Volsky

( Prime Minister of Georgia)

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Biography Mgaloblishvili Grigol Mr. Volsky
photo Mgaloblishvili Grigol Mr. Volsky
Mr. Volsky Grigol Mgaloblishvili was born Oct. 7, 1973 in Tbilisi. In 1990-1995 he studied at the Tbilisi State University at the Faculty of Oriental Studies, graduated from his specialty "Languages of the East". In 1992-1993, he was also on the faculty of foreign languages, Istanbul University.

. In 1995, Mgaloblishvili joined the Georgian Trade Mission in Turkey, and in 1996 joined the Department of Western European countries, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia, where he served as attache of the second and then first secretary
. According to some reports, in 1998 Mgaloblishvili graduated from the NATO Defense College in Georgia.

. From 1998 to 2002 Mgaloblishvili worked in the Georgian Embassy in Turkey: before 2000 - the first secretary and then as a political adviser.

. In 2002-2003 Mgaloblishvili undergo additional training at the Faculty of diplomatic relations at Oxford University, . and then re-appeared in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, . where in 2003-2004 he was Deputy Director of the U.S. Department, . Canada and Latin America, . and in 2004 while head of the Department of European Affairs and European Integration.,

. In the summer of 2004, Georgia has appointed 11 ambassadors to countries in Europe, the Middle East and Central Asia, which, in the words of Foreign Minister Salome Zourabichvili, had become "ambassadors of the new style"
. Among them are Mgaloblishvili, which was defined Georgia's ambassador to Turkey, and from 2006 was simultaneously represent Georgia in Albania and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

. Mgaloblishvili is making significant efforts to increase trade between Turkey and Georgia, highlighting the fight against corruption and traces of "weakness of the last administration,"
. During the time that he was as Ambassador to Turkey, was relaxed visa regime between the two countries started the development of Kars-Tbilisi and the reconstruction of the airport in Batumi, in which a large part accepted Turkey. With activities Mgaloblishvili associated with the agreement to increase quotas of Georgia to the transit of natural gas from Azerbaijan to Turkey, especially important in the context of rising gas prices for Georgia by Russia's Gazprom.

. October 27, 2008, Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili announced that the proposed Mgaloblishvili as the new Prime Minister of Georgia Lado Gurgenidze return
. This Mgaloblishvili Saakashvili described as "an expert in attracting investment". Change of Prime Minister contacted the press with the Saakashvili administration's growing criticism from the opposition, which brought the conflict in South Ossetia in August 2008. In late October Mgaloblishvili even considered the possibility of establishing a coalition government, which could include representatives of the opposition. At the same time, the opposition pointed to the political facelessness Mgaloblishvili and called it "dark horse".

Mgaloblishvili candidacy was approved by the Georgian Parliament on Nov. 1, 2008. In the composition of the government with the advent of Mgaloblishvili replaced only the Minister for Refugees, . Ecology, . Justice and culture, . while the power ministers (according to the opposition, . responsible for the defeat of Georgia in the August conflict) retained their posts, . and representatives of the opposition of ministerial posts have not received.,

. One of the main tasks of the Government Mgaloblishvili announced the reduction of unemployment and poverty, as well as attracting investment, fell after the August war
. The main priorities of the Government Mgaloblishvili called freedom of economy, society, media and the courts. For November 10, 2008 Mgaloblishvili confirmed the anti-Russia orientation of his government, accusing Russia of grave violations of the agreement between Russia and Georgia ceasefire reached on August 12.

. In addition to his native Georgian, Mgaloblishvili also owns a Russian, English, Turkish and German
. He is married, he has two children.

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Mgaloblishvili Grigol Mr. Volsky, photo, biography
Mgaloblishvili Grigol Mr. Volsky, photo, biography Mgaloblishvili Grigol Mr. Volsky  Prime Minister of Georgia, photo, biography
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