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Frank Lampard

( Vice-Captain)

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Biography Frank Lampard
photo Frank Lampard
When a transition in Chelsea Frank Lampard was paid 11 million pounds sterling, many laughed. According to experts, in 2001, Lampard was not worth that much money. Now no one dares to repeat these words. Lampard has become a leader Chelsea, he was top scorer among all midfielders in history, he is one of the top ten scorers in Chelsea all-time and one of two players who have spent over Chelsea for more than 50 games in the international arena.

. In the season 2006/07
. he held for the 'Chelsea' 62 matches in all competitions. This has not succeeded in any field-footballer 'blue'. Nobody at his age not spent more matches in the Premier League.

. In December 2005, he missed the match because of influenza and put an end to his record: 164 consecutive matches in the Premier League.

. His father was then the coach 'West Ham', and many believed that Lampard is often enters the field only because of his father.

. Frank remained in the 'West Ham', when the team took fifth place in the season 1998/1999,., And was summoned to the England squad for next season
. When a team manager, Harry Redknapp and father Frank left the team, for Frank it was time to move on.

Phenomenal game Frank in the season 2003/04. second only to game Thierry Henry, Frank became the second contender for the title of best player of the Year by her colleagues.

. He also played well in the England team at Euro 2004 and was named player of the year in the national team.

. A good performance continued in the 2004/05 season., In which he became the most scoring midfielder the Premier League with 13 balls
. Total that season, Frank distinguished himself 19 times.

He is remembered not only a brilliant ball into the goal 'Bolton', but playing partner. It has long been at Chelsea was not a football player, who would be handing out so many different programs.

Frank was the best player of the Year journalists. Such is the reward the players Chelsea have a second time in 50 years. Also, Frank got the three best players on the 2005 versions of the UEFA and FIFA.

. Lampard continued to improve as a footballer, having won with Chelsea title Premier League in the 2005/06 season.

. Again he became top scorer with 20 balls
. His 16 goals in the league have the best achievement for a midfielder for all time the existence of the Premier League.

. However, at the 2006 World Cup he disappointed at it, Frank was unable to distinguish himself.

. It did not break Lampard, and next season he continued to score, sending the grid rivals Chelsea '21 ball
. Only Thierry Henry and Didier Drogba among the Premier League player could beat Lampard.

Vice-captain Frank Lampard truly irreplaceable player on the team focused on the best samples of modern football. February 16, 2008, in the FA Cup home match against Huddersfield, Lampard scored his 100 th and 101 th goal for Chelsea.
. Professional career

. 'West Ham United' - 1994-2001.

. 'Swansea City' - 1995-1996.

. Chelsea - since 2001
. present.

Vice-Captain of Chelsea football club 'player England since 1999. present.
. Achievements

. Champion of England 2005, 2006

. Super Cup England 2005

. England League Cup winner 2005, 2007

. Intertoto Cup 1999

. Footballer of the Year 2005

. Second in the list of the best players of FIFA in 2005

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Frank Lampard, photo, biography
Frank Lampard, photo, biography Frank Lampard  Vice-Captain, photo, biography
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