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Dedjushko Alexander

( Actor)

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Biography Dedjushko Alexander
photo Dedjushko Alexander
Born in 1962 in the Belarusian city Vaukavysk. It so happened that it occurred in a "humanitarian spirit" - a school of dance ensembles, danced, played in the skit, poetry reading fun, in general, the decision was made - apply for Acting Department, Moscow.

But in the first summer after high school - did not, did not know exactly what examinations "actor" held so early. Work a year car mechanic, and then drafted. In the Navy, the Baltic, three years.

'At the Navy for me personally, nothing terrible happened, although there was bullying and then. During my service came out quite a lot of orders for capital punishment to those who are particularly severely scoffed at the newly designed ', - he told me about his army life.

. After the service, Alexander Dedjushko leaned in Moscow, but the entrance exam for college theater has long gone
. Settled down to the shop fizorgom ZIL, and in just one year from the twelfth to third place where it picked up - sportsmanship has always been his strong point at school Sasha literally all kinds of sports for the national team played. He was particularly respected playing football. (Later, becoming an actor, Alexander played for the team of Guild of Film Actors 'series'.)

The following summer I went to Nizhny Novgorod, many said that there is a strong school theater. After three and a half years, graduated from Nizhny Novgorod, drama school, worked for six months in Minsk theater, and six seasons in Vladimir, in performances that Alexander was more than half of roles - the main.


In 33 years - 'biblical' age! - Alexander Dedjushko came to conquer the capital. Satisfied even in the MAT Oleg Efremov, but ... More waiters and roles such as "Bon appetit" career he was not going. Then there were commercials, extras. A cameo head of an army patrol in the comedy 'DMB'. And, finally, the first serious role - in the 'Directory of death'.

In the late 90's, begins Drunken time domestic 'spetsnaz' serials, and texture Alexander - better not think. Alexander Dedjushko finest hour was the role in the series Igor Talpa 'Operational alias'. Then there were such famous bands as the viewers 'Sarmatian' (Sarmatians), 'Men of Steel' (Dotsenko), 'Alias Albanian' (Victor Albanians), 'I am Sergeant' (Maximov), etc.. Screen to create images of Alexander the strong, strong-willed people. Yes, indeed, he himself was so ...


The first marriage (in which Alexander had a daughter) was an actor failed. This is happiness Dedjushko found a second marriage.

His second wife, Alexander found in Vladimir's theater, which came to his friends on New Year's. Actress Svetlana Chernyshkova was there after the end of the Krasnoyarsk Institute of Culture. Very young girl was cut off from home, parents, friends. 'There are funny to remember, but when the chimes struck twelve, I guessed Santa Claus to send me a loyal and reliable guy - said Svetlana. - After that friends and I went to my friends from another room in the actor's residence. I went and saw Sasha. I said to myself: 'Thank you, Grandfather Frost'.

Together they lived vosel happy years. They say that the actor's family is a lot. Sami Alexander and Svetlana recognized that there was nothing special to keep the family did. Just live for each other and their common son Dima ...


The life acting couple broke off on Nov. 3, 2007. On that fateful day, Alexander Dedjushko with his wife and 8-year-old son, Dmitri rode in a car 'Toyota' on route Moscow-Ufa. At the 109-kilometer area in the Vladimir region Petushinskij car for an unknown reason left for oncoming traffic and collided with a truck 'Scania'. The actor, his wife and child died from injuries on the spot.

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Dedjushko Alexander, photo, biography
Dedjushko Alexander, photo, biography Dedjushko Alexander  Actor, photo, biography
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