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Ankudinov Andrew R.

( Actor)

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Biography Ankudinov Andrew R.
photo Ankudinov Andrew R.
Andrew Ankudinov was born Oct. 2, 1962 in Omsk. In 1982 he graduated from the State Institute of Theatrical Art (GITIS) they. AV. Lunacharskogo (workshop V. Ostalskogo). Its distributed in the Theater of Satire, and the Little Theater on the armor, but a beginning actor chose to go to Leningrad. As he himself admits: 'in the romantic impulse drove the girl'.

Three years Andrew Ankudinov worked at the Leningrad State Youth Theater, and then in 1985 joined the troupe Comedy. Akimov. There is now a famous comedian, began his career with a role is not comedic. In the play 'Victory Day inter-war staged by the 40 th anniversary of the Victory, he played an artilleryman, who fell in love with the flute, piccolo, and gathered flowers for her in a minefield. 'Touching character. He dies, all his sorry ...', - recalls actor. However, later Ankudinov played extremely comedic roles. One of the best - The joker in the famous Shakespeare 'Twelfth Night'.


Another bright page in the creative biography of Andrew Ankudinova - it KVN. And not the one who resuscitated Alexander Maslyakov. Even a few years earlier in Leningrad actors made the program 'Theater Marathon', which came together youth teams - the theater at the theater. In the end, all this has resulted in the All-Union Competition.

Andrew Ankudinov recalls: 'It had big games in a few visits lasted for 9 hours! Played 'Night-lamps' (fashion and was so easy). Captain's competition lasted for 2-3 hours, and when the captain went to the captain - it was a separate show! <:> We are always ready at the last moment. When actors play against the actors, very much, of course, is based on improvisation. It's always been so cool! With adrenalinchikom in blood ... And it's free! "

He Theater KVN, lasted until 1989, collecting a huge number of enthusiastic visitors:

The first movie roles

To act in films Andrei Ankudinov began while still a student GITIS. His first heroes were young boys, skinny and funny, spraying energy, such as Vederkin in kinopovesti Gennady Vasilyev 'Flight of the astronaut' and Venka Suslin in the picture Gennady Poloka 'Our vocation'. Filming the director Gennady Poloka actor stands out: 'I did not study at VGIK, but absolutely accurate to say that the course has finished shelves, surprisingly kinoshnogo producer. A remarkable man! The most serious thing shot through smile. Such 'ins and outs' humor. His famous film - 'One of Us' with Yumatovo, 1971, surprising as it missed! Then I realized that it is the director and the old school, which pulls all of his picture in picture '.

. We Gennady Poloka Andrew Ankudinov starred in two more films
. In the film 'I - counselor outpost' (which is a continuation 'of our calling'), he again played the role Venka Souslin, and in the heroic tale 'Three per cent of risk' - a small role of Anatol, the son of Kapchinskogo. His name was shelves and in his painting 'Was there Carotene?', But Ankudinov unable to accept this proposal, because at that time acted in another film.

. Among other works of Andrei Ankudinova in the 80 years it should be noted Lieutenant-border guard Shakhnazarov in melodrama 'Yuri - the son of the commander', Costa Ptashnikova in the musical comedy 'bright personality', Stephen in the movie-operetta "The Gypsy Baron '
. The presence of an actor in a musical tapes are not accidentally. Andrew Ankudinov - very musical, he has excellent hearing and a pleasant voice. On this and will be discussed further:

The musician, parodist, TV host, actor

Possessing excellent hearing, Andrew Ankudinov, sooner or later, had to come to the music. In the early 90's he created a variety program "Chanson White Nights', . includes songs of the Russian and French chanson, . and in 1991 went with her on a tour of the world (from this time he actually broke with the Comedy Theater, . although it was listed before 1994),
. For its program Ankudinov within three years, has traveled in 35 countries. And the tour was not programmed. Actor says: 'Some tour gave rise to other. For example, in America, I was approached by Japanese and asked: 'What are you doing here? Why do you sing them? You know that that kind of music only understand Russian, French and Japanese '. Thus was born a tour in Japan. Then there was France: '

Do not leave Andrew Ankudinov neglected and Russian audiences, delighting them and chanson, and the Russian medleys and parodies. By the way, a parody of Andrew started in the late 70's, when he studied at the Institute. Once, making a parody of Brezhnev, he almost 'flew' from GITIS. 'I understand that if he studied, for example, in the Baumansky school and I drove over a parody of the Brezhnev. But I did learn in the theater! This is my future profession ', - was indignant when Ankudinov. Fortunately, while his left:

I created a parody and an actor in the 90 years. Of course, not without parody of Mikhail Sergeyevich Gorbachev. And parodied his Ankudinov resolved directly in the Kremlin Palace of Congresses, before the couple, Gorbachev, sitting in the front row. Having finished singing songs, he suddenly announced a voice Gorbachev: 'Michal Sergeyitch note, here they are, you know, the fruits of your adjustment: you sit in the front row, watching a parody of itself and themselves, so to speak, laugh along with the audience'. Mikhail rated joke. After the concert, the actor sent a bouquet of flowers behind the scenes ...

In addition to live performances Andrei Ankudinov worked a TV presenter. In 1994, he led the transfer of 'best of the best' on the NTV channel, in 1996-97 - the afternoon program '12 'on the RTR, and in 1996-1997 -' Hour of owls' on the CCC.

In all of this Ankudinov, of course, acted in films. Typically, these were the typical role of a joker and humorists in the down-comedies. The most noticeable - Sergei in screwball comedy Alexei Kapilevich 'plane flies to Russia'. 'Thanks' to terrorists, hijackers, hero Andrew Ankudinova with two poor guy is in one of the Arab countries. But for the movie's heroes are no hopeless situations. Joking and playing, friends solve the most serious problems and safely out of the most dangerous alterations.

In the new century

Actor still gets around with concerts around the country. His repertoire includes: acting sketches, parodies of famous artists and politicians, anecdotes, funny stories. Its' benefice 'and can last an hour, and two:' The main thing that stopped me in time, "laughs Andrew Ankudinov. - Sometimes my recitals surpasses four hours. It all depends on courage, on the mood ... ' And every time the artist's performance caused a storm of enthusiasm among the audience.

Periodically Andrew Ankudinov act in films. And in 2007 he first tried his hand at the same time as director, screenwriter, and producer, removing picture 'just lucky'. Its genre is - an ironic drama, telling the 40-year-old unemployed actor Sanya dear, who has nothing left, except for unclaimed talent and jolly good character. One day he gets in a car accident, . jeep rammed oligarch, . and from that moment his life has taken a sharp turn: The role of Sanya dear Andrew Ankudinov played himself, . but on the other roles, invited Aristarchus Livanova, . Ekaterina Rednikova, . Yevgeny Leonov-Gladyshev, and other actors.,

. On his film Ankudinov said: 'I want to after seeing the pictures of the audience felt happy and light'
. He managed. At the Fifth International Festival of Cinematographic Debuts 'Spirit of Fire' in g. Khanty-Mansiysk, he was awarded a prize named after Andrey Mironov for Best Actor, and at the Fourteenth International Film Festival 'Constellation' - Prize for acting debut in directing.

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Ankudinov Andrew R., photo, biography
Ankudinov Andrew R., photo, biography Ankudinov Andrew R.  Actor, photo, biography
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